k im going nuts trying to find these zodiac cameos i have a lot of and i cant find them.
gah. all i want to do is make more zodiac locket necklaces for the fair.

its friday already frik. im off schedule. supposed to have the inventories written down by now, but i havent even finished making stuff.

did every single dish and pot and now the kitschen looks roomier :D

where the hell are those damn cameos???

isnt there a saint you can pray to for this. patron saint of lost things. whoever you are, id really like to find that ziplock baggie.

(2 days later..)
i found them! ya! its kind of too late now though. but i did end up making zodiac necklaces for the fair, but i used these other zodiac cameos i had.

I Heart Crafts! April 13, 2008!!

click on the poster for a larger view
click on the title to go to the I Heart Crafts Bazaar blog
come check out the new stuff and buy some of it from the lovely candice
i wish i had a picture of her. =insert candice pic here=


ok now i really gotta get with the program. sure im sooper late ;; need to mail ze funds to ze amazing charlotte tomorrow.
simons going to New York tomorrow! for the art fairs happening this week! damn. but hes just going for a couple days so he will be back the same day i leave! omg. ya now that hes discovered the fortitude of saving...

Vintage Jewelry Supplies on etsy

just using the widget
hey check this 2012 edit:
i fixed my sinus problems.
totally gone.
change your diet. that was it and all i did.


have the worst sinus headache/infection right now. god its like im living in a groggy foggy haze.
cant breathe! i hate it.
i was totally feeling like crap this morning with tonnes of sinus pressure so i looked online to see if i could find anything to relieve my symptoms.
1. mucus free diet. leafy veggies/fruits. no starch/sugar/dairy. not check.
2. steam inhalation. check.
3. no dust/pollen/allergens in home. not check.
4. drink plenty of water. check.

then i found this sinuswars site selling homeopathic medicine for every kind of sinus problem. i really want to try it. but i am broke. so its in my bookmarks for when i come back. i tried this other homeopathic stuff- my eye drops coz my eyes get super fucked lots of times (probably related to sinus!) and the homeopathic eye drops really work well, so i have good confidence with the homeopathic sinuswars racket.

meanwhile, been making lots of stuff for the i heart crafts fair on April 13. Candice, my agent will be selling for me!
so look out for her at the show. i will post the poster very soon!

newsletter 03

i just sent a newsletter to the mailing list!
wonder what i can blog about.

well, for one thing, i missed my flight the other day. for fecks sake. it cost me $430 to rebook a ticket. Basically most of the money i had for the trip. not only most, but practically all! im so broke again. so annoyed. i thought my flight was on the 19th but it was on the 18th. gah.
so now i am leaving on april 1. and will have to make as much cash as possible so i can still do all the projects i wanted to do down there. mostly sewing. though labor is much cheaper there, id still actually need some sort of capital! oh i am so annoyed with myself. so pissed.

oh yea, sale in the sewn items section of my shop. click me
15% off on all bags! hella cheap! and lia said she'd fix the shipping quotes as i over estimated them before.
lots of new items in shop too! here is the Zodiac sign cameo locket necklace:

im wearing my sign, taurus.
there are few other signs available, as well as hella fresh and stylin new pieces. click on that pic to go see the listing. they are $28 each (and with your newsletter discount code, they are less. hurrah!)

i brought new stuff to virgin marys and briers the other day. nice stuff too. was totally mortified at the few remaining pieces at briers. gah. so embarrassing. im going to need to change the cards and might bring an extra charm or two for the older pieces in there that lack luster in my eyes i suppose they were fine before, but seeing them months later, still there, the last ones that havent been sold yet, god it just kills me!

havent heard back from the plenty people. i hope the pieces are selling. i sold them the pieces wholesale and totally under priced stuff. damn. but i havent heard back so i am a bit worried. hope they are selling. havent been to go see my stock in their outlets yet and might not get to anytime soon. wish i could get a spy to go check it out. anyone?

there is a shitload of supply lots in my etsy store.
if you want any of them, and you think it costs too much, please let me know here on my blog, or send me an email. ill totally discount it for you and can just send you an invoice. i really shouldnt have listed then on there! ach, old (bad) habits die hard.
see the post below:

man im having a hard time listing these supply lots i made. i cant figure out the prices! do i charge for the time i spent wire wrapping and setting or not? i dont know. check them out. they are in my etsy shop which now has all these supply lots. i keep forgetting why i put it on etsy. bah. i should have just put it on my blog. i guess its easier with the checkout and all. dont want to clutter my dawanda or real shop with these destashed lots. ok there is a lot to be made with these lots. click on above image to go into the shop.
well now i feel like ive totally injured my arm damnit. im left handed but use my right hand for everything else. i use the right side to carry my shoulder bag, i use my right hand in jewelry making. the right hand opens all the jumprings (and thats like at least 200 jumprings a day) and i sleep on the right side, and i use my right hand for the mouse as well.
all these right side favored uses have now passed their prime into waning. and pain.
damnit! i still have a lot more pieces to make. i am kind of pissed and hope i dont get some kind of real injury in the future.
meanwhile im trying to train my left hand to open jumprings and its not really working.
i am in pain i cant straighten my arm with out feeling a pain in the crook of my elbow.
to show for it all i have now about 70 pieces made. yikes. thats just the ones i can count at the moment. yay. and whew.

