made some shrinkies last night see the unicorn and the vintage girl? its alice in wonderland from the vintage records simes bought off etsy. well, i forced him to go look at them, he loved them the next day, all this crazy shite happens with the paypal, and pa-dah! hes got some cool records. with books the alice one has the most stylized drawings yay

edit : yay made a necklace with the chain... i dont want to sell it! its mine mwahaha! its has sister earrings with glass leaves.

new stuff for the fab fair

heres some stuff i made today '-'/

small linen cotton patchwork print pouch now in shop!

polkadotthunder and new kanzashi

itsyourlife loves polkadotthunder.
see here

here are some flowers i was working on during my shift. pre sewed the petals at home.. they are chirimen fabric, the red arabesque one is cotton chirimen.
went to angelas yesterday and traded for too much plated chain (woah, and yeah) and different center beads for the kanzashi, semi precious stones and crystals, and i got 2 pairs of earring too darn forgot pics of them again!
ps check out the beadworksclasses blog soon- angela is posting pics of the projects and techniques she teaches...

almost too small to make

yay and nay!

hey its sunday! i decided to just add on to this entry instead of making a new 1. almost my shift time at shop cocoon.

heres a pic of what i bought! (forgot to take a pic of the journals and wicked diy indie love tee i traded for) charlotte the organzer made it! its so well made. simes and i were disscussing it. ya i love how i can clutch it in my hand. and how the weave looks like a hungry face. and how i cant see any stitches how the face and arms are attached. its got a cute butt too with cute white cottony tail.

how cute is simon. it is! it is!

i forgot the camera so no pics but the fair was super great- lots of feedback and made almost enough for next months rent (you, thank you). the best craft fair its your life ever attended.

nay is how bad i feel about pricingehem. i am not a sales person! does everybody have the hardest time fixing their pricing or is it just me ;; the worst ;;


yay º-º i almost made next months rent (thank you) my float was a purse sale from shop cocoon. the next fair is june 3 i hope to make the rent for there too '_'

and check this its your life in paper-ya on granville island? (thanks little bear)

Harajuku Style Vintage earrings NEW packaging

made 3 of each kind! for the seamrippers, bags and bling and commercial drive fest! lets see how they go

MAY 27th I ♥ CRAFTS seamrippers fair

ange gave me a lovely pair of coral earrings! they are wicked and matches my skull skirt perfectly. pics soon.
meanwhile ive much to sew for the next 2 weeks. i wish i had better time management skills. made kinda lots today. 10 pouches and a tote. my sewing machine is messed, i have to manually wind the bobbin. so if and when i get it fixed itll have to be jewelry making time. must schedule an appointment but first, bedtime /`o`

i fixed it its perfect! my new skull skirt

my mesurements are so not like on the pattern specs...

lets hope i dont gain weight! haha
i want more!

buy a skull skirt now! im offering them CUSTOM FIT for $48!

skirt i made and new stuff in shop!

yeah! its a bit too big of course i just went ahead and used the new fabric i got in the mail- it came laundered so fresh!
had these quick sew easy patterns and winged it of course its way big but i learn too bad i didnt use another fabric first /'-' too excited. nothing i cant fix tomorrow ay naku ♥ i love it ♥

EDIT at 11:52pm i made another one! with the serger mostly, but its too small!

new stuff in shop!
Hot biscuits XX burned bear (see him?) tote for $24

vintage kids print (small) matches with tote '-' for $20

Two Skull Tanks In Shop!

too cool. these go perfectly with my crochet flower skull earrings YEOW!
EDIT: I sewed them on! yes! the machine finally gave in and let me sew on jersey. must be the applique. ive also sewn on the childrens top and its wicked. but not as hot as these skull tanks OW!

the pink one

the black one

i made two tshirts!

i think im going to put this in etsy's children section. my boObs are 2 big and im too puffy for a small ayayay

these cute panties were in the same shop as the plain tees, how could i not get all 3 designs:

custom order for naomi finished yeeha!

finished and on schedule! yay

made lots of button earrings again :) a whole new series all with two holes '-' (:) the first are these cute very small 11mm red flowers :) they are on stainless studs yeah! for 4$.

