ok i know i should be packing but ive just spent since my last post digging through the links i google adsensed, which i havent really figured out yet, but damn there is some good stuff i found in there hiddin within the maze of mass links i am pretty stoked. found this korean chain shop and im very happy. but yeah. i gotta pack. ahh


were moving again! blech. i hate packing up the stuio stuff only to unpack and reassemble it. but ive made soo many of these new pendants ive com up with. cute little things using japanese fabric and vintage cameos... hmm. sounds strange but ill try and get pics up soon. they are so cute.

but back to moving, yeah im packing now. what a pain in the buttootie.

see you at the new place!


Blim and Market 1886 Day present:
Blim Monthly Community Market And Market 1886 Day
Sunday August 23 | 12 – 5 PM | Free
@ Between 12th and 16th Avenue on Main Street
Blim will be presenting a monthly Main Street Community Market. This month it will take place at outside on Main street between 12th and 16th Avenue, from 12–5 PM, and will be in conjunction with Market 1886 Day.
This Months market will include over 50 vendors, live music, hot food, beverages, and entertainment. Vendors will include food, fashion, accessories, supplies, fine art, vintage items and records, and not be limited to crafts, and there will be a focus on nurturing and promoting creative production in our community. We want to appeal to young, old, hip, plain, babies, animals, men, women, everyone.
We are very excited about this event and what it can contribute to Main Street’s artistic vitality, and how it can help support and encourage the local creative community.
Exclusive at BLIM:
Angelus Novus (modern and vintage jewellery)
basement sweet (jewellery)
Blim (clothing and accessories)
Darwin Meyers (vintage vinyl)
Noel Macul (vintage toys and comics)
Open Sesame (homemade gourmet Japanese cuisine)
Also featuring:
2 faced trinkets(jewellery)
Anna Maclellan (art)
Atinuke (body butter and jewellery)br />
Audra Ricketts (cards)
Ayako Haga (clothing)
Azelea Moen
Bianca Barr (accessories)
C’est la vie (vintage)
Claudia Carpentier
Crass and Sugar (accessories)
Dava Carter (jewellery)
Double Trouble
Erin Green (accessories)
Farmers Daughter (accessories)
Feel Fuzzy (childrens accessories)
Firefly Notes
Froma Sax (jewellery)
Greenhearts vintage
It’s Your Life (jewellery)
Jabu Bags
Jessica Jansen (jewellery)
Life Global Trade (accessories)
Love Bobbie (accessories)
Megan Majewski (art)
Mesmerize (jewellery)
Monolithic (vinyl)
Nerdorable (baked goods and accessories)
Not your mothers macrome
Otanui Spirit (soap and bags)
Paula Gonzalez (jewellery)
Pop Clothing (clothing)
Queen Bee Luxuries
Sassy Vintage
Scucci Custom Designs (clothing)
Sea Star Creations (cards and jewellery)
Silver Culture (jewellery)
Singh Jewellery
Sleepy Moon Designs (jewellery)
Susan Howell (jewellery)
Tea Party
and many more…
with home-made fish tacos by Open Sesame
and live music by Sheree Plett | show time: 2 PM

hey you guys i put in a string of google ad links on top of my blog i forgot i tried to do that once but never did it. hope it doesnt look as shitty as it looks.
after getting spammed with viagra for women and other dubious pill links on my shop by that lame hacker ive softened to the idea of making money through links maybe i will reply to some of the link exchange requests. maybe.


free shipping coupon! Oh yes! type: FREESBLOGSHIPS in the appropriate coupon code box at check out. 2 uses per registered customer. this coupon lasts till Aug. 31, 2009.
so heres the new gear. i havent posted in a while :blush:

some new necklaces...
click pics to go to listings:
requiem for the seahorse

navigational wonder

pieces dream

hummingbird cameo

aqua voyage

anchor voyage

black rose

teardrop rose

some new earrings. click pics to go to listings:

these cat ones are so cute. i mean seriously nice ones. vintage settings, vintage mini flower cameos on leverback hooks.

vintage glass cabochons delft ships set onto a brass charm. ive changed the original hooks with leverback catches.

vintage cream roses and brass leaf filigree charms. on gold plated ball tipped earwires.

happy bananas! ive had these for a long time. i can not find these anymore at all! these earrings are vintage japanese cabochons with bananas. so cute. on gold plated leverback hooks.

lovely subtle floral earrings. on oxidized alloy hooks which i reformed. self oxidized brass settings with vintage frosted flowers.

ok WTF my freaking website has been hacked!
fuckin loser hackers filled it up with 'viagra for women' links. WTF WTF WTF how annoying.

luckily though it looks like thats all they did, spam. they cant really do anything in there anyway but god damnit is it annoying i have to delete all these freaking sex pill links? what the crap! totally changed my password into this freaking long ass complicated thing. and i just found out that i need to ask lia my web designer if she can install the new security patch zen cart has come up with.

update: omg! the the sex pill spam hacker came back and commented on my shop blog!!! HAHAHAH what a loser these people are. i guess this is their 'real' job. harrassing people and annoying them and trying to make themselves feel important. WHAT A JOKE!
they are probly really socially inept and ugly and cant hold a normal real job.
(i am so mean)