new dolls

drat its raining today i was supposed to set up outside blim today but since i found out late i didnt get a table and only the ones with a table get to be inside darn it... maybe i should call..EDIT - i just called YAY yuriko moved me inside coz of cancellations... mmm im going! drat didnt do anything this morning coz was like - i dont think its happening- *note to self- bee ass-er-tive and call .

here are the new dolls i made they are going to shop cocoon if i dont blim it today ;;

dolls start and new paper-ya items

new stuff for paper-ya!! yup all finished up last night with lovely new charms :)
new colors for the skull pins! i have listed a brown and pink one in my etsy shop!

i made a dog today for the blim fair on saturday.... hope to make more dolls tonight!

fame and fortune!

read me

check it out its your life in shop cocoon rad!

hope to the paper ya pouch order today- man they are cute.

meanwhile go check out my etsy shop! ive listed lots of new jewelry and handmade charms too!

crits, the ones i took pics of

in chronological order
tomas' LV doggie trash bag / disposable designer plastic bag

if sean is not his guys name i dont know what it is....EDIT: his names SCOTT! i was in a class with him before and he used to do this kinetic electronic stuff... this is awsome insane well made and smart nike/converse chucks brian jungen eat yer heart out

wooops sorry guys theres him and liz

asia jack-something.. i dont know jack hare? EDIT: JACKALOPE what is it again,,, antlers... i like the suffed parts etc on the speaker yay for the blog... craft nerd.

i didnt even want to get into my project coz i was too nervous the crappy second glass i made which i think looks sick not cool sick but baaaad which is kinda like how the rusun jars are viewed - ugly.... but lets see if i can pull it off in the writtenverbals, liz was generous and let me just leave it and not even bother explaining whew.

i stho tired i mith sthims

fair fun funs

oh im too tired to upload the pics right now but the fair was fun and had lovely table neighbors! ate cupcakes a buger and fries and felt giddy over all. it was like a party, kinda.. made some funds and really have to work on my like, 'how to be a saleslady' thing. its so harrd. pics in a bit- watch out next week for new listings on etsy and ill be making the dolls that i need to make asap for shop cocoon coz people keep asking about them...
edit: the pics:

here is a skirt i made with this very softie woven like material that is warm for fall..i got that fabric last year and have saving it..

I Heart Crafts TOMORROW! and my glass project for monday

oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh i always feel like a chicken running around with no head before a fair oh my gosh!!!

come to the legion on commersh tom. there ll be lots of wicked rad indie wares!!!!!

support the 'bike fund', 'tuition fund', 'rent fund', 'fido bill fund', and all other 'nicole needs to make money to pay off her visa card' funds haha its on commercial and 6th! (not 4th like i told a lady earlier grr)

i took pics of my beaded glass project, its not very big coz i didnt have enough of the glass beadsso i hope no one else notices that it kinda looks like a candle votive :P , i hope its ok i might try to add a couple more rows theres still 1/3 of one of the containers left., its not exactly what liz wanted- the holes facing outwards, but we did discuss this idea too and might still make one after the fair and on sunday with the holes on the outside but with bigger beads. the silver ones like the gold ones. blech. i dont have a plastic cup i need one so bad.

old life

my friend mich posted this pic in my myspace comments yay! its da old gang....sans raymundos and others...can you spot the old nico?

meanwhile im kinda worried about my beaded glass project. its might end up a shot glass....will see...

listed some bead lots today... and made lots of accessories for the sale... im still having to sew for it... new items in paper ya soon! check it out...

oooh and emily carr student sale this nov. yay i dont feel so bad i couldnt raise the $ for the fab fair this year...

mm what else. i miss simon! haha and got to skype with him again today. yay.

