Saturday Night Specials

im doing the sns tonight! go check it out! in my etsy shop '-'/
see the sns thread in the promos and crits forum for all other participants!

Card Collection Vintage Cuteness

oh yes. i love vintage cute playing cards. i really do. how can you not?

i took 2 of each from some of my decks and listed it on etsy.
7 bones and if you say you saw it in my blog in the notes to seller, i will add awesome snap cards. the backs are like a normal card back but matte brown and the part where the numbers go are the cutest animals. for real. regular sized and so cute!

im still procrastinating and am almost done sewing but taking a break. again :D
sewing the zippered pouches now and i am loving it haha.

reversible mushroom and scotty dog bag!

i made this while i was on my 'break' from sewing pouches :P
i havent finished them yet >.<

its so cute! perfect. and cheap coz i didnt interface it so its a softie. oh but its wicked...
click on image to go to listing!

Its Your Life in Mintage!


so I left a few pieces in Mintage with the lovely owner Carly :D
a couple cameo pieces, some E.T. necklaces, I made a new Marie Antoinette carriage piece, a cream one with gold.. its simple and only 35 bones.. a green owl locket necklace too- the new version..
both locations are fully amazing!

have you been to Mintage yet? No?
come on go check it out and buy my stuff!!
mintage has the most fit mint vintage in vancouver.
promise! its really hard not to buy something in there.
check out the mintage site

i made a couple new pieces.. recently bought an awesome pair of beaded leaf earrings from beadbug and judy my etsy mom sent me extra leaves to use in my designs!! what a treat.
i made this:

see im wearing the earrings i bought..

ok so earlier i made 12 small card wallets. i almost went blind i made them all at once :D they are wicked. and going to paper ya when i finish the order. woot! plus some zipper pouches too. ill update when its done with a pic :D

sewalong! with ismoyo
we are going to make the march 31st entry in her blog... its pretty easy? let see what happens!
when i read that post of hers it actually inspired me to make a top, which is pretty cool, but i didnt finish it. well didnt embellish it. and i think i cut the fabric the wrong way. eh.
still no new wardrobe yet!

site maintenance

oh etsy. down again for a day. kind of just, normal by now..
over 700 hundred blog comments lol. glad to see others are not doing chores either..
last night i was sending a message and when i pressed send it was down for maintenance.

blog needs an update! i dont know what tho.. stuff again? corny.. ive been wanting to take a t-shirt cutting tute. very facil. muy easy.
how-to-cut-your-tshirt-so-you-can-wear-a-necklace-with-it tutorial.
been sewing... bags for custom and pouches for paper-ya! new fabrics sweet japanese prints coming soon.. hopefully ill get it all done by wednesday. yes?

im going to go to mintage on monday nad bring some stuff. yikes! thinking about it makes me nervous.

been writing blog entries then setting them to draft mode. some crazy stuff went down and maybe ill just chill on it coz i usually freak out to the max.
but still i am never letting my neighbors into my apartment again....

there is another lovely fair coming up at the western front next month..
see events: got craft

more updates later.. gotta go meet up with some folks.. ill bring the camera, ill bring the camera (forgets)

shoes for summer

check out these amazing shoes... Yang Liuqing's etsy shop
ive linked her blog in my blog links too..
so nice!

i heart crafts

wow it was the best fair ever!
i sold all of the new pieces i made for the fair :D all the necklaces at least :D
poppy was my first customer and bought the reversible fun fun eggs sac :D
i forgot the camera :(
rina came and hung out and bought me food! how cool!
then simon came later and brought me a cupcake :D
it was busy in the morning and tapered off in the afternoon but it seemed like a steady flow of customers. sometimes my brain dies during lull times and i forget why i am talking (never a good thing)! but all in all it was awesome.
super tired now and need to shower phew!

pirates booty piece

ooh!! i love this one. its so crazy!
well.. not that crazy.. but its so full! simon says : 'it looks like a pirate ship with all their treasure piled on'
i think that swoop of chain on the bottom may have something to do with that 'piled on' business.. and the two capped beads. they could be buoys :D
its in shop now.. click on pic to go to listing..

the fair is on sunday! i have been making some stuff. um, yeah. lots! new bags too!

poppy and her new blog

check it out poppy the best glass solderer in the world now has a new blog instead of her website:
click here

she makes amazing things with a bit of glass, a bit of metal.. viola!


are you coming to the fair this weekend?? please check us out at the leigion hall on commercial drive :D edit: hey im really a cadet of the highest degree. the whole time i thought it was at commercial but then when i checked the flyer last night to edit my shop announcement i was like oh, its on pender. duh! heh. sorry for the confusion and hopefully no one went to commercial. gah!

