bulul woman and child and owl rack

this is the owl rack! simon put i up. i use that rack to display earrings during craft fairs :D you can see the first large man bulul doll in the background, to the right.

here ive already made the first torso and made more sketches... i altered the pattern to make more space between boobs.

here ive drawn and cut the pieces

here is the semi almost finished anito!

im going to put them up on ebay. ding! it adds to the new concept...!

here is is on ebay

i hope the link works.... ok the link doesnt work but if you search 'bulul' on ebay it comes up right away- at least for the 3 days the listing is active. so do it now! i added more accessories on her, so shes already a bit different than the ebay pics.. i beaded bracelets, added two brass anklets and sewed the bottom part on. oh and i gave the kid a brass necklace.



the large ones up in shop..

the pink one was o darn cute! gawd. it was a custom/trade! for soap. i found this girl on the forums who wanted to trade.... yup.

pretty necklace yay

the prettiest in the world.

simons show on friday! 'I'm Neil's Friend'

simons stuff

theres ty, and jaret, and tina(?) tylers halloweenparty!!!! Watch out for the pics k... youre going to be sky rocketed into halloween heaven.

aww arent we the cutest couple heh

blog trouble

so im still having trouble with the template/sidebar!

if i tried to link your blog in my links, and the link is not working, or it is a wrong like please post here...

its so strange. i have to enter the link twice in the template, tho it only shows one. sometimes it will have the link of the blog above it, although it is correct in the template. maddening!

today i listed some stuff again. a pin, beads, and a hat i think. pics later! im still trying to find the link code.

hmm... i tried to goto an older blog that still had the link this button, and tried to get the code from there, but it asked me to log in, and it wouldnt accept my password still! im so annoyed. im being tracked by google accounts or something :P

so now im going to try this

  • my link does it work?

    yay i just did it. i wrote code and it worked! yipee!

    and not only does it work there is a dot point. oohla!

    ok, now to go check the links and new blogs added in the side bar.

    new items in shop!

    go check out my shop! i listed so many new things today!

    craftynest win

    heres the new stuff i won! a lot of christmas presents ... mmm organic hornby island grape jam we already ate half of it! i forgot the best pillow in the pics drat. ill have to edit this one for the links/shop names, some dont have anything tag tho..
    heres the t-shirt i couldnt take off.

    if you like the necklace its in shop for $9.00

    *see i fixed the jewelry area. you can see the floor now and i didnt find the worm anymore. i hope its gone forever.

    Craftynest yay

    but i forgot to bring the camaera. poo! actually simon brought it later on when he came to pick me up but we still forgot!

    omg! like almost ALL the cameo necklaces, the anchor necklaces and most of the simple pendantt necklaces were sold. how awsome. i got simon two new owl things-- and FORGOT so bad to get the leather cuff from RADCOW iris, and give some kiddie rings to GROOVYGLASSGIRL poppy ;; damit.

    then holy crap I WON THE RAFFLE DRAW! and got SO MUCH NICE STUFF, yup. im wearing a t-shirt that states 'eastvan is for lovers' and also drinking some mamabird tea. ill take a pic and enumerate all the free stuff ig ot YES! i really wanted to win the big prize- which was everyones donated item. wee and yay.

    so i was totally happy right, made the $$ back that i spent at the fabric store and douglas trading (findings and settings), made some extra $$ and bought stuff, and won! and simon picked me up so i didnt have to cab or bus.

    then when we got home we were hanging out simon told me there was something on my eyelash, which i noticed kinda, so i touch my eyelash and check it out... i thought it was a piece of food? i look at it for a sec longer AND IT STARTS MOVING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA there was a little maggot like worm on my eyelash!!!! you can imagine the full force scream.man that got me down for a while.

    i dont know how it got there, simes says it was fluke incident and that it came from outside- probably fell on my hair first. but to me i was so freaked and now today am going to major fix and polish the apartment. just in case the little wormies still around YUCCCCK@!@!@!@@

    so then that happened and i forgot about the fair and all the nice stuff and was grossing out for a few hours.

    now its all good and i remember how good it was even tho i forgot to take pics.


    ITS ON!


    (gets in cab)

    what a mess!

    look at the new necklaces tho! lol so messy hehe i know its terrible. i just thought i'd share so can get shamed and fix it somehow. but the fair! its on saturday!



    OMG OMG OMG i love freakin out and making rush stuff. i do! haha. but seriously got MAD INSANE CUTE TOTES AND CLUTCHES not o mention the awsome NEW NEW NEW accessories!!!!!!!!!


    sooper dooper late one

    ive been wanting to post pics of the new stuff i make all the time! so its so shocking to notice the last time i posted was last thursady???? gosh so late.... i still have to add a few links....and will do that now-- so go check the links in a sec-- there will be some new ones!

    ok so this tote i made the other day! it sold the same day i think. yes.

    THIS panda ring i dont know why someone hasnt bought it yet- ive even offered to resize it.

    and these pouches no one seems to be taking notice of huhuhu
    the patchwork pouch for 16$

    the cardinal pouch
    i put a lampwork bead on this one, and didnt sew down the bird patch's legs... coz it looks like he is crying-- why? coz his other friends have no legs. so thats why his are free to fiddle with, and thats why i added a yellow swarovski crystal and seed bead to the cardinal lampwork bead hehe. so hes got some feet too. im so corny sometimes.

    then this little bears goldilocks turned little red riding hood pouch with the zipper from emma! which reminds me i havent sent her a thank you note yet....

    this reversable absolutely cutie tote for fall! you can share it with your mom? haha i dont know if thats a good thing... but i love this tote-

    and tonight i listed this necklace its soooo pretty and i got too excited to wait till actual daylight to take the pictures for listing, hence the dark pics.


