BLIM monthly market pics!

wow the Blim market was so great! !!! :D

ok im super busy with orders and emails and stuff like that. important nicole stuff.

i took so few pics though, but will post them up later...

sam came :D then raymond, julia, fabi and wee francis!

this song. its so nice!
Passion Pit - I've Got Your Number

I’ve always felt so scared of all this needing
Everyone that I’ve met has been somewhat mistreated
That’s how it feels when you know that something’s wrong.

Then you came along like a swan off of the lake
You flew across my eyes and out into space,
And I ran and I crawled and I chased to get out fast.

That’s what I did… (Whoa!)

If there’s just one thing you got to remember;
Is to write down your name and your phone number
That way I’ll have it and we’ll make something out of this mess, oh!

And if all else fails then the ship won’t set sail.
God forbid but I guess the both of us will bail
But as far as I can tell I think things will be swell.

Have you seen me cry tears like diamonds
Down and down they fly, faster and faster like the speed of our love
Batting a thousand, but a homerun crack at love
This is where I tell you that, I know love's what I need to work at

So now the two of us rely on each other
With our premonitions out in the gutter
Who would have thought that I’d make it this far

I’ll make it seem like I’m stronger but I’m quite the actor
And now I’m so caught up and I can’t escape this pattern
But when I started losing hope, there you were, there you bloomed

Have you seen me cry tears like diamonds
Down and down they fly, faster and faster like the speed of our love
Batting a thousand, but a homerun crack at love
This is where I tell you that, I know love's what I need to work at

Diggy diggy diggy diggy diggy boom boom!
Diggy diggy diggy diggy diggy boom boom!
Diggy diggy diggy diggy diggy boom boom!
Diggy diggy diggy diggy diggy boom boom!

Have you seen me cry tears like diamonds
Down and down they fly, faster and faster like the speed of our love
Batting a thousand, but a homerun crack at love
This is where I tell you that, I know love's what I need to work at, oh
What I need to work at, oh

4,000 hits in one day?!

woah! holy! 3,600+ page loads and over a thousand people visited my site today!
wow :D that is so amazing!!! i replied to this lady who emailed me from my shop asking if i wanted to do some projects using old stuff- for earth day, inmetro town on april 18, and i said yes so she included me in their press release. and i mean wow holee press. i wanna see it too!!!! so many orders today! love you earth day.

OR OR OR !! hello. this just in from trudy of toodlebunny designs:

durrr... i was featured on the vitamin daily today!

what is going on here i need to make more stuff and get it online!!!! man o man.

oh yeah.
theres now NEW STOCK At Virgin Marys and Barefoot Contessa.

BLIM Market! March 29, 2009 !!!

Im bringing the swap meetish stuff i didnt bring at the Swap Meet at the Biltmore!
My 50's yugoslavian bike called rapido, my old slr camera/s? no blythes. maybe one? maybe. bags and jewelry too.

pics! prom da pairs.

yuf. so here are some pics from the buy the yard and the spring fling!

andrea sold at the spring fling (melanies fair) for me.. not so busy :c but i bought stuff anyway :P -2$ i got this very nice!!! glass globe on an ornate brassy-like stand with a delicate fern inside ! it looks like a mini tree. oh man is it nice! but thing is the glass globe keeps getting fogged up. dunno why? too much condensation? :S
ill try and take a good pic of it. i love it :D

the girl i got it from had all kinds of moss and ferns inside bottles and unusual glass containers. apparently the glass enclosure makes its own eco system or something... almost all of them dont need watering. my kind of plant!!

so heres pics from the buy the yard... lots of friends came! WOW thanks ladies!!!!
arianne, iris, rachel and claire! wow :D :D met new friends tooooooo

here are pics from melanies fair!
andrea and rob are so cute xxx

everything at once


the First Ever Blim Monthly Community Market. Every LAST SUNDAY of the month.
(March 29)
It will take place at the Cambrian Hall on 17th and Main ( just across main from Blim).
market goes from 11:00-5:00pm.