here is the lovely flyer:

two spring sacs and the i heart crafts fair

the fair is this coming weekend!!!!
im making lots of stuff for it.

guess what i called 2 shops i want to get into and need to email lou lou love on west broadway, but i lost the email addy .. god i suck.. the other shop mintage i will have to call on thursday.. cross fingers :D

a new stock of paper ya pouches coming up by next week- look out for it! i have bought too many cute prints and will be making many for paper-ya on granville island.

ok these two purses are reversable! the funfun eggs one i bought locally. hehe i was stoked! and even more stoked when someone told me that they bought some from the japanese shop that i sometimes shop at. yay!

then this chic black one with embroidered fabric and vintage pussywillow print. ahh... it goes with the new filigree wrapped pieces i have in shop : especially the marie antoinettes carriage necklace and the mermaid song necklace. teehee

and this cutie is sold already but so cute!

all the kings horses and all the kings men...

couldnt get nico's credit card debt down.
oh yeah, and btw, the credit card guy i talked to earlier can suck my poo.

so yes. meanwhile i am super behind on my blogging. its terrible. i really should maximize the free things in life.

my new stuff is nice. i love these filigree wrapped pieces i have come up with.
please click on images to go the listings:

this one features marie antoinettes carriage. i watched the movie the other day and i loved it. the costumes are so wicked and the style is sublime.. modern rock music and no old school accents!

this one features a vintage car and lovely baroque shaped creamy beads. love them.
i dont have any car charms (um) or anything like a tire charm (um) so i went all political-like in my concept. skull charm and flower charm signifying the (hopefully) death of the combustible engine. i dont know about using fossil fuels, but it looks awesome...

i was lucky to find a mermaid cameo! i also have a geisha one but am waiting for the perfect setting. this one is super special and symmetrical. Easy, breezy, beautiful, Its Your Life! it features coral beads and tiny black flowers with heart centers.

and this simple yet super nice turquoise colored glass piece on vintage chainmaille. my etsy mom judy had these cameos and she told me they are probably from the 20's (i think thats what she said)

the animal cameos are pretty popular!
i think i undercharged for all those loose cabochons i made and sold (oops:P)
i did make more of the large black hearts with layered images (they still need to be drilled) but i also came up with this! lovely vintage plastic heart bead i decorated. its got a fox and a hedgehog :D and flowers! the images wrap around the whole bead.. like a japanese tensha bead.. but kitschy kawaii style. and i love the pastel flowers sweeet!

here are some simpler necklaces:
the rabbit pendant is so strange and detailed and old school. the vintage charms came very dirty and stinky but i polished em up so now they are shiny and gorgeous.

a simple vintage globe locket necklace (sold out):
very rare locket shape! this locket came as the dirtiest piece of metal in the world.
eww stink-y. but they are all better now having been washed and polished.

here is my ode to Paris..

ooh and this! pretty spring love style. featuring a vintage heart shaped cameo, a sweet opal like white Czech glass flower and a vintage coral colored flower. sweet and simple the colors are fab!

i made it earrings to match:

and what about this insanely crazy piece? yay. i used this amazing vintage brass chain... featuring a blue set cameo, a gorgeous dapped flower and leaf branch, a gothic vintage seahorse charm, there is a tiny round charm locket with skulls, flowing chains, a tiny sand dollar! a vintage white flower (so it goes perfect with the cameo ) and the super sparkle baroque swarovski pendant. oooh.

it gave birth to this necklace :D


simons in san fransisco! he has an art show . its tomorrow. if you are in san fran go to the show!
its at
Receiver Gallery
1415 Valencia ST
San Fran, CA
(415) 550 7287

so meanwhile i borrowed some movies...
3 of em.
marie antoinette, free zone and darwins nightmare.
heh id never be able to watch marie antoinette with simon. duh!

hmmm. major update with al the new stuff in shop coming up!

some newer stuff

i made a few pieces of jewelry with turquoise beads recently.. i think they could all go together really nicely! but heh, whos going to buy them all at the same time? :D
click on images to go to listings..
this one features vintage from the 40's or 50's craved like glass cameo. so nice and so rare.

a filigree butterfly and bead chain..

simple fairy necklace :D

oh deer, you cant go wrong with these!

and what about these ships ey? i found wicked matching cards for them...

and these. oh i love these! i wanted to make a pair like these with white chain, for dark haired girls! the blck chain dangles, for dark haired girls.. well, the chain just dissapears with the hair. so these are always visible.. pretty!


so i havent updated the blog in ages.!
ive sewn a bunch of new purses and even made myself one:

there are still couple in my shop! and ill be making more. the mole one im sporting was supposed to be for my shop, but, gah, its so cute. and i dont have anymore mole fabric. so its mine. when i look at it, my eyes are just like, drooling.