    !!! Crazy Sale !!!
    This Saturday October 14th
    From 1-5pm
    At Kapisanan Philippine Centre

    Start your guilt-free Christmas Shopping Early!
    Because a percentage of proceeds from the sale will go toward youth
    programs for the Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts and Culture.

    jewelry & bags/purses etc!

    Melissa Clemente
    Caroline Mangosing
    Nicole Tirona (from Vancouver!)

    Priced from $2 !!!! - $50 !!!!
    !!!CRAZY SALE !!!

    167 Augusta Avenue
    2 blocks West of Spadina
    North off Dundas


    im going to be updating my terribly outdated links soon. so if i havent added you yet sorry- please please reply here with your link and ill add your blog/site/whatever...

    meanwhile this is what i ate all day. fried tofu.

    with sweet chili sauce. all day, theres one triangle left.
    made rice then started making this insanelyyyy cuuute bag and smelled burning! gawd dang all the rice was burned. oops. so just tofu.
    but the bag right, the lining i made separate-- it was like an inch too small- so im going to have to make an outside for the nice lining and another lining for the very very nice bag. ay.
    meanwhile mad fixing the house kinda and too much laundry gak.

    custom messenger bags

    i got pics of them this time- tho they are bad pics! the bags are always awsome..
    first off we have here this reversable messenger bag for angelas co-worker emily. yes, it features coffee dyed skull print and dark brown on one side and when its reversed its a lovely little red riding hood print and a creamy green pique cotton - the strap is a nice cottony brown. i love this bag! see the inside with a zippered skull pocket and my lable? oh yes. they paid me $45 for this lovely bag.

    this, is a terrible pic. i know, its blurry and on angelas bed. it is a super nice one for linea- another co-worker friend of angela, its all different blacks, and there is a cool patchwork of floral prints and crochet flowers. i made the adjustable strap out of fabric! the inside is a lively dot print. the pocket is two in one! with the hedgehogs and the the large skulls in the background. they paid me $55 for this.

    theres a love love hugs all around squirrel and tree tote bag coming up today........i think its going to be 35ish.

    i still owe $$ to my cuz.

    other new pouches

    i made this! and it sold the same day- pretty cool ey? even cooler is that it sold to a favorite its your life patron roadtripgirl in kentucky yeah!

    and this i made last afternoon/ evening when ang was sewing the pillows.. its awsome! i love it. but do others love it too. tea dyed original for $22

    the pillows. i didnt get to see them stuffed. they are sooo cute tho! there is a monkey head, a dog head and a big monkey body! great job angela!

    im only awake this early coz the freakin biggest loser neighbor in the building andrew decided its a great time and day to rev his ugly crap motor bike for 20 mins. at like 7.30 in the morning on saturday (coz he thinks hes so cool) PUKE PUKE i cant wait to move
    1. get away from the crappy people
    2 get away from the crappy people
    3. never see the freaky uncomfortable immature inconsderate andrew when walking to the store or outside (shudders and hurls) yup.
    dont mind the bitching- he deserves it.

    i hope to list some little bits of cuteness on etsy today (little bits = very cheap like $1-3 EDIT: i couldnt do it! i couldnt find anything i could sell for that cheap online. poo so like the cheapest i listed was 5 bucks. eh) as well as make and finish two custom bags... pics? i better coz i always forget the custom ones angela buys! they are always nice and i never get pics!


    im having a 20% off cash sales & 10% off credit card sales for all the jewelry in shop cocoon! yay.

    made these two bags today and listed them on etsy:

    awsome kanzashi wristlet:

    super cutie cake book tote

    new pouches

    snail pouch! its only 11$ in shop now!

    coffee dyed skull pouch with crochet leaves and multi colored skull beads 18$ ! features my new lable.

    spotted mushroom hedgehog pouch with awsome crochet spotted mushroom detachable zipper pull wow! 16 bucks?!

    go check them out in my online shop!


    yay coz i finally got a hold of papaer ya and can pick up my check for the pouches and pins which means i get to pay rent yay good thing my landlady is cool :D
    yay today i went to school and deferred my tuition (its approximately $2,600 for 6 credits!!) but only after the asswipe new financial services guy 'mark' was an extra large prick and told me he deregistered me even though i had already told him i was going to schedule an apointment, and that i have to PAY late charge and re enroll....so i went and talked to lawrence, who is always awsome,. yay but really that mark guy, what a JERK hes new and doesnt know anything about anyone and shouldnt be such an ass. tho it was my fault i didnt defer it sooner, i was scared i guess i thoguht i wouldnt get any $$ for school again, you know, too scared to ask or do anything kind of thing. but YAYAYAYAYAY am only going to be less that a week late for rent. and wouldnt be at all if had done the paperya thing sooner. still have to pay for last months phone bill (kristine paid it for me and owe her still), this months phone bill is coming up again, shop cocoon rent, hydro, shaw and erm.... another thing i forgot. man all i have now is 10 bucks. ayayayay.
    edit: have a tonne of custome purses to make, seriously etsy doesnt even make half of what i make from making sewing things or jewelry and selling it in reality, and thats probably why i dont list online as much, but im going to be making sewn stuff tomorrow for listing. swear. have all these cut pouches that need stitching together. and coz i want to buy more supplies :D