Assymetrical Garden Necklace

i have it listed on etsy for 14$ thats reasonable! its sooo nice. mmm not as nice tho as 'the necklace that is too pretty to sell or post pics of' mmmm what a dream...

hey you know what? im considering coming back to shop cocoon when my contract ends but get this- as a jewery/accessories designer instead of sewing. what do you think?

the yaletown market went well! lots of people making 'tawad' mostly mga instik, sometimes its a bit insulting... like the japanese tree basket purse with kanzashi flower? the girl who came back for it ( it was priced at 55$), anyway she came back and said' can i take these TWO for 60$????' holy insult right? she wanted a large tree pouch and the basket purse for 60. what a lame-o she kept showing me me the cash and i just always want to be nice and agreeable so i finally said 'ok' but then her friend must have been mortifyed came back and bought a pair of earrings and didnt even get the change. good friend haha but i should always stick to my original price coz then i regret the sale and whenever i think of it its always sad.. i mean, another 10$ is like nothing, a lunch. you know? its two bags and a kanzashi.. i mean i frikkin designed it, made it, it took me two days to make the purse nevermind the weeks conceptualizing and the table fee. some people.... but I MADE $$$ anyway and i need it more than sentiment.

yeah,,, these days i feel my sewing work is not worth it. its fun to do and cute to make but people dont buy em... i think they would rather some bags from wal-mart. but the jewelry! yay ladies buy right away and have no problem dropping 50$ on a crochet necklace. see? 50$=1 hour jewelry making OR 50$=5 hours sewing cutting sewing finishing, ironing, cuttting the interface, measuring... you get the idea.....haha! im pretty excited. lets see if it happens its you life jewels and gems for your personal adornment.....

EDIT:oh my gosh. i eat my words daily! sharyn just called from paper ya and the pouches are almost all gone! my sewing is worth it.
paper-ya stock update next monday! watch for it!





new stuff and our studio

theres a show your studio thingy in the etsy forums so i wanted to share a pic of one side of our shared studio:

two new purses! yay

this saturday is the yaletown fair! lots of new jewelry, accessories, these purses and some pouches... yay ill try to make more iron transfers if i remember to get the iron on stuff.... mm

my cousin is coming from t dot for a visit to van city next month wee! salt spring island here we come how fun!

hey im so bummed that alison got kicked off so you think you can dance. gawd and the ivan guy what a bad dancer. hes still in there??? no way. boo. i love that show.

so now i have to go to angelas all bummed lol!! haha no... that show rocks tho i wish i could dance that good.. i love dancing...but not like tango and classical and stuff...damn..haha im such a nerd. maybe i should vote. no, but really STOP THE US NAVAL SONAR THAT IS KILLING WHALES instead. read about it here- this is sick sad and serious.

new jewelry and custom orders!

ok first of all id like to say thanks for reading and checkin out my blog! you there... sitting, ya, you keep coming back and spread the word: handmade saves the world.

heres a custom orders done today for davins girl... 'while you wait' pouch filled with harajuku style vintage goodies...hope she likes!!!

notice here the monchhichi iron on transfers (still available in shop! $3 free shipping)

'-'/ these are what ive come up with for roadtripgrrl in the past month

custom reversable tote


custom matching pouch

ive been jewelry making and im so behind on the updates... also i have this bad habit that if i dont list it i dont take pics of it!
so here are some of the beautiful earring designs ive come up with that are currently listed for sale... im just a beginner... but i think ive progressed already :D the ones i made tonight are super love love lovely.... ive been using the cabachons i got from before.... grr... too bad most of them are permanently glued to ear posts already...eagerer grrrr

these are so good:
'owl always be with you' earrings- i think im quoting jaret or simon here... these elegant kitch cuties are only $14.00

now these are the new style of harajuku vintage earrings ill be bringing to the fair this coming saturday....
so delicate, light, cute, fresh and sweet. vintage japanese plastic coral rose cabachon. the ladybug is vintage checz pressed glass...fantabulous! resonably priced for dem youts' at heart for $10

these ones. they are georgeous. vintage japanese red plastic rose shaped cabachon and resinated gold tone charm. the charm is beautiful, the age of the charm might be the yellowish color of the resin, which just adds more depth to the pallet of gold, red, green and cream...pressed checz glass leaf bead. the gold vein on the leaf picks up on the gold lines of the rose in the charm....its so beautiful. and is listed for $14.00


yeah they are so rad. skull pins i made for paper ya!