Blim Art and Craft Facility
Director: Yuriko Iga
197-east 17th (@ main)
604 872 8180
hmm so i guess i didnt end up waking up on time to do the swap meet. oh well. it was worth it though.
these are all coming up end of March!
stay tuned for new stuff for Barefoot Contessa and Virgin Marys :D

ps i still think that mascara is the shiz. im wearing it now. gee forgot to take pics. next time.


its saturday!

im doing the SWAP MEET at the biltmore cabaret tomorrow!

yup. im making stuff today then in the late afternoon i guess ill be working on costumes. cos im NOT going to this: hmmm. so many events tonight id like to check out. theres also the antisocial 7 year anniversary at the biltmore tonight. gee.

im on the computer too much. and i dont even do anything productive.
gonna be switching from facebook and random search to mapping and shop upkeep.
oh yes. i can do dis.

so making stuff for the swap meet!!!! i hope itll be ok i mean were meant to have a party the night before. its only 5 hours. ill bring other stuff too. oh maybe i can bring my bike i wanna sell. and my 2 slr cameras. ? do i want to sell those?
mmmmmm. i dunno. i havent used them in years though. maybe i will bring a blythe doll too. omg! ok this is too much sentiment to process. my made in Yugoslavia bike called Rapido, and the cameras. No blythe.

Mascara and Work Less Party PARTY

L'Oreal Beauty Tubes
Wow this stuff is nice.
Here are a few pics of

I wanted to apply and take pics so the only model i had available was naufus. but havent gotten around to doing the pics on meself with other make up and stuff. Look at how crazy good this stuff is.
So much longer. So much.
I applied the creamy lengthening stuff just lightly on the tips of the lashes.

Reminded me of fake snow.
um i guess i dont have to put that ad in the back but its got some kind of code for 5 bucks. this is why i got this stuff :D
Then just go over with the black on the other side of the tube.

Wow. Loves this stuff. Pics of a proper before and after soon.
"Matchstick is looking for feedback from anyone who may have seen my posting regardind L’Oreal Beauty Tubes. If you click on the link below and complete the survey, you will be helping them by donating $2.00 to Shelternet, so please Click Here to take their short feedback survey.
For every survey that is completed, Matchstick will make a $2 donation to Shelternet (, which is a Web-based Women and Children’s Crisis Support Center that provides aid and financial support to locally based women’s shelters across Canada .
Your time and feedback is greatly appreciated" <--thats from the loreal and matchstick people!
im going to this party on saturday. it looks SO HYPE yipee!!
and (wait) im gonna have really long lashes!!!!


i think im going to use skype chat icon codes from now in in real life typing (y)

so anytime you see a word or letter or whatever in parentheses, it may or may not translate to a cute skype chat icon.

oh yeah. i got fired from the call center. er. i was only suckering 25 dollars an hour after 2ish weeks and was supposed to make 40. i was earning 9. oh well. naufus started the day i got fired but i dont think hes gonna do it? im laughing here. really made me realize should just do what i was doing duh so hard :S

work less party party people in full effect i am so excited that little minute clip mmmm were just gonna go as masquerade.

omg its almost wednesday!

come wednesday i pick my friend up from the airport and they stay here for a bit.
pretty scary to look back into september and there are still things kicking around from then that i havent gotten done yet (like get stuff into plenty again)

called up virgin marys and i guess theres still a lot of stuff there.

tomorrow i have a doctors appointment in the morning and am gonna work at the call center a full day, just to see what thats like. tuesday a.m. im gonna try and get mascara before and after shots up, wednesday i pick my friend up in the early afternoon, then i have a work dinner in the p.m. for mapping, then maybe thursday i can go take pics of the shops? and then. and then what. its totally march now.

edit: duh i forgot to take pics? aha i was there. so dumb.