I Heart Crafts Bazaar TODAY 11-6!!!

I Heart Crafts Bazaar!

Sunday Sept 28th,

At the Ukrainian Cultural Center

805 E Pender Street

Fabulous Crafts made by local artists crafters and designers!


Feels pretty great to get back into making stuff from not doing it consistently for months now. W00T.
lots of new gorgeous designs!!! bringing too many bags and pouches! lets hope for sunshine!!!

tomorrow is the I HEART CRAFTS fair.

was supposed to bring stuff to virgin marys today but spaced!!!!
ill be updating virgin marys and barefoot contessa with all new stock next week by WEDNESDAY and im not striking that out- HOLD ME TO IT!!!!

im super stoked right now coz i found mine and sams videos and the video we commented on on the hackers video section. i didnt put em up on there, and i dont think sam did he would have told me! HOW WICKED (screams like a school girl) the hacker is HOT! damn. stern and hotttt.....
check em out here, sams anomadmonk and im nicotiro:

hes got tonnes of tracks on streaming, click on the drop down menus of the players .....sweet. hot..
did i say HOT?????

MISS KITTIN video and pics

my new hair

yes. i love these stickers.

this is such a rad car. i WANT IT!!!

then there was this car @@

MISS KITTIN! what A fun night.

a few new bags

here a few new bags...
i got new backgrounds the other day so im going to be taking more pics this weekend. i guess it is better to take em when its kind of overcast. diffused. i havent been working much at all really, but i guess you can tell.
click on the pics to go to listings! the black bag is only 40$

today i had to go get my tooth fixed and i was lucky coz i walked right in and they sat me down straight away with no appointment. then the dentist was wicked and fixed up something else for free. his gift to me. sweet. so i was hoping it would be less than 200$ and it was. then ya i got a bike now. its a kids bike from the 50's. made in chechoslovakia. i really should be more practical but its just so adorable. its only got one gear and is a back pedal brake. its a large kids bike. there.

so tonight is the pyramid power party at monte clark according to sam w. i really wanted to go do something and texted but then i realized shit i gotta make stuff, the week is over, it is friday. jeez nico.
did fix the place up tho with even simon helping and its really getting much clearer in here now that im planning to move :P

naufus coming back soon. yay. were going to move together. fun. !!!

so there are 2 fairs end of the month- BLIM on the 27th and I Heart Crafts on the 28th.

miss kittin and the hacker

tonight! yeah!!!

wish i could wear my runners so i can dance like crazy but they are just so damn ugly. boo!!!

went to satellite salon earlier and charlotte cleaned up whatever it is i did to my hair. she only charged me 10.50. crazy girl. hello people get your rockin indie style haircuts at satellite salon by charlotte. shes such a darling!!! i figure once i lose 10 more pounds im going to get it cut short again like before.will see.

what to wear!!!!

new stuff to barefoot contessa end of this week and damnit i have nothing in plenty but there are similars in there so i gotta get crackin.
im getting a bike. yup. so many good ones on craigslist right now. im totally getting one. f new jeans i need a ride :D oh wait. winters coming.
majormoneyhands! woohoo!

ok i am happy. its been really sunny. im taking pics of more bags today. and also im picking up a hefty check at barefoot contessa so ill be bringing in more product for both locations later this week.

i still need to make hella stuff for plenty!!!

so slow.

so you know how im like, totally obsessed with the western and chinese horoscopes, numerology, tarot cards, the i ching, rune casting and any other divinatory method ill find yeah? so last night or so i go find out about the taurus born goat. its absolutely terrible. but the lady who wrote the book mentions her EX husband who was a goat a lot, so i dunno... basically says if i dont get on it ill never get to where im going. duh. hmm. guess its good to read all the possible negative traits one can fall into and work out the best plan of action of avoiding them in the future. or working them out. something. yeah so that discipline.....ok im going now. have to go pay for the blim fair too :D


ok people. this is some REAL MAJOR IMPORTANT REAL STUFF. happening RIGHT NOW. Im seriously serious please see this film is you are into canada for canada. or are interested in how the higher ups run the world without us being able to do anything really cept like post blogs go to rallys and tell people.


The Nation's Deathbed

Congratulations to White Buffalo Films and Press for Truth for all their efforts to get this important film made. I am proud to have been a part of it, together with among others, my colleagues in CAP (Canadian Action Party) Connie Fogal, Dee Nicholson, Vijay Sarma. This is essential viewing for all sovereignty-loving people.

Will we let the elite pull the plug on Canada's sovereignty? A documentary exploring the Security and Prosperity Partnership and how it is a stepping stone for an eventual North American Union. The film also explores the resistance movement to the SPP and the protests of August 2007 in Montebello, Canada. For inquiries about obtaining a high-quality DVD, please contact: nations.deathbed.movie@gmail.com or dan@pressfortruth.ca«


NO : To the SPP
NO : To the NAU
YES : To Canada's Sovereignty

Also please check out this interview that exposes some of the big secrets of the NAU with expert Daneen Petersen(PHD) the site is www.myfbn.com and than go to the show on the menu 15 Minites of Freedom.

Source: www.myfbn.com

Please forward widely and Support the Canadian Action Party like they are supporting and fighting for YOU and OUR COUNTRY.

New designs at virgin mary's!

yup. lots! brought over a bunch of stuff yesterday.

ok check this out!! the most amazing kids.
so i guess im not moving till oct. what the heck. um, yeah. so tonight swarm kicked off. i went with sam and eric, who picked me up with tanya and beforehand sam had been told to warn me that there was going to be a child in the car so no hard drug use!! just kidding. so they come and pick me up and tanya and the child gustav are in the back and right off the bat the boy covers his eyes and refuses to let go, three minutes into the car ride to the belkin hgustav is so freaked out by me he starts wailing. and crying and crying. gosh i swear children + nico = no mix. so we stopped for a bit and got back in and he started crying again i think so when we got to the belkin tanya and gustav just went straight back :c but on to the belkin coz raymonds grad piece was in the show and met up with charlotte. free ride back as there was a yellow school bus driving back and forth coz its supposed to be mt. pleasant openings.. and we went to the old video inn i hadnt seen the new vivo it is now, its nice and cleaned up.. walked to the grunt but just passed by then to the western front and hung for a bit but i was getting all grumpy and needed to take meds with food so i kept buggin them oops and then charlotte walked home (its her birthday tomorrow!) and so then we ate chinese and walked home and now im here typing this thinking you have no idea what the heck im blabbering on about!!! yeah. charlottes show is opening tomorrow later at the clack clack empire on 524 shanghai alley. the green collection. all cans. as in canned goods.

back to making stuff tomorrow later-supposed to have stock for virgin marys but might be delayed ;; im so slow.


new forms festival

hey i thnk ima gonna try and get someone and go to dis: http://2008.newformsfestival.com/index.php?page_id=20
was looking for dubstep somewhere in vantown and of course i found this which would have been purrfect had i been here and known about it...so thank god there are more. duh. http://www.clubzone.com/events/event106453.html its like i have to talk to someone to activate myself into finding stuff i want to check out. well so checking the dj names and sites and found the new forms festival kicking off tomorrow. yay. i really should be doing something. i guess i am. i mean, makingPACKING. i will be in the day. promise.

new stuff!

ima posting pics later..

click on pics to go to listings!

new stuff added here:
check it out...

more to come this week.. with the virgin marys stock

been feeling better ;D

need new back grounds though... im using simons collage here...

Everyone Nose: so ffunny...