im going to manila! mear the end of march till the end of april.
i dont know what to do! gosh there seems to be a neverending stream of stuff i have not yet done mingling with my ever present laziness equals nothing! egads.

i need to sew pouches this weekend. paper ya update soon :D

so when im in manila i dont know what will happen to its your life.
im going to get some sewing done when im down there, bags, pouches and what not so i think the prices can be dropped by a tad... or not... i mean i still do have to haul ass 1/3 of the world away to get it done down there. might also get some blythe clothes sewn :D that could be fun.

i think i got myself an agent the other week but nothings really come of it yet. im making a crap load of stuff though, or so i keep telling myself.

always running out of supplies. makes me go crazy! i dont buy in super gigantic bulk but maybe i will start to think about that.

making butter chicken right now! yum. i bought a nice spice paste packet by 'asian home gourmet' at kea on 10th. its the purple package. and shit man this butter chicken is boss.. this is the first time i bought raw chicken (or any raw meat) to cook at home in 3 or 4 years. thought it would be hard, but this was so easy.
ive been busy making stuff and quite a few dawanda orders to send :D
meanwhile i reopened my etsy shop, but the next day found out about etsy closing the #3 supply shop because of their misunderstanding and did not apologize. basically it went like a buyer wrote to help to ask how to pay, they misunderstood this and somehow closed the shop because they read it as a buyer complaining about non-delivery. this supply shop has over 15,000 sales and positive feedback. quite marvelous and an achievement onto itself! all that shipping (shudder). but etsy misread ONE buyers email and closed the shop on friday, so the shop was closed for the whole weekend. then, the supply seller was trying to find out about this buyer. etsy gave her the email and transaction number which is totally useless for searching for a transaction not only because it is not a function in the etsy seller console, but more glaringly because they completely shut down her shop and closed all record of it from the public and her. she had no access and still many orders on the go. there were forum threads of worried buyers and frantic (?i'd be) customers. she ebventually finds out this buyer hadnt even paid, etsy did not even check! her shop was closed all weekend, because etsy admin i guess have all weekend off and they so quickly closed it on friday. so anyway finally they reopen her shop but did not even apologize or anything!
what timing ey? i should have left it closed. when i pay them my bill, i am paying them to do this to us sellers. i did a bad thing with it leaving neglected though, because i sold a pair of sold out earrings on there but because of neglect failed to remove them from my shop. ay naku. its all updated now tho!
and ive also recently updated my dawanda store, and more recently my own shop has been updated with necklaces and earrings found in my own store only!
really nice ones. see here is one i really love. theres no whole picture of it though coz the one i took was totally bad. but the brown one has a whole view, and they are the same.
marsha orange

marsha brown

i also found this really insightful and helpful article on the abusive woman.
i finally finished sewing the bags i meant to bring to briers earlier this week, and brought them over there yesterday. simes came with me! poor guy was suffering the whole time. hes at the dentist right now getting that taken care of.

while on the bus, we saw amanda! you cant see here but she was also wearing the delft sailing ship earrings :D sweeeet!

now i took a picture of amanda a while ago and meant to put it up on here but never got around to. '

she has been rocking the bag i made for her. i made it for her over a year or two? ago and its been put to good use, everysingleday! i was so amazed at how its still together! the stitching around the top came off a bit near one of the straps, but its ok coz theres still lots of other stitches unseen holding it up and its more a case of the fabric fading and degrading, yikes. i neber wanna spray the fabric with scotchguard or anything like that but i always like it when bags outer fabric has a stiff feeling. maybe i should try and starch them. mm. ill look into that!
simon and i fixed the studio a bit, well we keep doing, and i like it now, more than before, my dressform is up beside the lamp from the lady that died and it matches perfect! i have a shitload of bags and clutches and pouches cut up that have not been sewn. found tonnes tucked away under stuff :P all kinds too. like i get inspired one day and cut this sweet fabric with a great bag shape, then, i stop there. most of them lack lining, or interface. so im taking it on myself to sew them all up and post to my shop. lots of the jewelry area is like that too damnit :D loose piles of unmade designs ,-_-,

im bringing the plenty order on monday :D

so i now i need to add a plenty link to my sites! please go check out the plenty store locator! they have shops all around vancouver as far as richmond center and metrotown!

bought a used paperback edition of the hobbit last week and devoured it in two days. meanwhile, the son of the circus is coming along nicely.
a lot of the books that we have here are hardbound and hella thick and large. the lord of the rings was simons copy from the early 90s as an xmas pressie from his mum. it was heavy! damn hard to read on the makeshift sofa. this son of the circus is the same, but a third thinner. ahh. almost all (cept LOTR) of these hardbound books are from when ashley decided to buy a whole old record stores worth of stuff for 200 dollars, and most of these books were part of it. lots of canadian stuff? and lots were un*fortunately brought to the dump by tyler ;; ive been meaning to list some on craigslist. and debating weather or not i should bother to try and sell all the vhs tapes and the player. i mean, it would be awesome if we could nicely keep all the stuff we accumulate but who has the space? maybe if we lived in the country we could do that. id want paperbacks in the country tho so i can go read in the forest or plain with a picnic and pillow.


i love this!

