its almost new year. 2008. wtc?
ive been acting so weird lately. i dont know whats wrong with me :c i feel so disconnected like from stuff regarding my 'path' or reality or i dont know. just being a weirdo. im going to turn 29 next year. gak.
not going to spain- not getting my visa on time due to terrible blunder. maybe that and the 'end of the year', my own online shop, my unorganized work areas, and having to go back to manila in a couple months...
so effin overwhelmingly tiring when i think of it all at the same time. i need to keep organizing its the only way my brain goes into production mode. which leads to those other other things.
i made these supply lots, 4 of em and now i dont know what to do with the pics. ill put em on here after resizing and if anyone wants em before i can figure out where to put em leave a comment or send me an email they are from 25-35$ each and come with a surprize necklace. ships in canada is 2$, u.s. 3, intnl 4.
lot 1 SOLD

lot 2 SOLD

lot 3 SOLD

lot 4 SOLD

the pics go bigger. theres lots of the stuff there :D

im taking a shipping vacation from my online shops till jan.7!

New Site, New Designs!

Ive added 5 new necklace designs to my shop!
click on the picture below to go to the shopping page, or you can click on my shop link to the left hand side (its your life
ok the pics block for my site is now off so im going to upload the rest of the items i have pics of. yay.
meanwhile i was checking my yahoo mails blocked addresses, and i found a bunch of email addys that were not supposed to be blocked! ak.
lots. yikes. ithink i might have missed a few emails. or maybe more than a few. i know for sure i was waiting on a reply from a friend only to find her addy blocked. damnit!!!! kind of annoying. i guess i hit spam instead of delete a lot :c

earlier i came from the post to send some packages and pick up a package.
i got my second blythe!!!! YIII!!!
oh yes. i have a new obsession. i forgot to tell you. i got a used velvet minuet a couple weeks ago, and a never removed from box my best friend. eek!!! i got the MBF today. she is SO CUTE! ay!
cuter than VM i think. dont tell her. although she was the second blythe i bought, she was the first to arrive so i think she thinks she has seniority. VM has better bangs tho.
hehe. ive been trying to make clothes for them.

VM is on the left and MBF is on the right. they are both wearing MBF stock outfits, and i really need to get VM a stand.
brought more pieces to virgin marys earlier! some new designs.. a compass and ship piece.. a couple vintage cameo necklaces....

meanwhile i was going to add more items to my shop! more old items, shop staples that are going to be phased out soon... but! i couldnt add pics.. so maybe after christmas itll get fixed and can add em up.. havent taken any new pics.. seems like the days pass so quick and before i know it its afternoon and getting dark. anyway mery christmas everyone!

postal outlet

woah! they are swamped:

i used my phone camera. duh! all those times 'i forgot the camera' (rolls eyes) now open!

its up!! its up!!

need to make stuff!! (like pronto! tonight im working on a few best sellers ive had at shops and fairs the past couple months.)
i still havent made stuff for the queen bee yet though :c im so spacey.
ok now im going to start a mailing list for my site. special bittles will go in there so please try to sign up. you know ill only end up getting it together to like, do a mailing list twice, ever, with a coupon or something. basically, i wont be spamming you.

Sign up below to join our mailing list!

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oh yes. a window to the unknown. did you sign up?


ya! lia came over yesterday and taught me how to upload pics and items to my site. its awesome! i need to practice a bit more but i think i got it down.
i just re-read what i wrote in my about section or whatever and i think i may just about die. um i need a writer cos i sound like a tool.

went through my email yesterday (whatta task) and found these features!
popular links/features
lark books 'jewelry with a hook'
chic today

edit: im editing features on my site :D press.
im not sure how id manage my link page yet.

i also found a bunch of emails i read a while ago but didnt respond right away. yikes. id be a terrible penpal these days.

gotta do some stuff but hopefully maybe the site can go live with its few items. is that weird or do people like usually make a big deal of the new shop opening? mmm i dont have a mailing list anyway >< :P


oh man, if only i was diligent enough to actually link all the sites and blogs that have featured me instead of putting a lazy "(insert link)" in my posts.

lia is coming to town today and she will be teaching me how to upload pics and edit my site she designed.


so right now, im trying to look for all features so i can put it in the 'press and praise' section.

i was sick yesterday. i never get sick, so it really sucked for me. i always assumed my internal happiness would ward off mild colds and the flu, as it has been doing forever, but yesterday i woke up totally ache-y and gross. i was SO tired! im really not used to being sick, so it was weird and i hated it. im better today but still coughing sometimes. hope i dont lia sick :c maybe we should meet in a coffee shop instead of here at home.

well, if all goes well ill have the site up with a couple things by later??

new items at virgin mary's! im dropping it off right now :D
DANNY- your long locket necklace is there.

going to make an inventory for the queen bee now :D


Dear friends,

Right now, a major UN summit in Bali has just a few days left to hammer out an agreement on stopping catastrophic climate change. But instead of helping out, Canada is actually sabotaging the UN talks! On Saturday, experts gave us the global "fossil" award for being the worst country in the world on climate change.

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The vast majority of Canadians are hopping mad on this issue -- we can win this. We just need to show Harper how serious we are that he change course. Sign up now and forward this email to everyone you know - we've got just 3 days to hit 25,000 signatures!

