BLIM Canada Day Market This Saturday!

This Saturday Its Your Life will be vending at BLim from 12-6!

#197 – East 17th Ave. (@ Main St.),
Vancouver, BC V5V 1A5

(+1) 604 872 8180

General Info:

Blim and Terminus 1525 presents:

Canada Day Art Market

terminus1525 is a collaborative workspace on the web and on the street. It's brought to life by the ingenuity and imagination of young Canadian artists working in a wide range of disciplines.'s free online studios let artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers (and everything in between) mingle, show their work, and find support, feedback, and inspiration from and ever-growing audience.

this event is free.

here are two purses i finished today :) they are in shop cocoon!

and heres a basket botton purse i made for shop cocoon too but im keeping this one.

and remember kids, oohing and ahhing is encouragedbut stealing images or copying designs to the letter is not.

cherries, tree planting and a necklace for guys.

the otherday,,, during the fair, this girl who lives in ontairio ? from gave me a pin. its cute has a sewing machine on it,... then she bought a pair of earrings :) which was cool, but she was short a dollar so she gave me this tree to plant- which was pretty cool. so heres me and simes near our apartment (we live in Mount Pleasant :) we wanted to plant the tree near by so we can keep an eye on it. theres this 'secret' path. see the dark part beside the fence in the first pic? thats the start of the path. we took a video, there were kids playing soccer? and i kid you not they were screaming : 'OMFG' ! it was so funny. there were other swear words and stuff, but the vid is just simes planting and watering our new little tree.

then heres simon planting with his bare hands digging in the dirt eeew haha we made a sign that said 'be carefull new growth forest in progress'

so theres our little plant. above the path are some cherry like fruits


presenting! dion jericho and nico's frst collaboration jewelry
'Thumbs Up Chief' neckalce for guys (hey you, who clicked in from the humanfive site: buy this! its a rare wareable drawing one of a kind pendant simon made)


i didnt attend the fair on sunday... oopsie i forgot to edit the blog. it was kinda dead on saturday... mustve been all the other events in the city.. the jazz fest, the peace march, etc. etc. etc.... naufus was doing a performace/installation in one of those large containers. of course i DIDNT take any pics, just these 4. its pathetic. i seem to forget that i have a camera :(

this guy eventually ripped in the wind... it was really sad!
heres my tent (poppy's tent :D she lent me) with the big ol walrus behind me..pre-ripping...

walking to and tent

here they are sitting all coz like cheryl and amanda :)

meanwhile please check my online shop thru-out the week! ill be listing lots of things i made for the fairs cheap.

people in vancouver watch out for new round handle, and wooden handle purses in shop cocoon this week! kawaii!

Its Your Life @ the World Urban Fest on Saturday and Sunday!

its your life is going to be at the world urban fest this saturday and sunday!
see the website here its such a great big insane massive event!

its at 555 great northern way campus!

also i made a mailing list :D if you want to be on my vending/event mailing list please send me an email! or come to the festival as ill have a sign up sheet....

Stuff in Shop! Button Chain Bracelets plus tote and messenger!

i listed the button bracelets :D they are 9$ each! (used to be 11) see listing here i reduced the price coz now that ive made more, well, ya know . the new one is 10 coz it has more shape buttons. they sold at the blim fair yay :) and thanks!

also listed this messenger bag! its cool. i love the size and shape! its 36$

and this reversable skull tote :D for 24$SOLD, thanks :)
oh im so not good at doing what i should but if i could i would.
instead i made so many bracelets last night! edit: yay both crochet ones sold! and the vintage lucite charm bracelet too! i have enough charms to make another one, but need to find clear beads like that again,, i think i miss it already ;; teehee

listed the two faves in me etsy shop.
this lucite one is gorgeous! i made a pair of earings and loved them but didnt know if others would/did, then someone bought the the earrings and said some nice stuff that stoked me so much i ended up trying to make something from the charms again,,good thing ti did coz its soo purty! i love everything about it, the weight, the color/clear-ness, everything.

and this intense! i mean super intense charm bracelet. its intense. and its funky. and its got soo many plastic leaf beads (well, there might be too many but the loaded charm on my back pack is down to less than half) and skull charms with glass seed beads, there are even jump rings with seed beads :) and the rainbow of crochet flowers ah color therapy.
see it listed here SOLD! thanks,

ps i still feel real bad about the iron ons... i hope people get it...
im on for BLIM's Canada day art market this canada day :)

