on manila time

gosh i cant believe its thursday already.
so last weekend, i was out with yason and we went to his studio..

i think that pyramid thing is the part of the thing hes going to be showing in london in a week or so.

this is that tent thing that aussie artist i cant remember is bring to the venice bienalle

after yasons studio he brought us to the green papaya, a gallery/bar.. it was manuel ocampo and argie bandoys show.. long live the witch was seans and my favorite.. dunno why.. i think coz it reminded me of my mother. heh.

then we went to cubao expo :D it was hella hype! saw lots of old friends and they were saying that it was pretty fresh that all these circles came together in one spot again. the place has recently become a new indie art fashion spot. yay. good timing i spose.

bought a few books, got majorly hugged and screamed at, which was a nice welcome...
the massive hugs and shouts were mostly from kiko:

and although i only seem to have pics of boys i swear there were a few girls as well.
heres dennis a very steady head whos an artist and now works at i.s.

today i went to divisoria/tutuban center and 168 with my aunt mitit. omg. hella cheap imports. from china and beyond. geez. sterling silver is hella cheap! like wth cheap. got myself a really nice chain and anchor pendant for under 10$. gosh!
but mostly i bought interface, nylon straps, adjustable buckles and trims.
the other day i went with the same aunt to kamuning market place coz she has a sewer there. i wanted a seamstress to sew for me so i ended up getting a sweet lesbian couple - 'joshua' and cherry. so ive been paying them everyday and they come here to the house and we sew. they are really happy to work (coz they werent before) and i pay them much much more than they would get normally. my aunt tells me people usually get paid 100 bucks a day. yikes! thats like 2.50 or something. i pay them minimum wage at least and feed them and shit! already in a few days they have made a mini stock of the cuuuutest blythe doll clothes. gah. i cut and design they sew. so now that i have all this interface and bag materials, were going to slowly move onto making bags. gosh. earlier i bought like 9 different printed cotton fabrics for my linings and they were only 20 pesos a yard. thats like 50 cents!! my gosh. i really had to stop myself from buying clothes. there were tonnes of fashionable tops for so little. im going to have to go back before i go. been wanting to get one of those printed lesportsac bags since last year i think but never knew where to get them in canada...and there at 168 there was like every print and possibly more as they were all fake. but damn if i take the fake label off and ill get myself a hella nice bag that ive always wanted for 3 bucks :D
the only drawback to going to these places is that it is hella, i mean HELLA hot right now its summer, and the market places are majorly stinky and completely crowded. not for the faint or spoiled.
ya. more pics asap gotta get them off my cel, seans cel and the camera.
still dont understand why i didnt bring any of my lovely technology (ipod, laptop, digi cam?) wth!

pics in the heat!

so the other day we went to marikina to visit my cousin jeron\me and who ever else
was there! lisa and her 3 daughters and other random cousins :D i made necklaces
for them and they really loved it! they seemed to be really into the images on the
cards as well.
heres me and my cousin jerome

my neices


this is my uncle tommy :D hes disabled and calls me sean (my bros name) ever since! when he lived with us he still called me sean!

on saturday i went to yasons studio in cubao. it was in a compound of artists studios and there was this austrailian artists work that was going to the venice biennale ugh its terrible i cant remember his name.

my habits are now broken
free to form new ones
the old life left behind is now present like
the mountain made clearer to the climber from the plain

to take deep breaths means to exhale
and that is something that should be put to practice
im in the philippines!!

oh my. its hot. so different! so crazy. been here for a couple days settling in. tonight were going to visit some relatives and going to go out after with yason! his students are showing their films at some artsy spot in araneta center.
im going to bring a camera. or at least try to!

went to greenhills yesterday and bought some lamps. coz my dad and bros place had flourecent lights yikes! poor guys. so we found a really nice bamboo and canvas lamp for 700 pesos. i think thats like 20 bucks. and we bought a lampshade too but when we got home we noticed that the lampshade was a different kind! oh man. coz while we were buying it the girl was like : no refunds ok, im serious. haha so my pop had to splice the cord and shit to get the lampshade on there upside down coz that was the only it would fit! ha so its a standing lamp with an upside down shade, but it turned out hella cool! i set it on the table, and its really bright and atmospheric calm like. so it didnt go to waste!

right now in my shop the link to my blog opens in a new window and it opens to this blog right here and that might change by the time im back. i was reading some of my recent old blog posts and am kind of grossed out! in such a whiney self centered over anxious loser. but i guess this is my blog so i can do that but poor whoever has to trudge to the muck to get to what it is they are looking for! oh man. yeah, so i think i might try to make a professional like shop blog and leave this one as my personalish interests blog. uh-oh! right now in my shop the link to my blog opens in a new window so im thinking if it opened to itself and was strictly coupon codes, shop announcements, updates etc. that would be nicer. i think. more professional. or something.

yup. so much stuff here to buy. i was thinking of getting some cute shirts for my shop. heh. and if they never sell, i can have em :D