also my bad over spendings went to the fabric store yesterday with 40$ but 7 different made in japan fabrics caught my eye and twills, and plain cottons... so i ended up leaving with -40. ayayay. the cutest fabrics, in van city! can you believe it? im wanting to go to fabricland coz i think that is where they come from.

new mini lable pouches in shop!

new pouches in shop yipee '-'/ they are 12.50 and i have linked them via their respective charms
star woops
mint bunny
red bunny (cut off picture)here it is

bangs, wasp nest and simeses shrinky dink

my bangs - eyebrows up! see our messy apartment oops '-'

haha i dont wear my retainer /'-'

this is simons shrinky dink necklace...took this pic to show him what the brown and white arrow patterned cord at dressew.... see his? the other side of the multi colored thumbs up pendant is a line drawing... and the other side of the round honest buc is a record.. o to get one of his raps on here.... hmmm

this crazy wasp tried to build its nest in our apartment ceiling. ill add another pic in a bit,

simes posed the pic.. the honey comb/flower part had a stem, which the base was stuck upon the ceiling, and the round part was a tent made all around it to cover the honeycomb structure...and simes added a bit of nature. i thought of dessert landscapes. love the color, love the texture. felt sooooo bad when the wasp came back ;;

meanwhile im finishing up a large custom order yay. and added cute buttons to the mini pouches in my previous post.

turtle tote purse

in shop
more harajuku vintage styles:

in my shop for 5$
a pin its so cute yes a pin, two kinds and hair pins! with felt leaves... get the 3 piece set for 10$

large coral rose earrings for 7$

fabric came in the mail today with my new cute tape for packaging orders '-'

this is what i made tonight:

this is what im eating right now oooohhhh jalebi....

and hey guess what i cut my hair, well just made bangs. i think its cute. my runway forhead is minimized from blinding people i meet.

Harajuku Style Vintage!

wee check it out- my 'harajuku style vintage' earring line yee-haw!


ok of the many things that have happened to me the worst was that MY *BIKE* GOT STOLEN i cried tears that flooded the apartment and practically ripped off all my body hair, now im a fish swimming in the sea of despair. not only did the losers steal my bike they stole the signs i put up in and outside of the building as well.
i hate this ghetto crack head weirdo area. my freaky neighbors. (see below for bike description)

on the crafty tip yeah! ive gotten lots of consignment request and wholesale orders for the crochet jewelry! and i raised my prices now im actually making money! i think people think if its cheap its bad quality. you just cant give people a deal anymore. angela said retail is a mind game. i believe her, and not just beacuse im going to her house to get some supplies and glue, but because i sold a set of crochet jewelry at the price i always wanted. a price where i actually make money for my time! amazing. i thought no one would pay but it sold. the same day i listed it. yeah!

received all the vintage cabs from japan. i mean its so like, its your life!
they are
1. vintage
2. super cute and wicked
3. very unique and
4. they are from japan
- its so win-win!
***much later- jump rings and glue from angela! yeah! the dollar store super glue sucks. now im going to make earrings all night.

on to pics:
Black Vynil with Strawberry applique pouch with wicked vintage strawberry print fabrico for lining $16

Try My Taste coin purse that is three inches small wee '-'/ $11SOLD i mean i traded it for nudie vintage cards hehe

Bicycle Tricyle Buttons turned to earrings for $4

Anamari - Dark Green and Cream Crochet Jewelry Set $27

the sold set '-'/

Maripaz -Light Cream and Grey Crochet Jewelry Set for $27

Skull Flower with Leaves '-' whoops got carried away there they are only $12 a pair. not 14.ehem

this is a collaborative piece hehe ang made the bracelet for me a while back as an example and ive dismantled it a bit to make room for the flowers and ive listed it for $14

0k heres my stolen bike description:

* my blue 5 speed Apollo Galaxy 5 girls bike with approx 24inch tires. it has a white 'one' and 'zed' letter stickers on the either side of the frame, and a jesus sticker on the top of the middle bar going across. all black tires, brakes and wires. silver bell. vintage japan made cruiser bike DAMNIT!!!! if you have any info about this bike or have seen a bike like this please let me know, kick the bum off it it, ride it home and email me. please i really love that bike ;; *


we got the computer back! i got the internet up and running!

so many things happened to me scince ive been off line. ill catch up in a bit!