snake charmer

i miiiisssss simon! and got to skype talk the longer we talk the longer i wish i was there man sportugal sounds nice.... mmm better than here-- man my bike is gone . it sucks. i cant freaking say how sucks it feels, but also coz its happened before. its like double sucks. i need to make more stuff. i made a bunch of rings and 3 necklaces so far. the studio is a catastrophy and the accumulating sewing dust is such a turn off...but i wanted to make a bag or pouch or something tonight..... i listed this ring on etsy... i think i forgot how i did it, listing so many things daily... or i mean making so many things daily... i need to clear table tops esp the jewelry on and the sewing one duh. i bought a ring sizer today on etsy. here is the crazy snake charmer ring i made it is insane and i love it:

its listed for 10 bucks plus shippin


new ring :D used an irregular shaped fresh water pearl from my aunt- i think its super awsome, and very pretty. its in shop cocoon...

these precious rare pouches with good tast spelled wrong are in paper ya right now!

mmm ang came over last night and i made her a laptop case coz i slacked and she wanted it for monday but it turned out really awsome! too bad i forgot to take pics. mm. well, when she comes over....
i just remembered i have these pics of caroline now, somewhere i wanted to post.... mmm yup had school today....still very bummed on the bike situation.... i heart crafts is coming up but so is my project for next monday. mmmm. damn i hate taking the bus its so expensive.

need to make more stuff.

beaded thingy for school

k well i used boh wire and monofilament... im still experimenting. i like the wire better... it looks like a basket cover so i might try to make another thing just out of wire for the 'bowl'
the part where it flares out (lid part) is the monofilament area and its kinda springy while the other part is wire bendy and keeps shape better..
it took me three days to learn and do that! gosh. anyway i hope to make the next one faster but itll have to be with the silver beads (im using up all the garbage beads given to me).... ill really try to make the final one due next next monday much much better.



this is the bike they stole last night (i probably even heard them) traded with luke for the big bike i found.... i didnt love it as much as the apollo...but i JUST GOT IT TUNED UP which cost me 50 bucks. and they stole it. i hate this building, its location and all the losers in the area. i really wish bad thoughts to them and i know simon probably doesnt want to move but id really love to move the hell out of this crappy area. MYYYYYY BBIIIIIIIIIIIIIKE!!!!!!!

here a pic of the apollo again too- its the only pic i have digitally...

i heart crafts 2 !!!!

see charlottes site!

beaded rings

i made rings! here are the pics of the first ones i made

they were fun and actually inspired by a combination of treesa, wanting to buy the beaded roses from (insert) for a display - but then the paypal scare thing happened, and also she realized it was too cheap, so perfect ;; but she sent and i found the beaded roses tute and found the basic ring tute which led me to making all these rings in one night! my gosh i cant even remeber how i did it coz im trying to use a silver colored wire my aunt mitit sent to get it as flowing... but ang lent me some mono filament and tried that to and hope to try wire or the monofilament for my glass beaded glass.

i MIIIIISSSSS simon!!!!!!!! ayayayay!!! gosh.

found an old shelf thingy-very cool and vintage with brass legs...well this lady died up the street... damn all her furniture was so awsome and wish i had a car/bigger better place coz the inlay carved with flowers coffee table and drawers set was so nice. i got a lamp tho yay! and TV TRAYS YIPEE! and the shelf thing which is now where all the beads and stuff are. nice.

the repair guy just came... the showers leaking and other stuff....mmm

made beaded bracelets! but i think i need to practice more..

feel bad i have the better camera while simes has an old digi snapshot type,..


listed these two new lovelies in my shop!

funky capricorn necklace (who said capricorns were boring?) its only 12 bucks with free shipping coz im not a capricorn... twelve dollars !

and then theres this lovely clutch (go look at the listing so you can see the lining fabric) with berries and leaves and faries! clutch in shop!SOLD, thanks '-'

i decided ill still sell jewelry on etsy its just too easy to relist and then the one offs i get to keep with me so i can look at it till its gotta go.. just not the same stuff in shop cocoon. meanwhile ive finished a skull skirt custom for tiff and hope to get a pic of her for the blog! yay that should be fun to see. it was originally too short so i made it longer with a bias cut piece. looks cooool.....

