man its hot. i feel like im in the philippines. part of the atmosphere. heat induced laze.

im uploading some pics on the facebook album. of the imelda show last month and till now.

fairs in toronto!!!
so the manifesto festival is coming up this september and i will be in the freshest goods market! it will be the first fair its your life has gotten into in toronto!! woohoo yay freshest goods!!
and that is all the fairs news for now.
i have applied to other fairs and hope to get in them and find more!
yikes. i am sooo disorganized. we have some furniture now like a sofa. oh no!! its soo comfy. what my space needs is to get some shelves and another table..
going to move my studio here at home cos it is way too hot in the day to work at the shop!
alvaroo (sitting beside me on the sofa)(looking at his computer phone) mutters: "It's already 33° and its only 10:30 in the morning" gets up in a huff and takes a shower...

mid century modern desk, chairs and lamp

my new desk! the drawer handles are painted brassy gold but they are chrome underneath. found the chair the other day and scrubbed it with vim. the chair is hiding the desks best feature- a legal sized filing drawer! would like to find a suitable lamp shade for the lamp! found it too :D yay free stuff! the desk i bought though.

here are two lovely chairs alvaro found and scrubbed down the other other day. would like a matching table for them! hope to find one at some point. i would like a formica top with strip of aluminum around the edges with curved corners. dont know what they are called.


so i was looking at the photo and thought man my printer is really ugly.
its not so bad in real life though cos i guess im used to it. but the color is really drab and dead.. so not long after taking these pics we went to the dollar store and when we came back i did this. pa dah!!!


i hate em

edit: *i found an excellent way to rid your balcony of pigeons! all day till its night time. by then they have found somewhere else to roost for the night...

shiny foil plastic happy birthday banner at the dollar store, cut it into long strips about 1 cm thick and about 15-20 inches long. we tied and taped the bundles of strips on the balcony rails. when the sun and wind hit the streamers the pigeons hate it and they stay away!!!! YAY!!!! but damn is it ever so ugly.... we also bought 3 disco balls but have yet to attach them to hang from the balcony ceiling. the shine and light movement is what the pigeons dont like!