Andrea Tucker of gotCraft will be selling some of my pieces at the I Heart Crafts! Isnt she just the best!

I Heart Crafts Bazaar
Sunday, Nov 30th, 2008
11:00 am-6:00 pm
Ukrainian Cultural Center
805 E Pender St. (in Strathcona)
hand made, unusual and wonderful works by local artists,
designers and crafters.
$2.00 admission,
for more information visit iheartcraftsba

GOT CRAFT!!! December 7

Saturday, December 20 - noon -5:00pm - FREE @ the CAMBRIAN HALL (across from Blim )

Blim presents:

Blim Winter Market ( craft event )


basement sweet
Julia Say and Tondela Myles ( knitted items )
Mindan Gunther Moore (jewellery)
Stephanie Aitken and Frances Mcdonald (felted creatures)
It's Your Life
District Thirty
Billy Would
Fibre Manipulator
A Farmers Daughter
Baby Elephant
Wee Works
Roxy Pops (knitted goods)
Vanessa Kapka
Down Home Amy
Su Foster ( jewellery)
Sara Mulder
Some other girl
Momoko (pottery)
Laurin Valentine
Hand and Shadow fting: Georgie Russell
Otaunu Spirit (soaps and bags)
Civil Disobediance
Chanda Stallman ( framed collages)
Bueno Design
Nicole Sanches
Jen Kim (stuffed animals)
Heyday Design fting: Claire Madill (ceramics)

with Hot Japanese Snacks by Michael Tora Speier
and Baked Vegan Goods by Evan Mcgraw.

Noon - 5:00pm @ Cambrian Hall - 215 e. 17th ave. (across from Blim behind Granville Island Toys)

here are some pics from the fab fair!
it was fun as usual.. up to now my display is still the same! HAHA my god like i never improve in that area!! my gosh it got real dark near the end and i had no light etc...
but! was super casual. old lovelies and familiar faces. and met a new lovely lady named iris who sews click on pics to go to their links...(this might take me a day or two haha hold on..)

oh my god i am so pissed at myself..... gah! i didnt apply for the i heart crafts??? gak!! im all, ok i have separate folders for my email, thing is after i put stuff in a folder i forget its in there?? ?ayayay!!!

news: i have a business partner!!! yeah!! its linsy. so shes going to cuba on the 22nd for a week but when she returns she will be organizing me. SO I DONT MISS ANY OTHER THINGS I SHOULD BE DOING!!! omg. i want to kick myself!!!!!!!!

Fab Fair this weekend!!!

It's Your Life in BERLIN, GERMANY at Schwesterherz !!!!

click on title to to go to the Schwesterherz website-- its soo cutie!!!! x

Schwesterherz Laden + Saftbar in Germany is located at:
Gärtnerstr. 28
10245 Berlin
Tel.: 0049-30-779 011 83
Fax: 0049-30-779 011 86

These designs are now going to Germany, in an actual gift shop, and not only do they have gifts, they also have SMOOTHIES. yep, thas right bois and gurls. SMOOTHIES. uh-huh. my stuff in a shop with gifts and fruit smoothies, oh could it get any cooler??!!! ahlaveet!!
This is what cupcake on had to say about Schwesterherz in Berlin: "great store!!! super cute display of gifts, accessories, wrapping papers, candle holders, postcards, etc. while you browse you can order up one of their tasty smoothies or a coffee… great concept and super chic! a must see…"

so, did you check out their website?
its rockin, check it out!!!

very niiice...
very stoked!!!
i suppose my stuff will arrive within the next week or so...woOT!

the newest of the new news

oh my gosh its been soooo long since I posted last... so im going to try and make this post a long one, with pictures, and everything...

i just finished up an order for a lady in germany gosh it took me sooo long to finish but its done now and am caught up on the shipping as well. two orders for tomorrow.
also i heard there is nothing at briers now so maybe i will give them a call tomorrow to see if they want more stuff.

mmm. so the other night i went to see eriks show curated by charlotte at clack clack empire.

so nice. check it out: clack clack empire on shanghai alley by tinseltown. !!

the show is called : When I Sit, I Do Not Care.

erik had made a really nice chair with wood and no nails. and a wall installation that was like i dont know, relating to that specific area of vancouver- its right near the jack chow building? i rememeber him telling someone and i listened for a sec but must have been eating brie and antipasto or something.

this is the lovely erin who owns the shop.

it was great seeing everyone and catching up...

soon ill get play wii ! i never have ! and a clothing swap is in the makes...

for halloween i didnt really get to do anything costume-y but i did go out had a nice party with ange and my new friend tana! who owns her own mineral make up brand @@ she is so big time working for the film industry here in van. swear!! she is sooo hype!!! i have to try some of her foundation coz i am done mine from pink quartz minerals...
here is her wedsite: check it out!!! is soooo pro!!! :D

oh did i already post that> ?

here my fave pic of me from that night...

hmmm..on the making stuff front..
im hoping to post all the stuff for germany with a link soon :D yeah!!!

ok im getting sleepy. this isnt that long. im supposed to try and sleep early tonight, but its already 1:30 ish and i want to eat something crunchy. or salty. or both. YUMMY!! whats that, chips. yum!! maybe popcorn. oh no!! no i am going to sleep early. no food!




check it out i am on the clubzone website wearing nathalees shirt and my 'everyone nose' necklace. oops. i couldnt resist going.

i am the palaman of this pan del sal sandwich.