July 5: Behind Shop Cocoon on Cambie-- "Buy The Yard"
--its your life DESTASH jewelry supplies. LOTS. cheap. in little baggies. fabric and old stock too... 11-5. Cash/Card (card purchases for my stuff will have a minimum of $35)

July 11: Im going to Manila.

July 26: Simon is selling for me at the BLIM Fair!!!! Fish Taco stand! Plus hunky cutiepie selling at my table. Check it out!

Aug 6: Return to Vancouver.

everything before between and after is just plain madness...............
omg! i thought the blim fair was this month on the 26th duh. im like wonder why the fair is on thursday, then later yuriko sends an invite out to people. DUH july 26 th. Such a Momoy.

so im kind of wondering where im going to be getting some of that extra money i thought i was getting. duh. duh. duh. headdesk.

i want to be in manila before july 15th. to see my uncle who wont be there after the 18th. damnit. im having second doubts now! oh yes, second doubts are much more severe than second thoughts, mind you.
(should i just brush it off)
i mean the last time i had no idea how i did it but i did it and now im wondering if it was worth it or not? of course it was duh!!! i need to reorganize. now that i know the fair isnt in 2 days :eyeroll: im going to organize everything for the fair on the 5th which is for supplies. oh yes behind shop cocoon. designers unload their load.

What else is pink?

and what about this song. Martin Gores 'Compulsion'? Damn good song. Ive rediscovered it-- remember listing to it like crazy in '94/'95. when it first came out i was too young.... but now gah. what i actually remember is an acoustic version playing off a record. but this one was the only version i could find and its got lyrics in a non cheese way :D

edit: january 10, 2012!!!!

this is the original that i used to listen to with a friend back in manila...or at least i think it might be... or its the original of the song. oh yes. its the original but the track i remember was an acoustic martin gore.

Two more Dresses

on etsy and dawanda!

click pics to go to the dawanda/etsy listings..

New Blythe Dresses on TIB

hey! i posted new dresses on the this is blythe forum! im posting them here too. if you would like to buy any of these for your doll send me an email found in my profile, or leave a comment and ill get back to you!

click me to go to the post on the this is blythe forum

Vintage Trim Blouses are $5 each with shipping for one is as follows:

the cherry combo!
$18 plus shipping (on sale :)

halter dresses $25 each free shipping within US and Canada! $2 shipping everywhere else!

(more to come later)

kite runner, children of heaven

ok last night after angela left at like 2 am i decided to read a bit before bed- big mistake. i had already started to read the kite runner and was like 6 pages in when i picked it up again... then i just couldnt put it down till i finished it earlier this morning at around 9 am. gaaaah!~!! so good story. so good.
earlier that evening i watched the children of heaven which was really sweet.
really into persian/middle eastern culture right now.
-edit- woot found it on youtube in parts. so please see it if you have an hour or two to wont regret it its a lovely story.

so yeah. delivered skull pins to BLIM and bought groceries so now im kind of tired. no bike = walk. i hope the stuff in Barefoot Contessa is out on display already :D i guess i could go have a look at the main street location this weekend >< ill try and take pics.
this design is at the main street store:

ooh i forgot to upload pics from the commercial drive fair. will do later.

Car Free Festival vids

the car free festival was great! so much fun and lots of good people :D took a couple of short videos... this one is of a band passing. pretty boring! basically my view when sitting down behind my table.

this video is of this dude who was rapping with his guitar.. he was really good actually! nice and political and independent thinking. but i only got this bit of him... and duh, i had the camera on its side for half the video ><

heres a pic of me in tending to my table in front of virgin mary's

me trying to defy my un-photogenic-ness

this virgin mary necklace i brought as an afterthought, thinknig this would be perfect for amber. duh. and she saw it right away and took it (bought it) but the craziest part was the fact that it matched her outfit and earrings (and store namesake) so perfectly. like she knew i was going to bring her this crazy matching necklace. too good!

and here i am behind my table. trying to look respectable.