i love skype! simons met the girls in london- well just tree! and gawd damn i sent them lots of earrings but tree isnt even ear pierced. shet! you know that feeling of 'damn sayang(waste)' well thats what i felt when simes mentioned it. hehe but i got it covered and sent her a bunch of bracelets and necklaces. my blog is turning into a diary. only coz i was looking for their adress in my email and ended up reading old letters. god most i cant even remember. so now, here, im writing specific daily things.


rusun glass project

ok so i think i know what im doing i just have to tie it in more with the luzon rusun jars/ tea containers/ vessels... read pauls blog again and hes written more on the clay vessels luzon was famous for thousands of years ago- so famous. they are an 'ugly' not fully fired volcanic ash (pinatubo) clay jar which is high in sulfur, making it excellent for storage of food items like tea leaves-- it was highly highly sought after by the japanese traders who their highest cheifs/rulers would really pay loads of gold for an authentic jar with matching documents of its age. its also because the jar/clay itself had properties/symbolized longevity (?) and healing (?) as well as being an excellent tea storage which seemed to believed to have enhanced the flavor of the tea (?)....
it was 'ugly' and people in euro (?), the west (?) kept calling it earthenware instead of celadon (?) -were surprized possibly to see a recent one go for a few hundred thousand pounds?.... the thing about the luzon jars is that they are 'ugly', overlooked, forgotten- like the history, the importance- and traded off to the highest bidder. this part bugs me and need to read into that.... but how they were so sought after and the chiefs of the islands wouldnt trade em at the time they were 'da shiznit'... eventually as thier reign fell, they traded em. so i wanted to make a piece that merges what im doing now (all dis trying to make the best cutest crafts) and that... the ugly forgotten highly prized clay jar. something that needs each other for support and is itself made up of 'nothing' 'raw materials' but combined they make something that is highly prized and valued but ends up being forgotten (say glasses- the crafts i make, end up in the sally ann), somethings lost in translation here and need to work on why it became useless... so im going to recreate a luzon jar out of beads. well, a glass to start. there it is pa dah need to do more reading.

shop cocoon set up!

well, whaddya think? im looking at the pics and im like eh, i need some decoration and lots of people are asking bout he dolls, and scince im back in school and going to be sculpturing mmm i think its perfect timing. so itll be dolls and jewelry. i put in charlotte's doll i got from her at the last seamrippers fair '-' coz its too cute. im not selling these dolls tho!! but will be making some new ones...

after class today i saw her biking along the seawall :D and had a lil chat with her yay the next seamrippers fair is on Sept. 23! Come for a full 35 or so local DIY scene crafters on Commercial Dr at the Leigoin Hall yay!

ok back to the display:

i think it looks kinda empty.. i dunno. PLEASE OFFER SOME SUGGESTIONS TO BRIGHTEN IT UP OR MAKE IT LOOK LIKE ITS YOUR LIFE! please comment. !

ok this is a ramble to keep me reminded of school....
but really i totally messed up with the whole school bit and thought the break was THE BREAK and came back for my one on one talks dang momoy. but i didnt know till i saw the girl i sat beside and asked her where we were supposed to meet liz - she said we were all meeting next week one on one instead of this week nye! and i missed the slides and short disscussion on the first quick project- coz there are two main ones after. man, so i go down and ask this other guy who suggests go to lizs office and yes! she is taking her bike out of her office yay. so awsome. the project is to take an exsisting form and merge it with another form that dont usually go together but are somehow related to my personal project topic/theme- like the tatooed finger who i forgot again the name of the guy the irish guy? tattoed his finger 3 inches black coz its the distance of disallowed knives in that particular city due to the fact that 3 inches is the distance between your chest to heart. i thought it was to be some form of racism (the tattooed line on the heroin addicts (they were paid), or shaved sections of heads is i think what i was thinking of)... but the felix gonzales torres pile of candy that was the weight of his friend when he died of aids- mmm damn i wish saw the slides as a refresher shet.... well ill be seein her next week to show last work so thankful caroline brought the pieces back... so first thing i thought of is the austroneseans and i said how it was overlooked as an important historical language group (?) i dunno. liz gave me some awsome quick examples, like the globe and mail in a forgotten languge alibata?, or a video of something dubbed with another thing, kind of fuzzy but i got two here... but um im going to go read pauls blog again.. its already the stuffed sarimanok and bulul, and kalabaw- they are exsisting familiar forms but they are stuffed to like the the patinaed artifacts i was trying to copy...but they arent like you know not really like two coz the stuffed is just stuffed, a decoy and isnt its own form really. or i mean i havent thought about how it could be.

