hexagram 50

i cant sleeeeepppppppp im leaving soon.. making still till i go.. on the waitlists to extend.. duh.. could make more stuff but need that ticket date. oh god someone else please cancel.. but then have orders for when i come back already waiting.. there are so many bags i cant believe the two new designs i came up with. well not really like magically came up with, more like similared. if that isnt a word its definitely my concept. were making 6 of these gorgeous fall bags tomorrow i made the pattern today and cherry worked it out. fast too. and tonnes of the granny style ones....only 3 dresses for blythe coz i forgot to bring velvet and best. duh! ok lang. im going to make inventory tomorrow. i swear there is a shitload of stuff.
hex 50.3.4 > 4 mmmmm.
Jay Ramsay's poem for Hex.50 (from I Ching: The Shamanic Oracle of Change by Martin Palmer, Jay Ramsay & Zhao Xiaomin)

Offering Up

And can you let it go?
Can you let it be beyond you?
Can you offer it up?

It is hidden in your heart, and your heart knows
This is the sacrifice, and you are it.

Feel it. And it is burning
With the clear flame we call love
That burns off what doesn't belong to it.

Feel it and it is a jewel
It is the most precious thing you have.

And it is yours - because you gave it.

The flame burns rose in your mind, like wine.

It is the best you have, and you gave it. Can you?


mm tis actually 3:53 am Aug. 1. hey lindsay is arriving today :D


so simon turned out to be a fantastic salesman! and i didnt even really get to prepare much stuff ><
look at all these people he coerced into getting their pics taken for the love of DOVE CHOCOLATE! woohoo!
thanks peeps.
simes tells me everyone liked them (for sure!!)
thanks dove chocolate! and thanks simon! oh yeah. he also told me the fish tacos were friggin amazing!!!!!!

now i really have no idea who most of these are.. im going to have to get simon fill in the story lines later....... :D

Its Your Life goodies at Blim Fair and Free chocolates on the 26th!!!

simon will be selling for me at the BLIM fair! as well as giving away FREE DOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!! Fashionable crafts from local hotties!!! Today at BLIM on Main and 17th !!!

Its from 12-5 pm and you can use your debit or credit card :D

Theres also going to be a fish taco stand. Yummy.

getting over it

'Take some more tea,' the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly.

`I've had nothing yet,' Alice replied in an offended tone, `so I can't take more.'

`You mean you can't take less,' said the Hatter: `it's very easy to take more than nothing.'

oh my! what an insightful passage. now to fully get it. to fully get over it.

and to apply it.

so the sewers are cutting now we got two sewing machines :D my aunt is picking me up in 30 mins. and were going to quiapo to check out jewelry making supplies.
i had my heart set on visiting a friend in malaysia but im Over it and i cant take any less so im not and i might go with friends to puerto gallera instead which should be a blast :D and i dont have to spend $$ for nothing :D
yeah. i am going through a lot of shit right now an i am sooooo tired of thinking of it over and over and getting nowhere so im just going to give it up and say screw you!!!!

Featured on Cuteable!

Its Your Life Handmade featured on cuteable. click on the title post :D

so yeah.... its the 13th now 10.14 am! i got up at like 7 am. then everyone (there are people visiting my dad) left for boracay. ok, actually its my dads girl and her daughter and my bro sean. they all left at like 7.30 a.m... so now im just waiting for my sewers to arrive, were gonna have a talk on the tasks they need to do for preparation... but i need to borrow my aunts sewing machine again. after i talk with the girls im meeting my uncle bobby at my moms house for a lunch there and a long overdue meet. plus some other cousins from the states are here.. my mom gave me a sewing machine before so i might try and get that too so there will be two machines here... my god. and thats the plan so far. all before noon on my first day here. for
farks sake i hope thats not an indication of pace for this trip coz ill be dead by next week!

New Designs

(click title link)

The Dove chocolate pleasure kit arrived the day before i left!! oh yes.......
SO MUCH YUM!!!! yay. i like the milk. simon likes them all but leaves the milk for me "D

the small 4 piece boxes are pretty awesome... Oh yes. hes going to be bringing the chocolate at the blim fair on the 26th.

see here rina eating some. she said she had already tried it and it was yummy!

here angela and rodrigo are enjoying the DOVE chocolate!!! DOVE CHOCOLATE IS YUMMY. and im not just saying that coz i got a megaload for free k!! it really is.

so yeah! now simons going to take some pics and stuff.. i brought some of the choolate here to manila and everyone really liked it but i didnt take any pics! i just arrived!! and of course i didnt bring the camera.........
i found this blog which describes the chocolate exactly!!! much better than i could have ever imagined actually.... http://www.typetive.com/candyblog/item/dove_chocolate/

ok back to jewelry for a sec.
heres pair of custom wedding earrings i made *just* before i left. i never make stuff like this but simon and angela were like 'ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' and now simon wants me now to make more of these crystally clustery things. HAh.

these new designs will be available in Vancouver at Virgin Marys on commercial drive and Barefoot Contessa on commercial and main!! wedding earrings not included :D
go get em!!!!! ( please :)


stuff in shop

i dont know if ive posted all of these. these pics are not the best yikes. and my shop is kind of empty... but ill have lots when i get back. lots of new stuff in the shops: virgin marys ;D at the moment will have the newest designs..simon will have some nice pieces for the BLIM fair on the 26th.... meanwhile here are some designs available online

this stuff is available in the shop click on pics to go to listing :D
omg. im leaving tomorrow!! frik. frik. friiik!!

i was just finishing an invoice on word and it crashed and didnt save it. so annoyed!!!!!

