its almost 2 weeks since my last post.
im going to hide in the corner now.

my cousin kristine is in town!

i have a bunch of blim pics to share. i think i took a picture of everyones table :D but putting them up is gonna have to go on hold.

i also have a bunch of new stuff to show.. most of it is in my etsy shop coz i cant always get dawanda or mintd to load.

im really behind on writing text for im like, half done.

been super busy. lots of online orders, customers needing attention, got a few wholesale orders, and busy making a pile for the two day fab fair in nov.
the usual :c

but kristines here and were having dinner at the foundation later! yay peanut butter spinach tofu. yum.

blim market! and noodles

im doing the BLIM market this Saturday!!!! 12-5 17th + main. go go a go go!

ive been busy=no blog writing.

have you seen this?

but i do have some food pics to share¡
simes and i have been making noodles the past week. well, i have. 2 dishes.
first up : bare bones pancit palabok. rice stick noodles, palabok mix, egg, garlic crunchies, onion, parsley for flair? hee oh and some patis. no tinapa no shrimps, no chicharon or even green onion... huhuhuhu ;; it was good tho.. simes had the last bite.

next : puttanesca. i forgot what this was called for a couple days then i really squeezed my brain to remember it, going back to all the friends and family parties back in the philippines where id eaten it.. then ding! oh yeah. i love it when that happens.
so anyway remembering the name, i could go find a proper recipe.
forgot to get anchovies tho so this one is just with super lemony tuna and lemon pepper noodles from the superstore >< olives, capers, diced tomatoes, garlic, onion, pepper etc....
simes loved it. so did i!

so now ive gotta go back to making stuff... packaging a few things for shipping...
tomorrow (Friday!!) im dropping off these pouches at paper-ya!!!
go get em while the pickins prime.. (ive said that before) they should be in stock during the weekend. ive inserted each one with a vintage playing cards, and all the linings are just as cute as their exterior '-'/
and im also bringing more jewelry to virgin marys on commercial drive!
some new black cameo necklaces for the fall, and other lovely darker colored long chain pieces (like 25 inches +)...

for the blim fair on saturday i have made a few bags '-'/ aah... a mini matroichka messenger and 3 mini shoulder bags. mm..

so back to work i go, hi ho.


it is. its fall i spose. rainy season.. summer was too short.
i need to organize. my. life!
ahh that would be so sweet to have a brain that did that.
i thought id share some pics of the place. but its taking forever to do the pics. pretty chaotic and messy. of course it is.
the snake dogs. on a rather useless pile of token cds. i still buy em, but i dont even have a cd player. forever.

the other guy is on tapes on top of cds. heh. those are simons tapes.

we seriously have a lot of crap. general run of the mill (at least to us) crap. its all cool and dandy when we get it but after we forget about looking after it it becomes a sentimental memory we cant get rid of. plus im real lazy when it comes to throwing stuff out back in the dumpster and we both love to find stuff bring it home then it all becomes piles of stuff on every surface.
heres me minding my etsy shop:

meanwhile got lots of stuff to make. i havent been doing a good job updating the stores im in :( at least not like regularly. but now i have a new spiffy inventory system that should do the trick (of making the inventories a breeze). i love making the stuff and i love people getting the stuff, but i really cant bear to do the inventories as quickly as id like. yikes im like my worst enemy! heh. no worries i keep telling myself. im taking it a day at a time, when i really should have a better monthly planner than a calendar on the wall..
funny the other day i was talking wit simes and im like so i think im not in that many fairs coz i think i said i wasnt gonna do them anymore. and hes like, yeah.. i kind of remember you saying something like that. isnt that just so typical. :D duh ill be like omg i dont wanna do fairs anymore! then in the future ill be like, hmm i wonder why i didnt sign up for as many fairs this year.. >< so now im doing them again. go figure.

im shipping and sewing tomorrow. new pouches for paper ya coming very soon. so many new fabrics. i should be ashamed.
then new inventories for briers, devil may wear, and possibly virgin mary's. and i need to follow up with other shops. damnit.
also am working on the text that goes on my site!! ak.
and need to register iyl as a my company. legally and stuff coz now its like ok go.
i still dont know how im going to have enough money to be in spain and then the phil. im so unrealistic but whatever itll be crazy to not to. kind of bummed about my tuition/visa debt. i cant get rid of it because i keep having to use my visa card and im really undisiplined with money. but can i just say international student fees here in canada or probly anywhere, suck ass. wtc? 3-5 grand a sem. and thats not a full load by far. actually tuition fees suck ass period. but international tution fees, lets just say i was really lucky. cept this last bit that i have to personally pay. its so not happening no matter how hard i mostly try. like hello, i dont buy anything really. but i guess im not making much really. it kind of all goes into the biz. so called biz.

yes. we dont have a kitchen table. we used to. but its gone now.

so that was the tour kind of. hope you had fun maneuvering my rambling. nothing but procrastinating worry warts and mushroom farts. oops. dont hate, procreate. eeew. ok something else. dont hate, masterbate. eeeeewww whats wrong with me. ok ok ok dont hate, celebrate. corny. dont hate, emancipate. really this could go on all night.. luckily ive procratinated enough and havent gotten anything done this past 4 hours when i was supposed to do a few packages. mmm.
dont hate, procrastinate! ooh yeah baby.... (kicks self)
i kid.
going to bed. i kid not.


SEPT. 30

Nov. 17 & 18

NOV. 25


check eet out meng.. im a gold sponsor..
∑ Gold Sponsor:
- Sell my designs as an event vendor and contribute a gift basket / door prize (min $100 value) --IM BRINGING A NICE INTAGLIO PIECE and other pieces for this :D !!! --
- As a Gold sponsor, I: (1) can sell my wares to over 100 expected attendees, (2) have my name/logo on some of the event’s promotional material <-but i forgot to send mine in>> (3) get honorable mention at the event, and (4) receive two additional tickets to the event! one goes to simon...
the other goes to....????


WWWW is our annual fashion show celebrating womanhood via fashion & fun! This networking party will be held at [TBD] on [Oct 2 or Oct 4] from 6:30pm.

Tickets will be sold to both Wired Woman members and non-members; our promotional activities include: online marketing, targeted marketing, radio promotions and media release.


Incorporated in 1996, the Wired Woman Society is a registered, non-profit, volunteer-run society with a national Board of Directors and Chapter Presidents leading activities in Toronto and Vancouver. Our mission is to create an integrity-based environment that encourages women to explore opportunities in technology, science and new media, and to build successful careers that allow them to become a driving force in these growing sectors. All of our programs and activities support our three core goals: networking, educating and mentoring.

coming soon!!

there is a coming soon page now:




Your order is in the mail.
MOO "We love to print"

Order details as follows:

Order Date Thursday, September 27, 2007

Shipped Via: Royal Mail Air Mail

Order Content
Qty Description Price Extended
1 MiniCards 100 $19.99 $19.99

Item Total $19.99
Less Discount ($5.00)
Net Amount $14.99
Shipping $4.99
Order Total $19.98

YAY!!!! im so happy oh so happy