check it out is in there too -in the pics claires creations are the cute little white bear and the bear pins with ribbons :D

on the other side are the secret super special pouches...teehee

i wanted to and wouldve taken more pics! but ya know its kinda awkward coz there are people in there, youre not supposed to take pics and stuff...erm but i had permiso. then the crappiest thing i came with ang to work coz i wanted to get more earringhooks ya know but my bankcard wouldnt give me the $$ i put in yesterday... ugh so crappy. i really hate $$ and the banks and credit. UGH ICK and YUCK. so instead i just got a bunch of stuff i found online coz it comes out cheaper and the moneys already there for that kind of stuff ya know ..oops i can never save up! ohwell......

carmen emailed me she is going to kalipay. dang! GRRR and ;; big time.

meanwhile whos this jeff person and their 'SearchForThings72, 96, 51, 42, 9, 63 and 62' ??? what are those... um should i be scared now...

sew much to do...

and too many ideas + hot hot heat super sun humidity weather = me melting away drinking ice water and cold showers inbetween creatin'///\\
hey im going to try consignment around town.

last night was the etsy crafty chicks dinner - i forgot the camera and all the extra supplies i have to share ;; im such a forgetful. it makes me sud.

meanwhile- GO TO SHOP! yeah! ive listed some supplies, charms, and new earrings '-'/


its all ive been making really im so dead and havent finished my sewing.... uh oh!

news! Its Your Life is going to be all over the place!
read on for the events itsyourlife will be participating in:

quoted from this site:
Hamilton and Helmcken (Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps)
Vancouver, British Columbia
Mark your calendars on Saturday July 29th 2006 for the Yaletown 06 Flamin' Hot Classic Car Show + Summer Celebration. It’s fabulous…it’s free…and it’s all part of Vancouver's Best Free Day of the Summer!

This power pack day, needing no money down, starts with over 60,000 people spending their afternoon at the Yaletown 06 Flamin' Hot Classic Car Show + Summer Celebration. In the evening the action moves to English Bay for the Celebration of Lights fireworks. Visitors get a jump on parking spaces and the best viewing spots for the show. Two great events, one fabulous Free Day. Downtown has never been this good.

Yaletown’s high-energy festival takes place in the five blocks of the old heritage area along Mainland and Hamilton, spilling into the streets and onto the loading docks. Whether you’re a car buff or just a dreamer, it's hard not to fall in love the dazzling array of classic cars at the show. You’ll also find giant sidewalk sales, old time candy corn and samplings from some of Yaletown’s leading edge restaurants. There’s a main stage with live entertainment all day plus a dog show, an aerial bike show, and a kids area with petting zoo, pony rides and amusement fun. For 2006, there’ll be an expanded beer garden with live entertainment for you to enjoy while laying low and taking it all in. The old loading docks are filled with outdoor cafĂ©’s and make for a great vantage point to sit and relax and watch it all go by. It’s Vancouver Best Free Day, and it starts in Yaletown. You can’t afford to miss it.
Event Website:


"this saturday, july 22nd, come to kensington market for the first annual filipino arts festival: KULTURA, brought to you by kapisanan philippine centre, the digital sweatshop, inc and carlos bulosan theatre.

check out a display of visual art...

catch live music, theatre, improv and spoken word performances...

watch independent short films....

buy jewelry, accessories, crafts and clothing....

face painting + airbrush tattooing for kids...

all created/performed by local and out-of-town filipino-canadian artists.

artists/performers include:

len cervantes (spoken word)
caroline mangosing (jewelry)
minerva records (music)
rina espiritu w/ ricky tillo (music)
judy da silva (jewelry/crafts) :
shawn lambino (tshirts) :
alex felipe (photography)
nicole tirona (jewlery, bags, accessories) :
asiansploitation (improv comedy) :
CBT collective (excerpt from upcoming play "people power")
and many more....

this is the first festival of its kind here in toronto so come check it out and support the artistic endeavors thriving within the filipino-canadian community....bring yourself, your friends, your wife/husband, your mom/dad, your kids, etc....

the festival kicks off at 12 noon till sundown and is located at 167 augusta avenue (just 1/2 a block north of dundas) and in bellevue square park (also on augusta avenue)

spread the word and hope to see you there!

ps. of course there's filipino food too...duh."


New Its Your Life Items (pouches, crochet skull pins and fruit keychains!) are going to be restocked at Papaer-Ya on Ganville Island... watch out for the in-store pics this coming Monday!

I Heart Crafts is having a Part 2 on sept. 23
The Crafters Bazaar is at 2205 Commercial Drive, that is right across the street from JJ Beans Coffee Shop at 6th and Commercial.

Saturday Sept 23rd.
Setup will be at 10am - doors open at 11am - doors close at 5pm - and we're all out by 6pm.

if you are interested in joining this event email me! ill forward you the organizers info- the last one was so wicked!

