omgosh can not believe my last blog post was on december 21.
that is just terrible!!!

i really dont mean to be so neglectful. even with my online shop. my goodness it is so empty i wanna cry.

i have a fair next weekend- the indie i do at the heritage hall. jan 17. its a wedding fair but indie styles.


i guess i could post a picture or two.

ok ill just post one. and i look real bad in it but its a funny pose i thought. and shows a bit of the snow cos it was snowing here like crazy over christmas. since i last posted there are so many pics i could upload on here. the last fairs i dont think ive added pics of...
if you can see these here thats great. (my facebook albums)

SWAP MEET at the Biltmore:

GOT CRAFTS pics: (these are the pics i posted before)

i swear im going to be majorly restocking my online shop like a psycho. im giving myself till the end of feb to have at least 50 more items in stock. yes i can do this!