my new hair

thank you caroline for getting me a gift certificate to get a cut from julie in her satellite salon on west pender. ohlala. lovely head and shoulder massage from the divine adam (gosh i hope thats his right name ) follwed by a disscussion swift and sure cut that left me with heads turning. haha yeah i know, yeah right but it sounds good and the cut is amazing. i need to get some product. mmm .

today i mailed and put stamps coz i wasnt sure on some,,, then the others had to have more postage on there so the package was full of all these official stickers that covered some of the lady bug stickers i put ;; there is a new 'small packet' category in the post and its flat rate of 3.95 up to 500grams! dont know the size speficics and theres no delivery standards or brochure thingymagig tho but its pretty cool for heavier things like the fabrics.. have been wrapping all packages with this amazing gummed paper weve had for ages. ok so we didnt know what gummed meant but we did but we didnt realize it till like a few days ago it just all came together in my head and i applied water to a scrap piece and stuck it to it self. i mean gawd weve had this paper for.ever. eric even silkscreen posters on it for simons show like months ago, ive made patterns for skirts and tops out of it, i use it for backgrounds in picture taking. i mean we have tonnes and we didnt even know. now the use is limitless- installations! but on the more practical side im using it to recycle all the bubble envelopes i get from ordering beads online. so all the packages are now fully pink and crisp and bubbled and recycled. yay. but the other obvious use coz they are very very large sheets is to make posters. no wheat paste-- poster bombs dem kids call em. if they were cut 8' x 11' they can be used printed from the printer----

ive listed some fabric! went yesterday and now have to get my bike fixed and tuned up man its tires are really squished and need air and the gears and breaks need tuning and the handlebars seem a bit askew whew.

im slowly going to take down all the jewelry in my shop and will be left with like 10 things!!! but school is starting need to get organized and try to make perfect jewelry (for shop cocoon) and art (for my brain and soul). and draw and paper art more coz i used to love drawing and painting and did it daily.

New Stuff in Shop yay!

ok more new stuff in shop!
a new burned bear tote. this one has a zippered pocket and is awsome! with kelly green vintage straps...its fully interfaced and seam serged too so feel free to throw it in the washing machine '-'/

this beige mushroom hedgehog pouch with a vintage japanese glass strawberry charm? ohmigosh its so sweet and killer cute....

and for a very limited time and the only one im ever selling online is this beautiful fruit charm necklace with japanese vintage glass decaled cabachon fruit charms. now, i cant say enough of how much i think this necklace is super fine. its not only fine its sublime supreme and special. no doubt harajuku style vintage cuteness can kill! its on vintage gold chain. and is available in shop cocoon!

then there are also these givre fruit bead pendant necklaces for only 10 bux!.. i think it looks awsome doubled up with the harajuku fruit charm one...

sidewalk sale in front of anti social and new stuff for paper ya!

see my bad hair? say goodbye and hello to the new me next tuesday courtesy of caroline! watch out for pics ;P

whew! everythings on schedule, see the pouches for papaer ya.. the sidewalk sale...and happening right now : the me and ang not going to capilano rock and gem coz they close at 5, but instead me biking down to granville island with invoice and pouch order in pack '-'/

listed some new earrings today--- ill be removing all the jewelry i have on etsy starting sept 1 !!!! so if you like anything, get it online now- gasp! and dont be fooled by itsyourlife knock offs! :P meanwhile, ill be working on new totes and pouches for listing '-'

heres a cat and dog magic show tote with single ingenious strap (according to (?)! this one features a multitue of patches and a sturdy front pocket. the whole tote is seam serged so it is good for the washing machine! being creamy and all... ;) in shop! SOLD!, thanks '-'/

gleep! the new improved harajuku style vintage banana banana earrings with crochet banana leaf gulp! so good! so good. i love these. check them in the shop!

new tatoo messenger purse for shop cocoon

featuring my squished arm:

i love it! it was supposed to be a custom for my neighbor! while i was making it i was already thinking 'this is way more than what shes going to pay me-ehem25bux' then when i knocked on her door today she said it was her birthday and that her friends gave her a! basically saying she didnt want to get im trying to make light and it sure is a light coz yay! i get to sell it for what its worth...and maybe someone will love it as much as i do '-'

edit: man i havent finished the paper ya pouch update! monkey purse! the sidewalk sale is this thursday, thats tomorrow according to the computer!
then me and ang are going to rocky mountain gems on trudys advice this friday... the weekend is for more sewing for listing on etsy by monday, and shop cocoon by tues-need to get jewelry displays and cards printed..... i wonder if ill make enough stuff to make enough $$ for all the rents and etceteras without digging into some magic fund? mmmm... also coz i wanted to and am probably late in paying for craft fairs i heart crafts and crafty nest... mmmm...and the fab fair christmas at the heritage hall....
but check this out i might get published. in a book! a craft book how to.... and must must work on that...