(Althea Forrest / Donna Reid)
Althia & Donna - 1978

See me in me heels and ting
Dem check sey we hip and ting
True them no know and ting
We have them going and ting
Nah pop no style, a strictly roots
Nah pop no style, a strictly roots

See me pon the road I hear you call out to me
True you see mi inna pants and ting
See mi in a 'alter back
Sey mi gi' you heart attack
Gimme likkle bass, make me wine up me waist
Uptown Top Ranking

See mi in mi Benz and ting
Drivin' through Constant Spring
Them check sey me come from cosmo spring
But a true dem no know and ting
Dem no know sey we top ranking
Uptown Top Ranking

Shoulda see me and the ranking dread
Check how we jamming and ting
Love is all I bring inna me khaki suit and ting
Nah pop no style, a strictly roots
Nah pop no style, a strictly roots

Watch how we chuck it and ting
Inna we khaki suit and ting
Love is all I bring inna me khaki suit and ting
Nah pop no style, a strictly roots
Nah pop no style, a strictly roots

Love inna you heart dis a bawl out fe me
When you see me inna pants and ting
See me inna 'alter back
Sey me gi' you heart attack
Gimme likkle bass, make me wine up me waist
Uptown Top Ranking

See mi pon the road and hear you call out to me
True you see me in me pants and ting
See me inna 'alter back
Sey me gi' you heart attack
Gimme likkle bass, make me wine up me waist
Gimme likkle bass, make me wine up me waist
Love is all I bring inna me khaki suit and ting
Nah pop no style, a strictly roots
Nah pop no style, a strictly roots

You shoulda see me and the ranking dread,
Check how we jamming and ting
Love is all I bring inna me khaki suit and ting
Nah pop no style, a strictly roots
Nah pop no style, a strictly roots

tagged by blondezilla

oh snap!
but look see its getting better!

me fixing somehow made simon fix too! he did a great job in the kitchen! aww...

i will do the tagged thing later tonight as i didnt go borrow lord of the rings 3 on dvd. im such a loser lol.
im reading a new book ive had here for a long time now. son of the circus, john irving.
so funny. i liked his cider house rules coz theres a movie too! hah. visual aide.
i love that. is there a movie of son of the circus? hmmmm? it would be rad and very colorful set in india i like that.
but back to the tagging, i think i already did one, but ill do this later, and will tag all the threaders if bz didnt already :D coz i dont think ive been very good at linking. my site links are so little! i need to add the links i have here on there.
oh man.

k i was taged by blondezilla.

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
-im a leftie
-im trying to get fit
-i love eggplants
-i am loving the show 'life begins' :P
-i was born on may the first 1979, in numerology that adds up to a 5, which means exploration, which i like! the number 5
-im really into reading right now
-im going back to manila soon
(well i guess none of those are weird)

3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
-thugs, er, dusty
ok im done. !!!! whew my aching fingers from all this linking. now i still need to go tell them :D drat my facts arent too intresting ey. ovell!!!
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

( Blame Ebbandflow - she tagged me )
cant. make. anything.
need. to. fix.

happy valentines day!

simon bought a cake! and were going to go grocery shopping. for our date. haha!

i dropped new pieces off to to virgin marys yesterday. new items in store now!!! i brought a large envelope shaped locket that i oxidized myself, pink and blue unicorn necklaces... around 10 pairs of earrings lots of new cute ones. go visit! virgin marys is on commercial drive near the park/ beside drive organics :D

ok i have so much to do still so this is a short post, but i want to wish you a good valentines.
love from,
well i tried to list a new thing everyday but i couldnt do it el oh el oh well.

im trying to fix my area again. *groanhands* i have a lot of new ideas.
i bought a gold ring. 18kt. i need a beaker or larger jar for my gold plating. i wasnt happy with the results! they would come to be too dark?? i thought it was strange. might be the voltage is fluctuating or the temperature of the liquid is wrong.
actually i need to get:
a beaker
a mini crock pot
better gloves
a respirator
a better work area
tumbler for silver

but most of all i think i need a larger jar. and will try with a piece of gold.
i finished reading lord of the rings last night! i wish i read it slower. damn. i think it lasted only two weeks. at least i have still the appendixes and the other books.

