according to some guy we will all look like Blythe dolls in 100,000 years.
check it out.
lol@my looking for a boyfriend post. Totally forgot I even wrote that. hahaha

one of my fave poems

Written for a Michelle from some guy in America.....

Michelle -

Saw my reflection, covered in glass
How it reminds me of you
Broken like a vision, an unfinished season
Terror had struck me, but all I could see was your soft skin
And I wondered...

Inside the workhouse - you mind your own business
And I had the courage of two
I never requested a lapse in your presence
But I couldn't think of anything important to say

So I wondered - when your day will end
Yeah, I wondered - if we'd speak again

Yeah, I wonder...


oohhh i just googled it and its pete yorn.. havent heard that name in years!!!! i loved a song of his but cant remember what the title was now.....

i found the song!!! its called "for nancy"

back to "turn of the century"/ to michelle, here are a couple other songs that speak of the mirror that is your friend