With much respect and hope,

Ricken Patel,

PS - Here are links to some more info on this:

David Suzuki (the Nature of Things) calls the government's spin on climate change "humiliating" and "ludicrous"
click here

The former editor-in-chief of CBC news discusses the damage done by Canada's climate policy to our international reputation:
click here

The Fossil of the Day Award site:
click here



ABOUT AVAAZ is an independent, not-for-profit global campaigning organization that works to ensure that the views and values of the world's people inform global decision-making. (Avaaz means "voice" in many languages.) Avaaz receives no money from governments or corporations, and is staffed by a global team based in London, New York, Paris, Washington DC, Geneva, and Rio de Janeiro.
super tired! wow! whadda fun fair. no pics? ai! totally forgot :c met some lovely table neighbors :D

this week:

reply to emails.

virgin marys item update :D

try to get in touch with lia and go to new west to learn how-to do my site :D

going to prepare stuff for consigning at the queen bee on kingsway/broadway :D

maybe look for another nearby shop to consign to / window shopping :D

make some more bags coz i got lots of new fabric! new styles this time, more subtle prints but cute ones :D

take pics of new designs

list more items on dawanda... ehem im their gift guides. thank you :D

but first... maybe take a nap!!!

Third Space

one sunday, the year after i gradded high school, i got handed a flyer by a maid after mass at Christ the King church near my house in 'meadows.
It was a flyer for Third Space, an experimental artist run space which was conducting workshops, had a video/book library and editing/video equiptment. it was located in a village really close to my house.. strictly in the manila sense ie. gated housing subdivision. I lived in one , there are tonnes all beside each other kind of deal, and third space was like basically just had to walk across one 'main' road to enter another section of villages and eventually i was there...I think I was about 16 or 17 at the time and I already knew I wanted to do art, and not just 'oil painting'. So I took the flyer and read it over and over again and decided I wanted to go check it out and try to do an 'experimental genre' workshop.
I cant remember the first time I met Yason, although im positive i instantly thought he was equal parts of art and genius and crazy kitschy gay!
When I got involved in Third space it was like Yason would make me do these experimental art projects. Experimental in the way that U. P. Fine Arts workshops were not (at all). My first installations and public performance was with Yason and the Third Space crew.... it seems everyone i remember affiliated with that time has made success of their talent/careers in manila and abroad be it in art, fashion, music... I MET PAOLO RAYMUNDO BECAUSE OF THIRD SPACE nuff said... ya, pao!!! its been
too long. and everyone else i met through the grapes and vines ;) hello, the foundation of my young adult life.
The best 'shows' I ever did were for Third Space.. with We Are The Raft project (2005) coming in at a tie.This one time we did bathroom installations in the CCP aka. cultural center of the philippines.. you know like where they have orchestra and ballet performances... we installed in almost all the main bathrooms! i think it was considered ground breaking stuff or sumpin atthe time, in manila.... :D was the it was such a fun show to set up!! ak. da best. the american ambassadors wife wanted my stuff pulled out of the show for being obscene!!! haha so they had to put an 'adults only' sign in one of the stalls i re-made. it was the porn stall. some dirty old bastard at one point ripped the protective plastic that was linng the inside of the stall wide open and took a pic or two. heh. the pics were hilarious too really old old women, very large breasted women, amature porn and gay porn. the other two stalls were not- porn. one was two huge rolls of fiber fill and a light behind the toilet. supported by a thin wodden frame i wired together or something .. very hot and strange sounding inside. the other stall was completely lined in refective silver plastic/wrapping paper, had star shaped xmas lights and multicolored lights hanging from the top via the same sort of frame as the fiber fill stall: on top, and the rest of the bathroom was installed like a hang out room with pillows on the floor while the entrance was a wait room. I did lots of other shows with Yason curating and that is pretty much how I was introduced to art. Third Space and super traditional U. P. Fine Arts worshops (oil, charcoal, pastel, figure, perspective etc).
Yason was the shit and he really opened up my eyes. He was my first artistic mentor and let me see what it was like to live for art and how to make life equal art and have a mad fun time doing it.


ARCHIVING ARTIST-RUN SPACES @ Magnet Gallery Katipunan (in front of Ateneo, beside Rustan's and Starbucks)
December 5: Third Space / Yason Banal
Wednesday, 5-7pm

Archiving Artist-Run Spaces (AARS) is a series of talks and slideshows about 6 artist-run spaces in Manila including Pinaglabanan Gallery, The Junk Shop, Third Space, Surrounded By Water, Big Sky Mind and Future Prospects.

These spaces were vital centers for Filipino contemporary art, providing the much-needed arena for artists to produce and exhibit their work without the limitations of commercial galleries and traditional institutions. Not only did they nurture a significant number of artists who have made their mark in the Philippine art scene, artist-run spaces also helped define a new direction for contemporary art practice.
Third Space was conceived by Yason Banal in 1998 as an art project that uses the physical and conceptual form of a house as material in creating, distributing and evaluating contemprary art practice, zooming in on new forms such as performance, video and installation. There were exhibitions, screenings, happenings and talks, as well as film shoots, blind dates and spirit hunts. It provided a free library and continuous workshops for children, teens and adults in special courses such as creative writing, new art seminar and experimental genres. Both a site-specific (located on Third Street, Saint Ignatius Village) and time-based (life span of 3 years) work, it ceased to exist in 2000.