today on granville island by the arts club!

oh my gosh. its on! local designers bazzar today from 11-6 pm by the arts club theatre! check out the tables- espcially mine gleep!

edit : ok oh my gosh... you know how im always complaining right, i cant anymore! i made an acorn purse and it was awsome i dont even have a pic of it ! this lovely family from philly bought it at its real price OHMYGOSH! i even got to sign it! i signed my own purse- first time... not the time to put off getting lables made ey, no complaining anymore! thank you so much!

also there was the sweetest gramma team and one bought the coolest i mean da bomb harajuku style rose with leaves earring for her daughter in law----oh my gosh i hope she likes them coz they are sooo fine-- the ladies, the grammas they were super sweet i had to give her a seniors discount twice just coz i miss my lolas '-'/
must. make. stuff. must. go. to. sleep.

this saturday!! itsyourlife on granville island!

oh my gosh i dont know how im going to do it! but i think i really need to! especially since my cousin is making a load of crochet flowers for me and she raised her prices grrrrr......

not only am i vending this saturday on granville island, but paper ya requested more pouches!

oh my goodness.

but all i really wanted to say that i made a wicked wicked top from the cutest jersey fabrics in the world. ill list it if it doesnt sell on saturday---EDIT yeah right i messed up the collar part and am working on coming up with something else?
gosh i dont know... ya 20$ a yard... mmm i think the top is going to be like 45 - 5o bucks.... in my dreams....

featuring the fan and my belly .

simons art show (Me and SST) at 8 cordova is tomorrow starts at 5 pm!!!

what what what???

main and broadway sidewalk sale! and emmas blog

this thursday! i mean next thursday next! hahah thanks ang- its happening! ill be in front of anti social starting at 4pm...till 10? '-'/

anybody else want to vend just come down and bring your stuff....ask one of the shops and you should be all set to go!

hey. you! check out emmas blog-
its got the stuff in her shop! awsome insanely beautiful art dolls....on etsy! go check it!


yeah, typical!!! oh my gawd now i have to wait till she sends me them on the email.
man i miss hangin wit her already :P and now i have no pictures to look at. ! :P

animal fairy tale print pouches in shop now!

with vintage owl, horse and cat charms wicked i love these animal prints they are so nice i especially love the white print on cream. i know i usually dislike cream and white but this is just so good and unique to japanese cuties lovely! the cute little animal faces too gleep- the goldilocks one is very familiar to me while the little red riding hood and lamb postal service is crazy cute and cool! i mean it looks like the gramma and little red riding hood have turned into lambs making the saying wolf in sheeps clothing all mixed up! also i noticed the lamb post print has the same color scheme as the old musicians from bremen and even the same houses mmm loves them so.. they are in shop right now!~!!

mushroom hedgehog pouches in shop!

new pouches in shop now!!! ayayay! so cute. so cute. ive always loved red spotted mushrooms! i know they are poisonous in real life but the little hedgehogs are havin so much fun with them '-'/ dork out! damn cute. with strawberries? ouch!

edit yay thanks! sold two! the pink ones the last one technically but im going to get more zippers tomorrow so i might as well make more. but this is the last strawberry charm i have!

yes, its getting dark now so the pics are kinda lack luster--
bukas/manyana/tomorrow ill take pics of the other 3 pouches with fairy tale themes for the etsy shop yay!

forgot my camera today- so no pics of caroline- but ill see her tomorrow '-'/

His and Hers Ladybug bracelet

i made these two last night! the red and aqua one is for simon of course- hes always hesitant to accept the stuff i make him (lots,everyday) coz he thinks i should sell it. bah no ones going to buy it especially if it is my èpractice pieceè ...haha isnt the red and aqua so cute! i might make another but smaller...
mine is the pink and green one with leaves! yea, i know i think i like simons better but he likes mine better! i am supposed to sell it. but im not sure if i am ending them properly... the loop for the clasp is so small coz i kept making it small (oops) and im using (very thin) 24 guage wire.

eh, so today ill be sewing some pouches for the etsy shop. by friday i should be making a new èladyè purse for shop cocoon.

