oh man oh an...
i talked with my brother earlier on the phone and he called astrid down and then red and even bang came on for a bit. frik man i really miss them!! what the heck right. i gots to gets my shit together to get enough $$ for a ticket back dec/jan.

so yeah. im frikkin moving again. yay. nay? yay. i havent started packing. well i am tonight, but fuck dude. insanity. my work area is in the midst of mess. i havent made stock for virgin marys yet. gulp. frik and now have to start packing up..... gahhhh....
simon bought me brackens laptop. so dope. so now i owe simes like a gazillion dollars. i also need to buy a bed. damn. i wonder if tyler still has christines old single.

ok i wish i was out making out with some guy or at someones pad chillin or listnin to some wicked dubstep somewhere or someshit >< but im not. im spose to be packing or doing something productive but im not doing that either gah.

ok im going to upload some new shit on my site instead. duh. i forgot i resized a bunch of stuff earlier. Zzzzz...............
DUBSTEP. im into it.

i finally took pics and resized them!!!!!!!!! OH MY!!! i feel a very very very little bit better. it wasnt so bad after a while of recoloring and resizing. tomorrow ill try and take as many as possible :D

click on these pics to go to the shop listings!

ive been having a hard time getting it together. i have to find a new place ASAP........ I got a new place!!! simons friend reid heard about an old neighbor of his who was moving and the dude got back to simes last night. WOOT! its a NICE building!! with a view!! gak. i can barely stand it.

oh yeah, check this out!!! a very sweet girl from etsy sent me this blog post- she has featured me! so nice of her :D



isn't it amazing how the word unfamiliar is like
un as in under
famil as in family
liar as in to lie


so tripped out by that word right now.
i cast a few hexagrams again and i hadnt been so they are unfamiliar and need to reread and reabsorb. pretty trippy mapping them out. seeing when what lead to what....

but onto familiar fluff
astrid aka DJ Soulflower in the living room/workroom :D she got the black and pink kitty bag on the right ya!

on the left you can see the chain rolls and bags of jewelry supplies i got. 14 pounds worth. gah. the xray dude admitting me into the airport in manila: ano yun sandali, sandali bukasan natin yung kahon,.... ano yun yung.. bakal.. ano yung bilog na... AH!
jewelry chain. i bought it in quiapo....ahhh.. ok, ok..go..

at M Cafe.......

ok ok, sorry astrid i am using you as my bag model....... but look!!! doesnt the bag look great? its coz they are! and they are available in my shop!!!

im so hella slow. now its kind of rainy and i didnt take any pictures of any bags for the shop yet. doh.
but have been making jewelry ;D

the I Heart Crafts Bazaar is back on Sept. 10th!! I have to email and hope there are still spaces. I dont think ill have the bags there, maybe just samples coz we made them in manila, but with like samples they should be on my site by then! yeah. ok.
lots of jewelry still to be made :D



i really gotta get rid of that top im wearing :c / c: with 'strid who lives upstairs. the crazy thing is when i left manila for palawan before i left for vancouver all my core crew i guess left too.. went all abroad, as in every single one of the crew i called core spread to ca to ny to euro styles.. so when i got back from palawan going to vancouver i felt like it was all totally new and fresh and shit. then i had to come back to manila for a while..almost a year coz of some fambly stuff and then i remet friends and made new ones from old and astrid and red were the last crew i hung with before coming back to vancouver. so like almost five years later its a bit uncanny after everyones moved around to have them as
my literal next door neighbors. URAQT is your dad a dealer coz youre dope to me. love this girl. thank you for the hospitality.

trippin at strids (sorry i cut red out he looked too messed :P )

wit chris at m cafe

with my bro:

now if i save up 15 grand canadian in less than a year i can buy myself a 2-3 bedroom unit. low profile styles. swimming pool. i like that. it doesnt seem that much right. and id have a landing spot in my hometown doy. its not like my hometown is a boring one ;D

my trip... too few pics.. the pics of the bags are taken here..

back in vancouver

gah swear to god updates in sec. pics too!! if your my myspace or facebook friend i posted some new pics there.

uffie's first love. so cutie!!!!!

