No to Illegal Mining in Palawan, Philippines! aka Happy Anti-Valentines Day

Hey anyone out there?  Commercialized holidays getting on your nerves? No flowers? Have no date?

Join us in signing this petition and help spread the word. According to some ridiculous law or whatever if the people want the Government to do something about  Illegal mining, whoever would need to gather ONE MILLION SIGNATURES for them to 'do' anything about ILLEGAL MINING. whhhhaaaatttttt?????

Palawan is a dear place to me. It helped me get to know myself better right when I turned into my twenties. I lived on an island there, there is a link in my links (the go on vacation here link) is across the lagoon from where we were. Palawan is an amazing place. It was so  rich and virgin somehow when I was there. Lush and just spectacular. So much diversity in species. It helped that the many heads I encountered were NGOs, marine biologists, community builders and advocates, artists and capable dreamers. All of them with excellent minds and doing something regarding the lushness of the landscape. Now when illegal mining like this threatens that very landscape that brings such an array of life together, I feel tight. Choked up. I hope you can understand that the world is losing all of its natural landscape. If all we need to do is advocate for change via communication (internet) than we are already half way to a better place. The other half comes into play when you sign something that protects the land ad advocates for a better functioning of society. So what do you say? Please find the signature campaign link on the site and submit your signature.

Still not convinced?
Check out this you tube clip:

Happy Valentines !

hey ok so last post was a while ago, sorry bout that.
since then new stock has been brought to dream and necklaces were brought to virgin marys too (not just earrings). a large shipment of stock was sent to toronto as well! that was fast. its almost time to start bringing new stuff around again.

hm. oh yes.

the excellent animal and flower cameos are back on etsy. there were so many i found in my online shop items box, so i relisted all those old deactivated listings and viola. also listed the necklaces i have in my shop too, so my etsy shop has stuff again. and im having a sale! 15% off on etsy (code: SWEETNESS) and a fantastic 25% off all necklaces and pouches in my online shop! for valentines day.

so im moving and need to downsize. majorly. im selling my dress form. i forgot how much i got it for though which kinda sucks for figuring out how much to sell it :P might have to go down to the shop to check out the price cos they never answer their phone! oh well .

ok boring post. no pics. ill add em up soon. meanwhile please go ahead and look at my shop, my etsy and check out the fanpage for pictures of all the pieces currently in shops ! (if you so desire)