Commercial Drive Fest and Owl Kanzashi in shop

yay! it was a good festival tho i didnt get to see much from the tent :)
i made flickr sets
heres some crazy brazilian costume ladies:
make way for the queen

heres pics of our tent and tables yay!:
poppy/ groovyglassgirl's tent with joeblobclothing and angela from beadworksclasses.blogspot and linea's jewelry, and itsyourlife!

vending set

heres brie wearing a lovely kanzashi with milefori??? glass bead center

got lots of great feedback too!
- darker plain cards for the kanzashis on the rack (the printed cards are too distracting)
- fun money/allotted money for fun spending at fairs/festivals 20-25$

davin came over and wee ironed on one of the iron on patches i made to his shirt. i made a terrible mistake! DONT IRON THE BACKSIDE! we did and it and i thought thats what it said but i doesnt say anything on the the stuff i used for these so those are the directions i use for applying the other type of iron-on fabric adhesive that i normaly use ;; sorry..

meanwhile ive listed these owl kanzashis edit! i put them in shop cocoon and sold the one pink i was going to list at the blim fair :) so i dont know if im making any more in the near future. .

snail wristlet available at shop cocoon,,,

the owl ones are precious. im going to make the last owls with crystals.

Kanzashi City Flower Power at The Commercial Drive Street Fest!

ok im like even more hectic than i was a few days ago.... just wanted to let everyone in vancouver know that the commercial drive street fest is on this sunday the 18th! look for our tent between Napier and William! in front of tio pepe's.

here are some kanzashi ive made mixed in with a few beaded crochet flower pins... made 2 more owl kanzashis :D and have more to make!

ps. i havent forgotten about you custom orderers... please forgive. ill get in touch soon

lots to make.

new stuff in shop!

here are some new chirimen kazashi i made and am working on... making more for the fairs. guess its going to be listing the ones i posted earlier after all :D

check my shop!
ive gone nuts listing stuff. ill trade you money for my crafts ;) yes, ahh.
i listed some of the new crochet accessories i came up with. i think they are wicked! i especially like the daisy bracelets and the tree. oh but thats not crochet.

im all confused and there are too many things to do these weeks. i need a manager or an assistant! yeah. i mean intern.

banana banana leaf earrings harajuku weirdy style

made these last night heehee

how do they look? im not sure if they are good or im crazy but i like em.

featuring my cheek

ITS YOUR LIFE IN PAPER-YA! plus new stuff in etsy shop!

squeal! (excited running around) its your life in paper-ya on granville island! havent been to paper-ya yet? hobsnobs whos in shop cocoon is there too as well as little bear! and demo derby too! they have much fun stuff you could keep looking for hours. and its not just paper. new word for nico! 'ya' is japanese for 'shop'. there are bouncing balls in there with suspended sky divers and hot air ballons and a topographical view of land insane. mmm. shouldve but ay instead beads for the kanzashis. nice glass ones ay caramba! red flower shaped ones an:D bananas to go with the banana harajuku style ones. oooh. but those are for me.

here are some newly listed items in my etsy shop :D

melon yellow. i love cantalope and anything that color reminds me of melon juice from back home mmmmmmm

office girls gone crazy this one is

the red oneis fourteen
the blue one is fifteen coz i bought da beads.

made some little red riding hood patches :D they are listed for five

pop her cherry pin. is this too much? haHA its for five too

cosmic leaf scape wristletfor sixteen ...when your twentyone youre no fun.

listing binge. more fairs! more fairs! commercial drive fest coming up this sunday (i decided not to go to calgary ;; huhuhu) and on something around june 21-25.. The World Urban Festival is held from June 21-25 at 555 great northern way (new emily carr site and other schools too?)

and here is a pouch i cant sell. want to make similar ones coz i got lots of iron on apples from the closing fabricland but this is the last apple patch like this that i have and thought eh ill probably feel bad if i sell it. but you know what i made two of them and the longer one is in shop cocoon.
EDIT: this is my wallet pouch for everyday stuff like keys lip balm wallet packomokies lifer etc. and its holding up like i just made it so worth keeping it '-'/

Craft Fair for Peace TODAY! at the heritage hall

You're invited to

this SUNDAY JUNE 11, 11 am to 5 PM
at Heritage Hall, 3102 Main St @ E. 15th Ave

$3 - $5 door donation to the World Peace Forum

see details at
Sounds & Furies is holding a special Women's Arts & Crafts Faire this Sunday, June 11, to raise funds for the World Peace Forum (June 23 - 28, and specifically to help bring Holly Near* to the Forum. We hope you will drop by for what's turning into a wonderful event -- celebrating women's arts & culture and the upcoming world peace forum!