You'll have to say

You were the sex dream of my magazine,
you blew my mind like no one of the human kind.
You were the only one I could ever speak,
this secret language between us in the sheets.

You made my mind and body so high,
youve turned this wild child into a lady by night.
And when I met you long ago, I was so alone,
my heart was beating so fast I had to write this song, and it goes:

You make me feel so beautiful,
Its like the sun is always shining when you are in control.
You are my mister mystery and
Theres no way I can explain the way you make me feel.

Late night loving on your balcony,
Im feeling wobbly at the knees who thought that would be me.
You lift me up to where I want to be, you make everything so clear I can finally see...

You are, the one that I always think about.
My first love that I made this song about.
You know me well and you always make me feel,
like Im the one and I know your love is real.

I love it when you whisper in my ear,
you say the sweetest things that I wanted to hear.
I never thought I could feel this way,
and when I leave you in the morning I think of you all day.

I feel so peaceful after we make love,
I lay into forever just like the sweetest drug.
And the whole world around us stops and stares,
it feels so good to fall asleep knowing that you are there.. c!mon!

You make me feel so beautiful,
Its like the sun is always shining when you are in control.
You are my mister mystery and
Theres no way I can explain the way you make me feel.

And when you left me out this day,
I thought you will come back anyway...
you dont, you dont, you dont... but thats ok.

I aint gonna fall, I gotta get up and roll, thats the way you want it... and I wont help it.
Im off to search a new lover,
with my chance I might find better..
I can picture you alone and bitter and with the time.. You'll have to say
Damn I wonder why I broke up with that cool chick,
now Im wasting all this time looking for girls to meet.

You are the one, that I always think about,
my first love that I made this song about.
You know me well, and you always make me feel.
Like Im the one, and I know your love is real.

Im so alone, I can get her phone....
I can call her back, and ask her to take me back.
Girl: Hello?
Guy: Yeah yeah it's me
Girl: Yea so?
Guy: I made a huge mistake
Girl: Uh huh yeah you did!

Ya don't?, ya don't?, ya don't?,
Ya don't?, ya don't?, ya don't?
Ya don't?

this is not good

woah check out this island. somewhere. in. the. philippines.

stumbled upon

wow! gosh i was checking my shop stats and i have gotten 1,349 unique visitors since aug. 6!! crapola the day i was to return....
gotta fill up my shop when i get back.

the past few days have been really good for me. just chillin with old and new friends, partying and music. our helper left so we have no maid.. basically starving coz were kind of lazy to cook. well i am, coz my dad and bro are completely incapable :p

my celphone was lost/stolen. gah. all my vancouver and manila numbers were in there.. but the worst part is the pictures! hah. it got stolen while i was lunching with a friend and then my dad gave me an new phone the same day. then that evening going to meet up with the same malas friend i left the new one my dad lent me in the cab. GAAAAH. bad luck right. but my bro was able to call the cab company and radioed the cabbie to come back with it. whew. signs. two celphones lost in a day but one came back. NYE

hmmm. i dont know how to blog anymore. or at least while im not on my computer.. or have any pictures!! ak. i will get on that today.

its already noon time here on the 10th. i think i need a bit more sleep. but now i have to make puttanesca for us. punyeta!
Oh yay!!

I was able to extend my ticket till the 15th. More time to make more stuff and have a little rest before I go back to Vancouver!

A bit ;; about making jewelry late for fall? but will see what I can do with what I have here... mmm havent even looked at the jewelry stuff I got since I bought it weeks ago.....should have brought tools at least! OK LANG.

my mayan wavespell is almost over. this is the first one i ever realized was happening and it seems my mirror shattered months prior so im like, woah. something is happening majorly and im not getting it. but now im like ok, ok, riding it, its kind of turmoil but then again im completely neurotic so that aside, yeah i can deal with this shit.... hey yeah its actually kind of nice.................on this side.

so im back on the 15th with my inventory of tonnes of new bags and pouches.... ill try and get a picture on up 'ere.. gah im lazy to get sean to do it ;D