Its Your Life featured in CHIC Today!

yay :D
so if you click on the front cover page of the mag, you go into a two page layout, and there are the contents on the bottom left hand side, below the page.. click on that... read the contents, see cameo revolution and im in there!!! woooo!! better yet, place your mouse to the most bottom right hand corner and then the pages start flipping. click.. click.. how fun. um, its nice!

such a nice mag :D !!!

when i read it first in like ooo, that sounds good. . .dinky? then i was confused and wasnt sure what i knew! so i go check it out on and i guess dinky is really good coz they are based in the UK haha!! whew. dinkles.

meanwhile: i need a camera.. were going to toronto.. were going to the sytycd tour..
were thinking of taking the train to ny.. to visit friends! i really need a camera. new items need to be taken pics of as well! ya! my gosh.

there are now lots of lovely mostly one of a kind items at briers right now~super nice ones~ while im waiting for my supplies to restock the pieces that are under 35, the pieces at briers run from about 89 to 30's. theres a crazy nice sailboat filigree wrapped intaglio piece with shimmery blue and gold and a mini skull locket.. and two other ship cameo necklaces with anchor and compass charms.. one even has labradorite. promo time woooo!! yup super sweet shimmering tiny earrings with brass dragonfly and bluebird charms..all at briers on west 4th and arbutus. go go a go go!
i was there earlier and had lunch at goldielocks. yum... tilapia fish in coconut milk ginger and spinach .. sigh.

yup. now finishing shipping and ready to take a nap ;)


woah ok, i guess not having a camera makes me not really want to to post anything!
i had thought about all these other great posts where i could include funny videos id found and interesting news bits. but i forgot them all.

so i just came back to say OMG! ive been selling pieces at shops right, and like, they are selling very well. i brought more items to virgin mary's start of the week, new earrings, and more necklaces. briers too, on west 4th, i brought more items start of the week and i really was supposed to bring more in the days following but i got tangled in a mess and then we had to fumigate :S
oh gosh. i just remembered i have to alter my invoice and email it. like 2 days ago.
ok. ill come back in a bit.

edit: ok thats done.

mm. i should go down to devil may wear today and see how they are doing..

so is it video time?
( )

hahahah hes so HOOOOOOOOO!!!!

ok im going to make stuff now and do some shipping.
new items for briers to be delivered on monday!

ETA: i know ive been real slow with recent custom orders :S and im really sorry. im trying my hardest to get everything done but lots fall through the cracks and i forget, or have not yet gotten materials for etc. sorry!


its stupid. NOOO i want canada to stay as canada!!!
stop SPP

no fucking way. NOOOOOO!!! WAAAAYYYY!!!

i dont want U.S. pesticide full produce.
i dont want STUPID policies on arrogant anti terrorist security bullshit.
i dont want the fuckin u.s. way of government for ANYTHING.
i just dont. want. it.
i dont want the U.S. taking canadian energy, oil, WATER?? for petes sake.
GO AWAY GEORGE BUSH and your stupid ways. NO ONE wants you around. stay in your own country and help your countrymen, STAY OUT OF CANADA.

(graphic images below)


the camera broke.
no more pics.
the last pics i took were of the hallway before they carpeted it.


a quick post.
the last time i tried and wrote so long it got deleted. eh..
so um.. hmm. our whole buildings getting fumigated and the carpets in halls were ripped out. so gross. the hallways are sick piles of dust from under the two old carpets. there was one under the the gross. just gross.

i have new items for my etsy shop, and new earrings and holly hobbie pieces for virgin mary's on the drive and earrings for briers on 4th.

just have to take pics. ugh. weve been sleeping in the living room and giving the whole place a rearrange and clean up i guess. were having a yard sale on saturday with angela i think.. hmm earlier i had to leave at 9:30 coz they were fumigating the halls.. and i left at 10.. wit a bag of stuff.. running down the stairs was like some kind apocaliptick shit. the halls are messed. ill try to take a pic: grossness ripped out carpets, stained rotting plywood floors, dust piles and staples and bits of foam, TOXIC fumes as in major chemical toxicness as in take a deep breath and make a mad dash toxic...
to complete the scene about midway down there is pest control dude wearing white and a full face mask. he appears to be peering at me thru his goggles intently. i didnt get a good look, it was bad........ ran out the door and ang was waiting . we went to the park and walked around the track and tanned. for 3 hours? i got darker :D ya!

ok. no pics, no nothing. just blah blah blah :D
stay tuned.

Im French!

Your Inner European is French!

Smart and sophisticated.
You have the best of everything - at least, *you* think so.