CAR FREE FESTIVAL at commercial drive TOMORROW!

yes! bringing lots of stuff.... new designs, old designs, supply lots, accessories etc!!!

ok gotta take a nap now.
love this song since high school... but so glad to have somehow thought of it again tonight and found it... ahhhhh

Where were you in 92?

severn suzuki in 1992

nicole tirona in 1992

M.I.A. asks: where were you in 92?
please come check out my sale in the This is Blythe forum:
if so inclined...
posted these sweet things:

please send me an email (found in my blogger profile) or comment if interested in purchasing :D





Car Free Festival, Felt and Filters

last night i sorted and turned on some email filters via sender and it worked! omg. why didnt i do it before? duh. now i think my inbox is going to be less hectic.
wish i could turn on and sort my brain filters too!

sold an item on felt the other day but now seriously dont know how it works really the buyer didnt reply to me yet....i still need to upload items onto there. its in new zealand dollars though so my pieces seem so expensive to me when i convert from canadian. yikes. you need to load your account with 10 bucks (nz bucks) then the first 5 listings need to be 'approved' and takes a few days, then when someone buys something it deducts again from your 10 ive listed 2 items, sold one and my balance is now 7.65. then i got an email from felt, but no buyer email and it says its up to me and the buyer. i mean if the buyer can see my full name and address id like at least to get an email address to send an invoice to no? this is kind of like how dawanda does it but not coz i havent paid dawanda anything they havent yet asked "D scary. hope i wont end up owing them like a bunch of cash in the near future coz i havent really figured that out or anything ><

this month is turning out to be some sort of internal battle with habits i must need to break in order to become the kind of person i want to be. wow deep.

also check this out my shop blog is now up and ready for updates and will be announced in the next newsletter. i can add media to it!! its a wordpress blog and lia made it last night! so now its part of the shop only, and this blog is going to go somewhere not wanted to be seen. like maybe in the about section. havent yet done anything but looked at it last night. mm i should delete that mandatory comment tho ><

Its Your Life Handmade will be at the Commercial Drive CAR FREE FESTIVAL! This Fathers Day, June 15. Ill be in front of Virgin Marys :D from 12 noon onwards!


FAB FAIR pics and update

the fab fair! it was ok.. not very busy at all :c but i was able to make a some funds nevertheless.. heres my table...ive made an inventory for virgin marys with some of the jewelry and few pouches and though im dreading it i really should sew more pouches and bags...

its overcast today.
to do:
-email winners
-finish shipping
-prepare items for picture taking
-promote blythe clothes
-write back people waiting for my reply
-fix jewelry area ?
-apply for portobello
-apply for winter got craft??

this song... its resonating with me right now:

You're such a beautiful writer
that's not all you are
I'm sorry about making a pass
It was subtle but I think that you grasped
The meaning intended

I can be a friend to you
I won't pretend
I'm not interested in breaking your heart
It's not love no it's nothing like that
I'll leave that to lookers like him

Oh it's such a delicate thing
Now it's such a fragile thing that we have

I should be suspended from class
I don't know my elbow from my arse
I should be suspended from class

We could go out dancing
But, in truth it is the last thing that I have on my mind
Please say if I'm way out of line
I won't need telling twice

Now he wants to kiss
He says he can't resist
You're going to have to keep it hidden inside
I've a feeling that pigs might fly, might fly

I should be suspended from class
I don't know my elbow from my arse
I should be suspended from class

FAB FAIR Bags and Bling Sale this weekend!


On Sat June 7th and Sunday June 8th join talented local jewellery and fashion accessory designers at the historic Heritage Hall where they will display their eclectic mix of jewellery, handbags, hats, belts and so much more.

11am to 5pm daily Sat June 7th & Sun June 8th

Heritage Hall 3102 Main st @15th Ave



i have been making stuff like mad. lots. new stuff.
please come!

have been making stuff and going crazy.

long necklaces. i have to make an inventory for virgin marys for long necklaces and pocuhes. was sposed to go on tuesday but couldnt. need a whip. someone with a whip.
if only i could make this much stuff everyday. i wonder if id run out of ideas eventually? hope not.
had to buy chain at country beads the other day. ouch. so expensive 122 bucks for a like 50 feet of chain and some earwires. like, holee. ordering from catalogs is so much cheaper. like 50 feet of chain is a little under 20 bucks while at country beads its like 18 bucks for 10 feet. what was i thinking.... meanwhile ive bought (and its arrived) an insane amount of fabric right when i got back from manila with all the money i made so instead, in retrospect, i think i should have bought jewelry supplies then to make more jewelry and then bought the fabrics after i made money at fairs. coz right now im sitting on all this fabric im not going to be using till i get to manila in july and i have all the fairs and i dont have any chain. damn. and like after i bought all the fabric, i couldnt buy any jewelry supplies till way later (so the supplies that i did end up buying are not here yet)
i made a bunch of new stuff though.


ok a bit late. going to email the winners later tonight before this friday for the addresses! i guess i have the fab fair to think about and i need to make more stuff.

best is like: 'damnit nicole, couldnt you take a better picture my friggin tits are hanging out'
me: 'oops'.... 'damn'. 'its too late now ive already uploaded it. im not taking more pictures.'

