oooh simes decided not bring the computer to the shop yet coz theres a long line up of computers to be repaired- it would take till thrusday just for them to start looking at it... too bad but good, you know, coz i like sold lots today :)

ok mark your calandars dearest vancouverites MAY 27 SEAMRIPPERS I HEART CRAFTS BAZAAR IS A GO!!!

yipee and hopefully one more fair in june, the lady just emailed me back. how exciting! at the heritage hall on main street?! yeah!

meanwhile my sewing area has been taken over by jewelry making. i need one more table and more trays and little jars and organizers. gosh who has the time to go look for freebie trays or sally ann finds? not me, no, no my inventory in shop cocoon is looking pretty lonesome and have to finish sewing all the clutches ive cut. oh yeah ill take pics of my set up with the new stuff next time i go.

no pics!


simes is taking the computer for repairs today, monday ;; i dont know what im going to do! sew? make jewelry? gosh!

strawberry set

got the necklace at a thrift store and was going to make it with the skull stuff but then i remembered i got it for the strawberries :)
yay! its 8$ for the set listed in my shop.SOLD thanks '-'


yay! its on may 27 at the leigion hall on commersh yeah '0'/

i need to bike to shop cocoon! i learned excel folks! well kinda :/

new purses pics in a bit

button earrings and shrinky dinks

check em out! in my etsy shop for 2$ a pair or 3 pairs for 5$

ive made lots more :) ladybugs and birds- earlier went to the art supply store and got special glue for plastic and metal- and i also checked to see if they had shrink plastic- and they did! simes and i had fun making some test runs:

we wanted to see how big you could make it- this one is my fave, i traced an old dick and jane book and used pantone markers.

new tsumami kanzashi pins

i listed one for 14$

meanwhile happy holy week all you catholics out there! i remember holy week in manila meant a big party on boracay island. how do you spend your easter holiday?

omg im number 66 top seller yeow! sun.12:42pm! mark it folks!

holy moly my shop is on fire

please please please check out pages 3-4 of my etsy shop. ive put all the sewn bags on those pages at a drastic ;; sale price gawd. doesnt anybody want a new handmade purse ehem *blinks sweetly*

waaaay too many things in my shop? ideally id list something everyday everytime i make it but the things in pages 3-4 dont move that well. even if they are less than 6 months still :/

so here they are-CHEEP, cool, fresh, funky, and unique purses, totes, and pouches:

3$ japanese fabric pouch

10$ denim and cherry applique purseSOLD

15$ camo and pink messenger bag with vintage strapSOLD

7$ green denim tote bag

14$ japanese print purse

a mere 10$ for the best tote in the worldSOLD

5$ for this clutch WHAT?SOLD, thanks '-'

then all the crochet sling pouches are 11$ shipping included- in all fresh bright summer colors!
something weird happened to my skull listing on etsy- it disapeared not even the etsy guy could find it. EDIT: i deleted it! then the etsy guy put it back up for me and told be to be more careful next time SOOOO SWEET naman yung mga taga etsy shet! BACK TO ORIGINAL POST:crazy! then i thought i lost the real pair here at home. turned up under the beading tray angela gave me. god angela is awsome she gave me 3 new tools! they are soooo much better than the ghetto tools she lent me at first. now i have new tools for free! i love my friends

these are me faves,,,i copied mine coz i think they are HOT
EDIT i took these ones out im going to add jump rings between the flower and actual ear hook. angela claims to have rolled around the ground* and slept in a pair and they fell off ;; mine are fine tho but angj is the official earring tester coz shes so rowdy.

i have more but i didnt list em coz my shop is getting so full ;;

meanwhile i think i forgot the black linen fabric i bought for the custom owl tote order for lilyqueen- gaaa. damn
it must be in the fabric shop-pleeese i hope so, coz i cant afford to buy it again- literally EDIT: i never found it- luke closed my bag at the shop so it couldve been open for a long time... so day later i went back to get some more fabric and the dude gave it me for free! how wicked. i had given my two squishy pins i was wearing to these kids and mom on the bus- had nothing for him but he gave me something- kind of like etsy's PIF but real.
here is the extra large tote i got jipped on shipping for coz its so exceeding regular post size and weight ie. its wonderfully nice and roomy:
purplelily's roomy owl tote

crochet earrings

these were in etsy! then they went missing! but the etsy guy found them again! how cool. its back up for sale in my shop- im not sure if its fully working tho coz it says 0 in stock???
'-' sold
i love the skull ones '-'