OH> MY> GOD!!!!

thanks to nancey pelosi (on yuotube) for uploading:
51 Filipino Workers kidnapped to work on US Embassy in Baghdad:

♥ lochli23's channel..where i found this video:


heres a gift package of matching sets i sent to the fox studios for anya! dork out full on fangirl crush boner yay :D

Virgin Mary's on the Drive Feat. Its Your Life!

Ya! So I brought some pieces over to virgin marys :D I forgot to take pics :C so your just gonna have to go see! All new designs :D New owl necklaces, a pirate ship intaglio piece with a black, locket medallion piece.. ya. many many new new!!
Next week Ill bring earrings coz i forgot and realized when i was done. that it was all necklaces. yay!

meanwhile im shipping pieces to my dance idol tomorrow! ill try to remember to take pics.

kala is still playing in my mind and i havent even fully memorized it yet. not that i can understand most of the lyrics are accentfullness and i cannot understanding yet. plus no ones posted lyrics online yet i dont think, cept for boyz.(EDIT:
woohoo lyricwiki's got full lyrics on the whole album) i was going thru m.i.a.'s site and its so great. then i ended up buying the kala album online coz hopefully ill get a bandana and its was only 15 bones! so i guess now i dont have to worry about going to the actual record shop. anyway if i did who knows what else id end up buying :D

my cousins here for her bff's wedding! fun. we strolled while i brought stuff down to commercial.. i bought stuff for myself.. hair pins and a top. oops!

M.I.A. Kala & Skype

holy crap its so good. EVERY TRACK IS SO DIFFERENT> TOTALLY HAWTNESS MUST> DANCE> TO> her lyrics.. damn.!!!
its what i was trying to (unsuccessfully) bittorrent, then simons workmate who told him bout it in the 1st place (that it was available) just ended up skyping me all the songs. holy crap. i cant wait till its out im buying it(/totally wanted to but am positive now i will). maybe twice. one for the time capsule :D
god Maya Arulpragasam I love YOU.. kala... its 24 carat gold.

meanwhile ok so im like trying to vote for pasha forever on skype but it kept saying the number was invalid :C huhuhu but guess what k, im such a dork.. i wrote anya a letter on myspace and she frikkin wrote me back!!! so perfecto!!! i couldnt believe me eyeses. its really tragic that she is not in the legit top 10. she deserves it, she really is a classy lass. damn you reality tv. you can send them fan mail as in snail mail! OMG!!! im so stoked. mwahahah im spose to have an inventory for virgin marys by the afternoon, when ill be helpin or watching :D ang set up her mini workshop store in the beazu wearhouse where she teaches bead classes hello you in van, go check her out she is my teacher>see links) but what i really want to do is make my pieces for anya and send em :D ugh. so torn. must do other impressing real life.. this is kind of real life tho :D like when simes threw that pouch i made for maya at a concert here.. my fave was the water buffalo stuffie with m.i.a. sewn in alibata key chain :D haha such a dork. god.

edit: holyness ok the best thing ever to happen to me for reality tv would be so you think you can dance to M.I.A. !!! (dies) i cant imagine what the 10x wade routines would be if it was say, to ... ill come back later to that.(mango pickle down river (with the wilcannia mob)- to an opening routine like that weird zombie cabaret thing but like, african or something tyce or ok. maybe wade can help a bit but def not with the costumes") well, any would be crazy. but this new one is so.. ive been waiting for it and its fuxt!
or a bollywood style to jimmy!!

pic less post no! so here is a video i found reading m.i.a.'s blog.. its so psycho!!!! its a japanese bands video: Polysics- I My Me Mine (Strong Machine 2 Version)

they are good i just watched a few other vids of them.. damn. i should go to bed.. its already 4...
ETA: you know whats weirder is the lyrics are in english:
I my me mine, I my me mine...
You your you yours, You your you yours...
He his him his, He his him his...
She her her her, She her her her

I my me mine, I my me mine...
They their them theirs, They their them theirs...
People people people...
We our we our us, We our we our us...

Hey Hey Rock'n'roll manual
Lesson lesson manual
Commercial album
That's mellow Hey!

(posted by someone in the comments) if you listen closely its actually true (!?)

sorry for all the exclaimation posts. i get excited.


curses! damn you muddle mind, i cant figure out how to do this bittorrent thing. i got the torrent program, got the .torrent thingy, downloaded the whole album it seems but i can not frikkin listen to it coz i can not figure it out!! i am sooooo frustrated. its 3:33 i know i started before 12. so pissed. sam my friend got me the tomato torrent a long time ago but i didnt figure it out then and only used it when he was here.
i swear to god i am so annoyed right now my brain is going to explode.