so i dont have enough stuff. im going to have to take down some stuff form the online shops and might not have even have that much for the BLIM fair on the 26th nevermind new stock for barefoot contess mid month. gah. what the heck was i thinking. not doing enough.....

but yeah. i am tired.


hey. i was supposed to get this DOVE CHOCOLATE pleasure kit in the mail!! damnit. was asked to be part of this review thingy where they send me chocolate and i post the shit out of it everywhere i can.. but i havent gotten it yet and now im leaving!! OH NO!! simons gonna eat it all damn!! free chocolate i mean come on. wish i had a piece right now.. could use some pleasure producing chocolate right now for sure!

good night see you in manila ><
gosh the buy the yard fair turned out great even though it rained >< !! i didnt take pics.. ugh...though i had my phone.... my table was basically a pile of used baggies of everything i cleared up :D yeah! was really cool. met a girl whos going to manila too and when we facebooked it was like uh... duh we have common friends. so i think thatll be cool.. was sposed to cut the fabric before i go but it looks like thats not going to happen... ok hey i brought a bunch of stuff to virgin marys on friday!! yes. some new stuff some favorites... no time for reading right now :c so i havent read anything since the kite runner. i saw the film too, did i blog about that. damn! i thought it was good. it was filmed in china?? what the crap. guess it wouldve been hard to film on site..... the other day i say a couple iranian films which kind of blew me away too.. not really like reading and watching but like my gosh i had no idea..... how beautiful and intense and differet and the same... abbas kirostamis 10, was hype.... the wind will carry us was good too nice location so nice. long though and i thought there would be more comedy? but the landscape and the village was amazing. i loved the guest house. no time to watch the rest either... so.. making lots of stuff and have been in the past days epoxying cameos into settings. yay. so nice. for shops. for my online shop too... which will be run by me but shipped by angela (beadworksclasses) once a week... so cool... ok so i guess i should stop slacking off and get to work making stuff. gah! so hard. there is a lot going on. i get the king of cups card a lot. what the heck is that supposed to mean. groanhands. had a great talk with sandra the other day... that girl is hype. she met me at a random fair i was doing somewhere. oh yea the latinfest.... a long time ago it seems. so proud of her. been going nuts on the i ching the past days. just casting and casting reading all the hexigrams and getting a sense of it and it. is. hype. i like. its just like everything else that gets lost in translation though..universal laws apply... been trying to learn what you see is what you get, but i aint gettin it that easily. hmm.. i keep forgetting im 29. damn im 30 next year and i gotta get on it. but what i need to focus on is my right now and that is how i get to the future. duh. so simple and so frikkin hard to grasp. gee. (slaps self) hey! that hurt, oh sorry i didnt mean it. this is a hella hype blog. the abysmal.

frik i havent updated my shop blog. gonna do that in the pilipinas. when i get there, the next mornin everyones goin to bora so im gonna be by myself for a few days! i kind of like that idea... settle into myself somehow.. gonna be seeing my uncle and moms side this time...

sandra and i were talking about this thing.. ok.. love. we were saying how lucky we are to be in something so divine. so divune. we were talking about love and all its gooyness and mushy squishydoodleness and it made me later think of that love, that love that you resonate with throughout space and time that makes you just want to burst into tears and laughter all at once the devotion that ebbs and flows with complete trust. as if written in our very cells. yes that kind of love.
well, its either that divune love or some astral shit. dayum.. theres that king of cups again... maybe im the one astral traveling. once when i was a kid my dad was trying to teach me how to whistle into my own cupped hands... i couldnt ever get it right and one night i had a dream and i was whistling with ease in my dream... and i woke right up coz i knew i was dreaming and i cupped my hands and the first blow made the loudest clearest whistle i had ever heard and i was so stoke d and just kept whistling with my cupped hands right out of dreamland.. it was a pretty cool experience an only enforced the reality in me that dreams do come true. i guess i just have to go to sleep to dream..feels like i havent dreamt in years.........

ok lame. no pics. i have to get back to work.. or sleeeeeeppppp.... heres a song for ya

ok and two more.
its a classic. i mean, come on! the going through the bushes shot. killer....

its cut at the end (and really bad video!! gahahaha the promo version is much better but this one is so corny i had to show you my god.)

here are the gorgeous lyrics:
shake the disease

I'm not going down on my knees
Begging you to adore me
Can't you see it's misery
And torture for me
When I'm misunderstood
Try as hard as you can
I've tried as hard as I could
To make you see
How important it is for me

Here is a plea
From my heart to you
Nobody knows me
As well as you do
You know how hard it is for me
To shake the disease
That takes hold of my tongue
In situations like these

Some people have to be
Permanently together
Lovers devoted
To each other forever
Now I've got things to do
And I've said before
That I know you have too
When I'm not there
In spirit I'll be there

ok edit: i found this song. yes!! frik. this song!!!!!! gaaahhhhhhhh

Don't fade away, my brown eyed girl.
Come walk with me, I'll fill your heart with joy.
And we'll dance through our isolation.
Seeking solace in the wisdom we bestow.
Turning thoughts of the here and ever after, consuming fears in our fiery halos.
Say what you mean, mean what you say.
I've heard that innocence, has led us all astray.
But don't let them make you, and break you.
The world is filled with their broken empty dreams.
Silence is their only virtue, locked away inside their silentscreams

But for now, let us dance away, this starry night, feel the glow of fiery stars, and with the dawn, our sun will rise.
Bringing the symphony of bird cries.
Don't bring me down now, let me stay here for a while.
You know life's too short, let me bathe here in your smile.
I'm transcending, the fall from the garden.
i miss me!!

Today behind SHOP COCOON on cambie and 17---


from 11-5pm

im bringing lots of my old stuff and tonnes of supplies. come if you are wanting to make some stuff for summer!