The Faire will feature some of BC's finest women artisans displaying their work in fine art, prints, clothing,cards, jewellery, photography, glasswork, natural body products, handmade bags, leather work, and much more. Enjoy a bodywork session with an onsite shiatsu practitioner. Take a break at our in-house cafe and enjoy a coffee, tea, delicious paninnis and baked goods.
A special treat: The "Local Vocals", an emerging choral group who's thrilling Vancouver audiences with their tight harmonies and eclectic range of songs, will be right outside Heritage Hall's door, greeting Faire shoppers and passers-by with some of their great sounds. Not to be missed!

beady kanzashi

new ones if anybody wants to buy one of these except the first 4 (the top rows mine;) send me a message.. edit: actually i caved for the fair and the two in the middle top row sold right away, the third one wouldve too but thank god i didnt put a pin back on it. i was wearing the owl one.
OK OK ive totally gone on a listing frenzy and ill probably list these in a day or two! EDIT: CHECK MY SHOP! THERE ARE MANY KANZASHI TO CHOOSE FROM sorry its caps lock for attention '-'/

i went to bead freaks on main, got some seed beeds and stones, glass and crystal :D she gave me a few extra beads and a discount card yay also found this cute owl it was 2 bucks but oh em gee. got two of em so am going to make another owl one ay ! edit: i made simon a pin with the other owl to wear for his show in calgary O_O oh huhuhu im not on a road trip ;; huhuhuh

pouches in shop and new kanzashi

here are the new kanzashi....made these ones today out of the yuwa double gauze 'live life' collection. its cotton and i like the texture. went nuts? beading the centers with the beads i traded with darla for.

the crazy part is (its the same fabric i tried making the test skirts with) i noticed when making the petals is that there are people holding hands in a circle and dancing around the flowers! its so cute. can you see the people? ive added a pic-click for larger view.

some newly listed items in my etsy shop:
strawberry pouch for fourteeni made another one

linen patchwork pouch for fourteen tooone left

Sunday at Shop Cocoon

yep. im in shop cocoon on sundays. its a slow day. simon had to go buy mat board so when he came back i was trying on Raspberry Ann's delightful brown and pink polka dotted dress in size small a bit tight for me ;; ! but sooooo cute. its 130$ at shop cocoon! by my table, yay new stuff in store. had to take me face out of em coz erm, well. ya know.

here is another lovely dress by Raspberry Ann for 110$! it is sweeeet. a nice olive with dots and lace at the bottom of the skirt. the new linen cotton blend lady bug purse with beaded handles by its your life ehem. stylish screened table linens (behind me) by nettie style. the beautiful coral earrings on the counter to my left (your right) are by amber (who i traded with and got simes a wicked cuff bracelet with huge brazilian agate piece on it (ooohhh)....

here is me going thru Raspberry Anns rack looking at more cute fun tops and dresses. the corset i am wearing is a small and is 70$ ? ya you can see my 6-pack. haha :D check out the rest of her Independant Glitz Dealer collection at shop cocoon on cambie and 17th!
next sunday (hopefully if i remember the camera) its your life will be featuring drus designs, another wicked stylin' clothes designer at shop cocoon. hehe. maybe i could do this more often but need simes to take the pics ;; or id bring a tripod but what if an actual person i mean customer walks in? no, no, no...

i mean like totally.
i need to excersice or however you spell that dreadful word i never use much less do. ya, then maybe i can wear these and you can see my arms and face neck in all angles. oh yeah and i could wear my retainer too! for gawds sake what were braces for im 27 and still need to wear my retainer to keep my teeth straight? this is for life na. :D HAHA

the bags and bling fair was wicked! thank you so much! brie came and was my first customer again! i think she is a good omen or a craft fair angel or something :D also met a new blog buddie! (see blog links:) and darla. man was she funny. made back the table, and rent at shop cocoon. thank you! now most of the purses at the fairs are in shop cocoon. ill be making more stuff for the commercial drive fest- tee-shirts! yeah! larger ones for guys (hey reid if your reading this simes told me to remake you the green vintage kids one and im so on it meng!) more tank tops! undies? bikini tops! and possibly bottoms as well!? remember i made those mens brown bunny briefs guaranteed to get you laid last summer (well mostly for simon).... haha they were so freakin good.
ya and more charmies and blingers and pins and stuff....

oh my!!! its your life in paper ya on granville island really soon!

stuff for the fab fair tomorrow!

the new chirimen kanzashi with beaded centers yeah available at shop cocoon!

heres my display rack for the harajuku style vintage earring line! the other sides of the rack have kanzashi, button earrings and crochet earrings, and other randoms :)

the fab fair is tomorrow! see flyer below!