hopefully ill snag some pics of my glam cousin visiting from t dot for the blog -thats hot-

newest pouch style in paper ya right now!

i tried to match up the prints!

the others are just as good! some have very cute minty aqua like yuwa flower and cross stich print! all lined with printed or woven striped fabrics! so nice. most have a delicately wire wrapped charm amazing i say i made them myself hehe

!! havent been to paper ya yet? its on granville island in the net loft! these pouches tend to sell out very quickly so if you want one- they are one of a kinds! well, similars of some kinds! and support my manicure fund. im in desperate need for one.

to suppport this worthy cause, you can 1, go to shop cocoon and buy something, CASH, i get that right away :D OR 2, buy something from my etsy store and paypal me funds '-'/ or 3, tell ALL your friends to buy a pouch at paper ya so they graciously order more!

the chance to give to people in need of a manicure is in YOUR hands! quick! pick up that card and type away today!
and im really serious i need one my cuticles are all newvously bitten and flaking off coz sometimes i try to pull them ouch! my nails are long and raggedy from all the jewelry making. its the worst when i am handing a customer a pair of earrings/necklace and i see me raggedy fingers while theirs are pristinely perfectly manicured... i swear the french lady at shop cocoon was horrifyed by my lack of manicure i swear.... i need one! anyone ? ill even offer a 15% discount on purchases from my etsy shop over $20. seroius from now till friday ONLY if you type in "manicure fund" in the message to seller you get a 15% discount on your hancrafted item- good for you yes yes?

oh yeah. and see i made some new earrings yay!
peridot leaf and frsh pink daisy harajuku style vintage! with new intricate wire wrapping style- ooh ahhh its so fine and well done..

and these red and pink diva clusters with gunmetal colored findings

and mmm new necklace style with buttons from emma all the way from spain i made it for me simeses :D hunky model curtesy of simons healthy body

PAPER-YA update!

new stuff! at paper ya now!! gosh they are so cheap at 14 and 16$!
i loved putting them together, the japanese yuwa fabric i found locally and the import yuwa 50's stuff. yes. the one i took here is the 'whaat are you doig? im sleeping' then the other side is a kid sleeping. its the LAST green one in the world swear and promise.
there are other good ones like- i love this cake' then the other side is a little boy sitting in the corner eating cake. yes.
mmmm had fun with them and the charms are mostly all different.

pics in a bit

no crochet flowers frm alie till september so watch out for the new skull pins for back to school! this time with new improved skulls, seriously!

meanwhile hehe listed some more jewelry:P duh im a jewelry zombie now i havent even made more purses for shop cocoon yet- i was so stoked yesterday it seemed my crochet earring/ kanzashi rack looked super empty,,, all the ones i took down to remake i havent put back up and someone bought a pair of the peachy brown ones and even one of the origami box with beads! that made me happy. and full! simes picked me up and we ate at erm, forget the name again yum. indian foods up main.


to feed my so you think you can dance addiction i googled and found a goldmine:


crap its so gooooood. yes.

♥ s it !

all the new jewelry part 2

then these two kinds of vintage apple wreath earrings:
the single ones im wearing a pair right now- on these spankin new real gold plated brass earwires that are very pretty! im so happy with them.
they are a very affordable $12

the vintage wreath with apple ooh its fruit and gold like i say mmmmm:
listed at steal for $14

i made another flower charm bracelet out of the vintage lucite charms i got- so cute clear and fun! this time i came up with a new technique of wrapping crystals and seed beads with the wire!
all this creativity and uniqueness plus vintage! for$22 once its gone, its gone forever '-'

heres the red berries and flowers bracelet- it goes with the berry cascade earrings i listed last week '-'/
its only $16!

and the new tote i listed ismoyo called it 'breakfast butter' i thought it is a cute name :D
huh?! $27!

the WORST thing happened last night- my sewing machine gave up on me! i need it! i have an order to fill by monday... its at the repair shop now so hopefully itll e done by the end of today- meanwhile i should go find lining fabrics as well as heavy buckram. i love that stuff. its originally for bookbinding but works so super well for stiffening pouches ouch! makes it feel like canvas....
ok folks! my shameless self promotion time is done- watch out for the next update- i think ill post pics of the two 'too pretty to post pics of' crochet necklaces!

all the new jewelry

rad! i listed loads of my new designs today. (edit: no more jewelry in my etsy shop starting sept. 1)
ok lets start of with this very cutle little leaves bracelet.

it goes perfect with the daisy necklace