gold ring :D its real, i think. it seems. it better be. its not like the last one. i drafted that post coz i was pissed when i wrote it. duh. this one was like 50 bucks with shipping included. 18kt gold. i felt kind of bad. its so old, totally older than me. i tried to cut it, you can see, but simon had to do the rest. i should getit tested. i gold plated a lot of the bird earrings and will be listing the new gold plated ones. when the solution is too hot the color looks like antique gold, which i thought was pretty cool, so i made a few pairs 'antique' gold looking.
made 10 necklaces tonight while watching films on veoh. nice :D
should go to bed. the birds are chirping. i want to list as many new pieces as i can before i go. hope it all works out. have about 50 lots of supply destash to list on etsy, and i also wanted to make a sale section in my shop for jewelry and sewn items.
blech :P so much to do but im so lazy. i know if i really work like all day i can get so much more done. but to work all day yikes who taught me to do that? certainly not myself or anyone i know... el oh els.
cant wait for the movie adaptation of the hobbit!
ive been reading the silmarillion and unfinished tales by tolkien and havent picked up the son of the circus in a while. with unfinished tales i like the uninterrupted stories the best. everytime theres a footnote number i get mild anxiety thinking im missing out on some more story only to be led by the footnote into a description of language or something. ya. i like the stories. the silmarillion is pretty wicked once i got used to all the names. there are a shitload of names and took me a while to remember, but now im just reading it and its really beautiful, what a story. the writing sometimes i just say it out loud. no one talks like that! but i wish i could naturally. its awesome. ex. Then Sauron smiled, saying: 'That is a small price for so great a treachery. So shall it surely be. Say on!'
or: 'Then your words bode ill for they can hear but one meaning...My heart is shut.'
i mean those are probably the crappiest quotes ever, but ya. i like.
"Farewell, O twice beloved! A Túrin Turambar turun ambartanen: master of doom by doom mastered! O happy to be dead!"
Nienor The Silmarillion, Of Túrin Turambar

chosen as the editors pick!

woohoo! what a NICE surprize @@

i got chosen as editors pick in the indie collective directory!

why am i getting all these indiecollective hits today, clicked on their homepage, then closed it, then i was like.. wait a second.... clicked on the homepage again and there i was! i mean, there its your life was :D

went over to virgin marys to drop off these lovely and fine pieces:
(click on pic for large view- then go to virgin marys and buy the one you liked best!)

and pouches too :
see amber, she is such a doll, so cute! :D you can see some virgin mary statues and a cat pic. hehe.

then i went to get some curries for dinner at a fave spot on commercial tandoori corner. oh yes they deliver super yummy south indian and super reasonable $.
plus they got this really cool ceiling get up:

well my wrist is killing me. gonna go watch a flick and sleep early!

Ya take a lota gruff on tha Tundra

ok turn up your volume, then go click on the title link, its simons painting.
i hope it works on your computer :D


of me and simes :D

i took this the other day at the falafel place up main. yum.

newsletter and new collection

i forgot to make and send out a newsletter end of feb. so ill be making one tomorrow.
join my mailing list!
<---- over there.

simon is going to be in charge of shipping out orders (if any) while im gone! omgosh! so im preparing everything for him like all labeled and stuff. i wont be around to *oversee* his packaging technique (if any) haha. poor sweet guy :D im sure he'll do a good job ;D

meanwhile im going to try and fill up my shop as best as i can. or somethin. i made these insane necklaces. i guess they are a series because they are all the same but different. super nice!! they are really long but since the chain is thick you can simply tie a single knot to shorten the length and then you have like this chain knot and swoop of chain hanging from the back of your neck which i think looks really nice and classy too! like you know when like old hollywood long pearl necklaces worn in a knot in the front. i like em.

the flower cameos are super brittle though :P and had to sand and trim some of the petals down because they were already chipped.

but underneath all the charms and chain it just adds to its baroque-ness. heh. these seahorse are wicked. very gothic like or something.

i designed this style a while ago and have been meaning to make this series for a while now. so finally they are here.
cream, black, blue and olive. im going to list on dawanda but i dont know if i should do the blue or green on there. ???
maybe the blue on dawanda? i dont know.

have so much stuff i keep not doing. so im gonna be listing a couple of these tonight in my shop. my wrist is killing me.

anyway ok. have you seen gramma's boy? man so funny. that and smiley face i saw two days in a row. how many other hidden gems (stoner movies) out there? why havent i seen them!
ok other movies i recently saw and totally missed out on: secretary and paranoid park? yikes never thought id like a skater type movie.
duh! and how could i forget. a day after i bought the (butter) chicken (its been on my mind) a friend sent me Earthlings. Oh my god. why will i want to eat meat again. support them if you can. or just fully
watch it.