tys party last night

and i forgot the camera again! damn. tys house is inSANE!! ashleys basketball slanted flooring now extends to the other room in the basement. and the bathroom! holy crap- black slabs its . so . modern . toilet and sink coming out of the wall a heuge sliding dark wood door- man with sailor ahoy theme vintage rubber mat and actual like round boat window. in.SANE!!!. then ashleys mini motorbike k, it is in.sane. first of all it is mini, it has a black flag on the gas tank, flith mode squad sitcker, then it has the most amazing coffin seat sewn by curtis. it opens for the 'glove box' ok, of course there is a skull head affixed on the front of the mini bike with black leather coffin seat. and of course the eyes light up fully!!!! im pretty excited about the holloween party this year coz last year apparently they really fucked it up scaring trick o treaters and had kids crying and mommies having to pry them off the railing!! hahaha
it was a grand ol time back at ty's/// chels back from costa rica! and maybe stay here would be fun and company coz
simon left for europe today HUHUHHUUHUHUHUHHUHUHUHU

dorkas and more hair

i got this letter see, its from my greman friend dorkas whos in africa at the mo'... i met her while i was living in palawan, she was doing a sex study? of horseshoe crabs.... we had some pret.ty. crazy trips if ya know what i mean. shes in africa now and i just wanted to share with you all her lovely recent email:

Hello my dear friend!!

I know I am terrible – I really wanted to write you lots of times.

Bernd forwarded your message, so I got your address again. I am presently in Burkina Faso again, and even if there is simply nothing – nothing to see, no ocean, only millet fields and maize fields all over the country- its still better than the university in W├╝rzburg. Not even wild animals do I see when I work in the reserves. People here are really friendly, but I can only speak to the few (maybe 20%) who went to school and they speak French. Otherwise they speak only languages where I get a knot in my tongue if I try to speak. Not even English – and, really, I hate French!! Never wanted to learn it! And: I don’t like the French people either! The only foreigners here are –mostly French of course-, lots of stupid missioners or maybe of the embassy. And, Nicole, it’s a terrible healthy life here! Too healthy! By far too healthy.

How are the Canadians?? – Bernd and me, we also wanted to try to get a job there maybe. Or, probably even better, I just open a dive shop, when you managed to buy your island – would be nice! But that should be maybe better close to the Philippines, its warmer there.

I am kind of sick making this fucking dissertation about the termites in Burkina. It’ll take ages to finish and really, I do not really want to get this title, I just want to be able to work. I thought 3 yrs ok – but 6?????????????? NIGHTMARE!!! And I can get retired right after I finished education! Who wants to take someone in his midlife crisis as a newcomer in business? But we will see, hope to get a job somewhere where Bernd also finds something – I am sick of a relationship like this. He really calls me often, but that’s not enough – plus: mostly 9 hour’s difference…. You know the movie “Lost in translation”? Some of the phone calls kind reminded me…
Who is your man Simon? You’re not married, are you??? Canadian?

Take care Nicole, I hope we’ll meet some day again – would be really nice!!!

Big hug,


the times i spent with dorkas are too much for this wholesome blog so i cant really like reminise or anything like that HAHA i think you will get shocked if i share....

so instead, im sharing mor pics of my freakin awsome hair! harhar

new rings for shop cocoon

oh my gawd i love them all so much i cant believe how clever. im setting up jewelry in shop cocoon so soon yay!

the blue heart bracelet is a combination of two free items from two different sellers - i love free gifts with purchase thats why i cant stop giving them away when i send something from my etsy shop!