(hours later, simon sees best on the couch in the exact position i left her in, chest exposed, and he says: best looks hilarious. i look away and go back to work on the computer, but hear rustling sounds behind me. simon proceeds to rearrange best on the
couch and i turn and see this

the next day after leaving best and monkeyboney in their whirlwind state simes clears it away and i see this

i swear to god he plays with the dolls more than i do. or maybe i just dont clean up fast enough >< simes likes best best. i did leave her here for them to bond and they did!

these winners won a pair of earrings:
lisa amerongen
sarah at corvidpictures
savannah parker

this winner won the pouch:
sara rudolph

these two winners win a 10$ coupon!
goodvine at gmx
petra deginther

to those that didnt win a prize, you are still a winner to me!!!!!

FAB FAIR Bags and Bling Sale this weekend!

this weekend is the 2 day Bags and Bling Fair! at the heritage hall on main.
Oh noes! i need to buy chain.
Ill be posting more details as the week progresses...

Mini clothes for your Blythe!

so ive uploaded some of the clothes but havent promoted them yet on the blythe forum... i dont know if they are priced ok. maybe ill make em free shipping. yeah. then i dont have to make little hangers anymore?? coz i was going to.
click on pics to go to listing

dont forget to check out the rest of the category for more variety

so cute tho ey. need to take more pics of the rest. like madly pressuring myself to stop slacking. really cant imagine what would happen to me if i was doing an everyday 9-5 job. that is probably the scariest thing i can think of having to do. yikes!

its kind of overcast today.

going to make a list of the tasks i need to do today otherwise ill forget their proper order. (my brothers whiteboard aka 'taskboard' pops into mind)


Korean citizens have held peaceful rallies all over Seoul for the last couple weeks to voice their opinions against the Lee administration's blatant disrespect for the citizens' demand to renegotiate the beef deal with the US. As many as one hundred thousand citizens gathered in downtown Seoul on May 31. However, the police brutally repressed the peaceful protesters armed only with candlelight, using water canon, clubs, shields and combat boots. Many citizens have been hospitalized but some of the major newspapers side with the administration refusing to report such incidences.
uploaded by loversil

damn if i was korean and didnt have american beef in the country then one day its like ok were letting american beef back in, id be pissed too. i mean these people probably havent even seen 'earthlings' but they know.

blog features

last april while i was in manila a this lovely girl from france was asking about a necklace design and if she could get it made longer... so i agreed of course! when i got back i made it for her and she was so stoked she made a blog post about it which in turn got her friend to buy soemthing from the shop as well! two wicked.
here is Gaelle's fashion blog (click on pic) and you might have to scroll down a bt to see her post.. but i think shes wearing the necklace with some other outfits in the pics... cool!!

also, this other girl from dawanda featured my unicorn earrings on her blog!
so very cool :D
come see blog....

now i need to get back in touch with this other french lady who wanted to feature me on her fashion site/blog...hesitated in my reply coz i had a gazillion tabs open and had to use the online translation to read what she said....though it was a really nice surprize!

Prizes, New Items and Happy Glitter Funfuns!

there will be these 4 main prizes and 2 gift certificates for $10!
3 pairs of earrings- locket and filigree earrings, sailing ship cabs, and yellow roses with glass drops.... Plus this wicked matroichka pouch the girls made in manila!

ive also uploaded a bunch of new dresses and tops for blythe in the sewn section, under 'clothes for blythe'
right now im working on the newsletter and uploading more jewelry pieces to the shop and dawanda. though i think i may need to consolidate the email addresses for the newsletter...
(later) ok! the newsletter has been sent! please i forgot to say: if you received the newsletter and did not subscribe to it, and would like to be removed, please do not hesitate to reply to it with the word "UNSUBSCRIBE" as the title and i will unsubscribe you right away!
WINNERS check it out here: CLICK ME