what is passion

what is passion
is it a form of inspiration
is it all consuming
does it matter where it comes from
is it a substance
a language
a style, manner, form of fire
is it lightning or is it thunder
is it air is it water evaporating freezing
is it the speed of sound
the sense of smell that we look for
the search
is it the goal or the journey

Assorted Brass Charms for sale

Spring has sprung!

Destash time :)

I made this batch of assorted charms, only $10 canadian with 2-5 dollar shipping world wide.

On Etsy https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/286717695/assorted-brass-plated-alloy-charms

Wonderful assortment of brass plated cast alloy charms!

You will receive 26 pieces as pictured and a random destash surprise :)

Double sided charms

2 flat birds
2 button clusters
2 flower shapes
2 rocking horses
2 sparrow bird connectors
2 feather charms
4 Eiffel tower charms

One sided charms

1 large zebra pendant
2 windmill charms
2 hummingbird charms
2 rose medals
1 thread spool

Make great cluster necklaces or the cutest earrings. Pair with accent beads for DIY jewelry making!