brassy charm earrings in shop!

some new charm earrings listed in my online shop :)
click on images to go to listings!

little brass owl earrings $12

sailboat charm earrings $12

octopus earrings $12

mixtape earrings $15

tiny bunny earrings $15

tree of life earrings $15

tree branch earrings $15

bird on perch $15

mini padlock earrings $10

rose petal earrings $12

nautical rope bows $18

large brassy scissors $15

zebra earrings $15

Chandelier earrings $15

jewelry making starter kits / destash supplies on etsy!

yipee! i fixed my work area last night, like mad. its sooo nice now.
so yes indeed, it is now time to list the unorganizable lots of destash!

these are in alvaros etsy shop so as not to clutter mine.
check it out, if your in toronto you can pick up your order (no shipping fee!)
there are handmade cameos, vintage cameos, finished necklaces, earrings, chains, findings, brass, silver and gold plated stuff, gemstone beads, plastic and glass, excellent selection and great value!
perfect for the beginner jewelry maker!!
click on pics to go to listing:

lovely faux pearl bead chain, gemstone bead chain, resin rose pendants, vintage brass chains...

huge mix of handmade cameo pendants and loose cameos. vintage glass cameos, vintage plastic cameos, rose cameos, zodiac cameo, image cameos...

mixed lot of beads, vintage earrings, 2 finished necklaces and random bits of lovely

huge mix of finished necklaces, bead chains, roses, charms, pendants, findings... excellent starter kit for jewelry making

mad chain lot! loads of various chains, different sizes.. great for the starter or multi chain necklaces

vintage chain spools! vintage bead chains and silver plated rope chain

new mix lot of resin flower cameos!

large wholesale lot of real vintage flower cabochons in light blue

huge wholesale lot of real vintage celluloid roses handpainted green and purple! rare and lovely

vintage jade-look hard resin cameos!

mix lot of pendants and lockets, vintage and new!

huge lot of wholesale cameos, mostly vintage and some new!

mixed lot of beads, pendants and charms! mostly vintage (cept the beads)

New Designs in Shop!

ive uploaded some more stuff... and have some more pics to retouch before listing. some eyemasks and a pouch... meanwhile
check out the new shiz

new shiz

new items ive uploaded to the shop! click on pics to go to listing!

vintage brass triangle we hand oxidized and finished.. its sooo nice. perfect and modern.

the scarab jar necklace... long varied brass chains, filigree and czech glass...

the cutest bunny brass envelope locket necklace with postcard.. hand oxidized and finished with amazonite gemstone beads

penny farthing bicycle! i saw one the other day on toronto island... this dude was just cruisin' it was soo tall!!!

time machine! steampunk inspired layered brass charms, clock work parts and filigree... czech glass beads and major linkage... excellent!

ok so were really gonna hustle and get all the best pieces online this coming week... lets make a mean. starting monday. 1,1,2,3,5,8,13 items listed a day, each day. also, amount of new stores id have went to see if theyd like to carry our shiz! ok maybe not 13 in one day thats a bit much for biking around. can you image?? hah! me, all sweaty and out of breath, loopy from biking so fast -i do have to get to 13 in a day.. HI! flustered from all the different scenes i just saw(in my head!)... Do you want my stuff?! spills out inventory on table while heaving, quietly, but sill... gawd im such a dork!!! Ok so unlimitlessness aside, we are going camping today! and sunday. gaby will be manning the last weekend. actually i need to hustle and make more stuff to bring to her before i go. just in case. but seriously i have been making lots of great new stuff. with oxidizing alvaro came up with boiling the brass charms in detergent and a baking soda scub. they turn out so good now..
anyway next week 15-19 MAJOR SHOP UPDATE TIME YIPEE! i tries to cheer me self up... this is gonna be awesome so good nicole, so good!!!hey that kind of works. even in editing mode.
oh shit! i just remembered my freaking LCD screen broke again!!!! like days ago. I think i stepped on it or something. I need to get another one on ebay. I will borrow someone elses camera... damnit!!!! ok fibonacci it is!!!!!
happy camping to me.... i havent slept outdoors in years.....