YAY!!!! the flowers i had my cousin make have arrived!!!!!!! AAAAAAA!!!!!

new plans and stuff in shop

oh no its already 6.43! post later- have to make dinner.

theres new things in shop! go check it out. as well as lots of bags getting all lined up for sewing for shop cocoon.

a custom order leather straps/belt in the make and 2 new kanzashi cut and ready for sewing too!

gender confusion purse

new purse! its LARGE! its 35$!

i made it a cute pull...

new purse with zipper on top

followed the craftster tute in my previos post yipee! its pretty frikkin cool
tho the size and dimetions need a bit of work (this is a bit wider that id like) its amazing! a purse with a zipper on top I LOVE IT!!!! ill be making a series for shop cocoon. ive listed this first one for 30 skins SOLD! thanks '-'
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Image hosting by Photobucket
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yipee! hehe somebody else told me, a reply on craftster
check it out: click to see etsy's sampler um, can you see me yet? im like 87 yipee
maybe i should change my avatar.
mmm i always hear keys like right at my door everynight if im up late and it really freaks me out. im such a scaredy cat.
mmmhehe steven colbert is so funny.
ok back to how cool! im a top seller. my dreams are coming true. well one of them.
im making this now...

i ♥ etsy

OMGWTF Round handles blogged about by patch creator steve cooley.

Now in SHOP COCOON on Cambie and 17th for 33$ canadian!

Purse Set, Belt Pouches and KAnzashi in Shop!

!! ♥ !! this purse set is listed in my shop for 40$

then check out these cool belt pouches-good for ipod and wallet plus extra space...they fit cans of soda and beer hehe
listed in my shop for 11$'nice stick' SOLD now thanks and
'magic show'

classy tsumami kanzashi pin part 2 listed for 14$

new etsy items and pouch

check it out- was making earrings and the pins at the same time, well kinda, then i combined them pa-dah in my shop for 9 bucks'-'Sold! thanks '-'

the squishy pins are now listed
they are in my etsy shop for 4$
brown with a pink kitty
red watermelon onePIF'ed
pink apple one with the red skull
yellow cherry
green with strawberry and skullPIF'ed
aqua with white flower and blue skullclick me im bigger

the squirrel pouch is back at the original price of 11$

made this pouch a few days ago, was inspired by kumi and another craft blog...
..the local and impot fabric combos turned out so nice. dont really have any more of that beige lining fabric tho ;; smaller it would be perfect for an ipod... teehee '-'

have to fix the studio again coz its a mess full of little bits of cuteness but i get so distracted and cluttery '-'

added pics to this post coz someone made a great comment about the cards, pic of the flea market, :

extravaganza pics and forest wristlets in shop

the forest with trim wristlets are listed for 17$
the white ones with red birdsSOLD thanks
the green ones with pink birdsSOLD thanks

linings have been fused with interface so they keep their shape quite nicely '-'

on to the etsy extravaganza craft fair '-'

poppy by the cookies yum and juice i drank so much juice


oh! forgot to get a shot of the raffle table...
there were many bussiness cards for give aways, not to mention the free items like earrings, a needle felted bird! other cool stuff a tiger necklace, a funky bracelet, a little memorabilia box/keepsake...
i took some note card sets and gift paper ornaments which ill be including in my etsy shop orders along with the free pins from gadgetgirl... some of the discount cards ill be putting in shop cocoon :)
the extravaganza was great... groovyglassgirl (poppy) and gadgetgirl (cheryl the organizer) are awsome and so sweet. hopefully more events this summer in the sun! the rain killed it today and not in the hipster sense killed it :P ;; :(
need to make more cards. i have no cards at all and ive dismantled my first stamp so ill have to make another.

eric hood is back from iceland and hes making sushi tonight... spose to meet up with them kids at 10 but forgot angela and i had a craft date tho havent gotten in touch. its her last night in the building! she is moving to an insane loft building down the road so itll be good for visits :)

edit later at 11: well, i called angela earlier and she was at jasons coz she didnt want to spend another minute with her crappy roomate- then i called eric and got all ready. on my bike, down the street and im like eh. i have to go home now, so i called, apologized and here i am confessing. have a shift tomorrow at shop cocoon-some bussiness cards need to be made. or the stamp at least.