dropped off pieces earlier to briers! lots of cute new loves for valentines day so go check it out before it is all sold! briers is on west 4th by arbutus.

then after i went over the lacy west and its right in the same building as where the or gallery was, and woah! its full of stuff. im saving to get a tumbler and pellets so i can silver plate without having all the weird white deposits. got me some jax brown black. :D

finally got gold plating solution it was 90 bones! i didnt get a gold anode, but instead a stainless steel one, so the gold comes from the solution instead a gold anode. i got 18kt, coz i think 24kt is too almost orange. for me, at least. im going to do some plating after i finish up eating and shipping. simes is making food :D

other good news plenty decides to try out a few of my designs and will be carrying a few necklaces and earrings soon. ill post here when i deliver!

today and the other day i got all that i mailed on monday returned to me in the mail. so annoying. most of them are for dimensions and a couple are for weight. the goodie bags won off the newsletter are too heavy!

plated gold!

i still have no gold anode. i bought a pair of 18kt gold earrings from an ex-favorite supplier of mine but never got them so i had to get a refund. then today im polishing these brass lockets and am really wanting them to be plated gold. so i figure i might as well try now while the urge is urgent. no anode, i used a length of 10kt filled gold wire and it totally worked! but the color is so dark gold almost orange-y coz its 10kt. its ok though the wire is not usable anymore coz ees so ugly and eaten away now!
so now im all getting obsessed and really want to get plating all this brass stuff i have so i was looking for a lapidary place or some kind of supply and finally! found a place right downtown so i dont have to go as far as i originally thought (burnaby. heh, its not even that far) but anyway this place, its on smithe! lacy west. so im gonna go tomorrow coz later today i have a meeting with marie from plenty. cross fingers ill be supplying them with jewelry soon? :D could be rad.
also, im updating new stuff to briers by this friday. also wanted to see if there is need for more pieces at virgin marys, so i think i will just make as much stuff as i can finishing the chain i have here. whew. vacations over.


holy crapoodles!!

i just found like, 7 emails in my bulk mail folder that wasnt supposed to be there!!!!!!
edit: actually there were 16.

omg. !!!!!

i am so annoyed! just found a couple people using the contact form on my site in there! ak! how do i get it out of going into the bulk mail!

i even found a mintd order in there!! what the crap!
haha i forgot about that car alarm dude!! lolzzzz..

saw (pans) labyrinth and i really liked it but 1. didnt know it was in spanish 2. there wasnt much fantasy as i expected. might be because im reading lord of the rings right now, coz realizing the story was so simple and as is made me want more story. i think my brains been trained by elaborate costume and special effects = epic tale from a book or something. like it was really freakin gory and brutal with the dude bashing that poor farmers nose in repeatedly. wtf it was so gruesome and explicit but didnt connect to the underworld princess thing for me. i was hoping for some kind of underworld and real world collision but it happened in the end and not like how i was prepped for. but all in all a dope film.
a car alarm woke me up so many times last night and early today. i woke 5 times from 2 am to 7 am. i finally wrote the car a long 'fuckin' note, bolded it and stuck it on the windshield. then the owner came out of my building and told me to stop trying to steal his car!! the asswipe! i totally told him off. and now im back up here. who needs coffee when you have pricky neighbors lol!

i totally forgot to write to the winners last night! omg!
ima doing it now.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: im not getting the messages posted from the contact form of my site!! ;; if you can send me an email or leave a comment on this ere blog thatd probly be better.


you all are winners to me!! but the three who won the prizes are coming up!
i made a picture story.

so velvet really wanted to pull the names out of a hat. she was going for the 'natural' look this week and refused to wear any make up.

then to be really objective, i asked simon to choose the names. he was doing the dishes.

so off he went. i give him the reverse action tweezers coz his hands were all wet.

after a bit of learning how to use them he picks out 3 winners right away!

but alas!!! one of them is him!!! what are the chances. lets hand it to murphy.

so he goes for it again, still using the tweezers even though his hands are already dry.


The $25 certificate goes to winner ingchan!

The two goodie goodie giftie bags go to claudescreations and pin-upchick!

ill email you 3 tonight ;D

thank you all for reading! the next newsletter will be in a month i suppose, but dont forget about coming back to check on the new items ill be adding this weekend.