slang + curtain

lol @ I just can't. I. Don'.t. Understand. etcisms... LMAO just cos I saw it on 2 broke girls. That line between high brow and low brow (have you heard it) I think that might be an Owen Pallet lyric. I was listening to the music on random and Coco Rosie came on and I immediately wanted to change it (Lyla) ugh.

I need new tunes.

Saw Epy in Pinoy Sunday the other day, on a Sunday, op cors. Awesome!!!

Yeah dudes like, I'm totally not digging not having Dominic around to be like, yo man, totally fly and dumb with right now. This mad stack of bills and hella shcweet draaank don't mean shit without your boo. You know whatImean


as if.


Oh yeah heres some great news I passed my Citizenship Exam now I just hope I haven't fudged up so bad IRL they won't let me be one. Who to vote for??? And what answer did I get wrong????

No one knows!!!!!!

Yeah and I made ANOTHER curtain cos I am so teh awesome. It kinda sucks but I thought it would be great prep for too hot summers if they EVER GET HERE PLEASE

ya Im shouting cos I need to chill and go to bed I guess cos yawnsies I gotta do laundry tomorrow.
Yeow so cool. Wow fun.

Anyway here are the pics.
So this fabric I biked over to roncy to go pick it up one morning (saw the free ad for it and went asap) and there it was along with some roman shades I didnt use cos i washed em and eh, maybe paint strips on em i dunno. but there was this huge roll of canvas fabrico that was hanging out in my apartment for like 2 some years and now here it is. In all its hopefully too hot blazing summer glory we will be experiencing soon. Cant wait to go tan and bike around and tone up. I am so lazy and heavy now from my lazy unfresh diet and not enough water drinking.
 But look! Crafts.

ok so the pole wasnt long enough (yukyuk) but what i ended up doing was inserting a chopstick on either end so it would over lap the edge and cover the whole window.
what i didnt do was add a panel across the top like i did with the other curtain that just finishes it really might do it on the front. maybe something patterned. and also I kinda want some kind of fringe. or something. lol whatever it seems to work pretty good. Would look great with spotless windows. ahh.


The NFL wants 16.6 MILLION bucks from m.i.a. to award itself universal MISOGYNIST PEDOPHILE status. #gross #NFL underage girls made to show off pussy but the NFL want 16.6 mil from a hired Name Brand performer who gives the finger? That isn't right. I thought violence was paramount in American mainstream media- blowing up bodies, cutting off limbs, complete wide open spread pussy action is the norm is what they are saying and proving here but someone as part of the performance you hire them to do *gasp* performs the most basic already mainstream act of vulgarity that is less vulgar the the NFLs display (a bunch of underage spread open pussy dancers) that goes along with the performance (lets think of the cute British toddlers giving the finger at soccer matches)just, wtf, put it that way this article writes just nails it. Were they really underage? Shouldnt that be a big deal.
I can think of that one guy in the NFL who got into soooo much trouble for smoking FAKE WEED wtf now weeds legal in some places in the states and its totally fine and just...RETARDEDDDDDDDDDDD hellerw
Anyway thats my take on that cos MIA is awesomee and durr just cos shes not hanging out twerking ina bikini doesnt mean you sue her WTFFFFFFFF
I just can't. Don't. Get it.... what is male sports?
Yeah no wonder american sports are so lame. Defend and define yourselves, American sports. im not that down.

Mini Coin Purse Keychain

So cute! gah
I bought these little purse clasps a long while ago but only made this recently. It's so cute...... hehe it would make the cutest bag for one of my Blythe dolls....

I made a curtain

And now I am going to put them up. Well I made one. It was originally tacked and suction cup hooked to the window. I know, classy. But now that I sewed the pinned fabrics together and made an actual curtain I went to the hardware store today, which was closed (thanks google) but the dollar store was open so instead bought 4 long bamboo poles for $2.50. Yeah it was great cos the poles were all bundled up in fours but they were all kind of thin except the 4 that weren't bundled up that I got and they were hella thicker. Cool!
Ya and so here is a pic of the curtain I made. Its from one yard of the eyelet and half a yard of the other cotton. I just copied a real curtain I bought at a store. How the fabric attaches to the pole. It was a little more work but it looks better when drawn, not all bunched up but kind of wavy.

pa dah!

Yeah so to attach the rod I bought some brass furniture tacks and made loops with a woven strap and tacked them to the wall-ceiling part.

Yeah I am so stoked ok I'm gonna make more for the other windows... wonder what kinds of fabrico will be nice?