New Stuff in Shop

check out his awsome bag i made and sent to toronto!

i also put up a lot of stuff in my etsy shop! made these charms for crafts oh my gosh they are cute and would make wicked earrings! im selling all 12 charms for $10

new stuff in shop!

oh my gosh last night i made two of these apples by taking apart some strawberries and sewing them together, stuffing and making a mini leaf stem yay!
mini crochet apple toy $8

the other night i made this cutie:
apple bracelet $10 SOLD!, thanks

and i decided to list this precious bag with removable matching kanzashi:
tree purse with pin $55

and then there are these 4 pink ones i listed:
pink kanzashi pins $15

*my fabric order from reprodepot arrived and man talk about hella expensie shipping i ended up paying USD $32 just for shipping ouch! so basically the fabrics are like 20$ a yard. hmmm, doesnt look like ill be shopping at reprodepot anytime soon, this year or next ;~(
*on the other hand the rest of the skull roses fabric i got has arrived yay

irregular choice

im not even going to complain anymore how slow sales are. im just going to starve to death and not use real bath soap quietly.

so instead of complaining (HAHA) im going to share a new link:

yes. irregualr choice. simon got me a pair of boots 2 christmases ago and they really should be on a shelf in the living room coz they are so nice.

skirts and new stuff

made 2 linen skirts and the skull rose size 6-8 skirt- in shop now! im going to send them to toronto for the kapisanan boutique so they wont be online want to make more ! but i dont have any $$ for fabric shopping. sucky :( i *could focus and make with what i have (lots) but now i just want to make clothes. looks like im making different stuff now, well at least it feels like it...
ive also made a few filigree earrings with the vintage cabachons, so sweet i love the heart rose ones. they are in my shop now for $10.

skulls and roses skirt custom made for you. yup thas right custom size skull skirt! i can make it size 4-16. pease contace me for the other 2 skull prints i have-but the other prints are only avail. to be made for size 4-7 sorry...
in shop for $48

sampaguite lime flowers and leaves its a linen cotton blend nice...size 6-7
in shop for $40!

sampaguita rust flowers and leaves size 7-8
in shop for $40!

check out the SALE im having! yeah!
the other night i found all these yay zakka sites:
this one
that one
heres another
they are the translated pages adresses...
i think there might be more.
this one has apple skull fabric that im dying for
EDIT sorry i think i doubled some but i fixed it now.

heres a cool pinoy one i find really entertaining, search me

skirts and fairs

hey i made another skirt this morning. its out of knit fabric, so no zipper! and no need to serge seams, unlike cotton or woven fabric the whole thing is serged like a tshirt and it took me an hour from cut to finish, yay. well i havent knotted and tucked in the threads on the inside yet, just on the bottom.
its pretty comfy, im wearing it right now :) the inside is like cottony jogging pants or sweatshirt stuff i love it ♥
theres another one cut its black and white squares/grid textured knit. i might do some kind applique on it? lets see..

EDIT: ok its done! i made it and sold it to angela who graciously modeled for me:

its only got 4 pieces instead of 5, no zip special! i love this knit skirt...

also these knits arent washed so ill try n wash em after..

skull skirt custom? for a custom fit im thinking $70
but they could be $50 if i just make them sized, ready to wear kinda thing, i wouldnt have to make a custom pattern.
i dont know... but i do know i also have to wash the real nice linen fabrics i got to make skirts! yeah damn coins ;p
EDIT: i guess im dreaming. so i made a real nice one tonight (its night time now) with the freshly laundered stuff, while angela made two more skirts for herself. im doing the zipper over. its printed twill like black and white plants, leaves and more leaf systems. looks like a coloring book. 40$ ? yes! im going to send these skirts to Toronto, then they can stay in the boutique-y area of the Kapisanan Center :) ♥ *lightbulb

going to have to redo the crooked zip.

meanwhile theres a vintage car show ill be vending at in yaletown with christy!, and amanda! its on the 29th.... which means i have to totally schedule my time coz Its Your Life is going to be in Toronto! people of Canada!


ok so i put the comment verification back up! please please LET MEKNOW where those spam comments are so i can DELETE them those jerks!

another spam thing came to email! i tried it,,, its for banner ads on the blog! its kinda flashy and ugly? i dont know,,, i put it on thebottom but it scared me :P

i could earn money tho if like a gazillion people click on the ads tho - ? maybe not... should i do it?

newly listed pouches ay!

available at paper-ya in the net loft on granville island :
do soup japanese french vintage styles

spaghetti housewife french vintage style pouch

creme pudding japanese french vintage styles

these are in my etsy shop!
enjoy club out of this world coin pouch 10$

round top sashiko kittens pouch 12$ too!SOLD,thanks!