new kanzashi pins

this red fabric is so pretty... made into a kanzashi it kinda looks like a bandana i put a scotty dog as the center

heres a flower in the making...a large 7 petal one. i havent finished it yet, tho i made its center already- a fabric covered button

this is my favorite. i used the tsumugi fabric ive had since my first fabric order, a neutral flower button and a skull bead simon brought back from his travels in asia. its so cool and im stoked all the colors go.

new fabric from kumi!

weee its so pretty, i want the trees in white too
im going to make more kanzashi flowers today. i think starting with the lovely red fabric . . . its got some gold in it

site meter, PBB and kanzashi flowers

weird. i just checked my site meter and found somebody came from a search of 'mich dulce hate' so of course i investigate (the little condensed blurb that brought my blog up on google via those search terms was of course, out of context)
so then i find like articles and the forum i posted once on the abs-cbn website for PinoyBigBrother Celebrity Edition.
hey! mich has been eliminated from big brother coz she got an anxitey attack, was brought to the hospital and didnt come back within the 24 hour curfew??? whaaat? i havent even seen the damn show. then i go check her blog and its deleted??? ha??
hmpph. man i really wanted to see mich on tv

hmm, what else.
oh yes.

i am eagerly awaiting my new SECRET SUPPLIES for making jewelry YAY its your life jewels. i think unveiling will be in mid april...for summer.

made 3 kanzashi flowers after a long time of not even thinking of them. was going to ship and go to dressew for pin backs but realized it was sunday! so i figured i could make pin backs. and i did, nice ones too i think...
i used the stiff felt my mom sent me... what a save

buy a romantic kanzashi today... SOLD, thanks!

greet spring with a fray kanzashi...SOLD thanks

featured etsy item all sold!

what a day!
i made 3 more pouches today. i guess you could say im on a roll. after posting them i logged off etsy only to see the squirrel pouch on the featured items on the front page!! how cool!!! then as the day passed they got bought one by one. now they are all gone and im not on the front page anymore. awww. the price of fame. haha!
anyway here are the newbies in the shop!

also his awsome lady emailed me her shop in gastown called 'occupied'. guess what dear vancouverites... i never knew there was an ARANZI ARONZO outlet in gastown!!! yay! its cute. heres the shop page, and they have awsome pics on flicker...
occupied shop page!

heres the adress:
221 Abbott St.
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2K7

more times 3!

here are pouches i got the zippers for

now for some reason* these 3 owl pouches came to be different sizes. papa, mama and baby owl size.

these ones came like fraternal identical triplets :) SOLD OUT! thanks

dressew supplies

yay here are the new goodies i got. thread. gosh they had invisible thread in dark for 25 cents. insane. i got the invisible thread i use in daiso for 2 bucks aw. so i got the dark invisible thread coz you can see the clear invisible thread on the monchhichi pouch. its not that insibile on black. got some other colors, my color selection is all used up.. then i got 6 new brown zippers for more pouches like the two that sold! yippe. you know, the same but different. and two black ones that were just as economical* but didnt have the nice zipper pull.


i shared secrets but now want them back. ill gladly give these other ones back. no refund or exchange on experience.
yeah i spit you out.
huhuhuhu ;;

ok. im off to dressew to get more of those cute brown zippers.


new etsy shop items!

this ones sold.

sold too ^-^

this ones still available tho!

more mini pouch key rings

here are the new red ones. they turned out a bit smaller than the blue ones! can you imagine how small and cute they are.

i used two colors of gingham. sometimes the mini bear just knows what it likes, do you♥ it? go to shop

weee having some fun with the pics.. its a coreografed / synchronized swim routine

hanging off a purse (a nice purse 8)

from your belt loops - to shop?

here are the blue ones in the daytime

im not really sure if im listing it ok.. i mean one by one. are people really picky about ring color?

$5.00 key ring coin pouch in etsy

little mini bear factory. . .yeah the mini bears messy


yikes i gotta trim my fingernails. im turning into a ferral child

SALE camo and pink messenger

ran out of free items so i decided to make one. . its so sweet and small. i love it. i might make more and put them in the shop for a few bucks. i have so many old lists (stuff that got sold from home- or stuff i sent to toronto). . what a waste!

this bag is on sale, cute! and has a cushy strap. 25$ plus shipping your total will still be less than 30$. whew! what a steal. see my shop for other pics and dimentions. free pick up in vancouver?! yeah! no shipping and ill still wrap it ;)

french poodle trim in etsy shop

new trim in stock and in shop :) 5$ a meter- us and canada shipping included! send me an email or check out my shop

csi and kahlil

ive been watching csi for hours. theres another episode coming up. 3 shows all in a row! im never going to sew again tonight haha!
meanwhile found my old xeroxed kahlil gibran book.

The Vision

new belt pouches for etsy

click for waaaaay big pic

EDIT-monchhichi belt pouch now available in my etsy shop

on their way to etsy! one down and two to go- all cut and ready to sew.
heres the one i finished

and the two more to be done
im so good!
just figured out costs and it all works out perfectly. including fees! im only off less than 20 cents! amazing


gosh its been so super sunny these past few days. nico just doesnt know what to make of it! the weather lady said there was a cold front coming down from alberta but is it here? i dont think so, at least not yet EDIT: ITS HERE! ITS COLD!

yesterday nico went on the advice of angela and other bead work employees to go check out circle craft on granville island. they are a co-op shop and after paying the 25$ or something yearly membership fee (if you are accepted) then you can sell in their shop and join the circle craft market during xmas time for cheap (coz if you are not a member its HELLA expensie like hundreds of dollars)
the best part is their shop consigment fee is 70-30! cool hey? its usually 50-50 to 3 times the cost.

after getting snubbed at circle craft, i went to check out RICE TERRACES on west broadway near granville.
i went coz:
1. it had a filipino hand painted sinage
2. i wanted to see another store for alies crocheted stuff
3. i saw all the neat-o stuff in the window and have been wanting to check it out for quite some time now.
crap they have the most AMAZING STUFF FROM JAPAN in there. sew pretty zakka stuff, kimono stuff, origami, ceramic, decor, small gifts, even a variety COOL SHOES AND SNEAKERS with kimono fabric print. the best best best part was that it was owned by a filipino! Anjin and his japanese wife Yoko.
i love that store. when i go to buy dem kick ass sneaks i will ask if i can take some pics for the blog. it is divine in there!

today simon and i searched for like 45 minutes for our common law paper works... we found the old stash we thought we lost but not the newer print outs we had filled out.
it was insane! we couldnt find it.
the reason the old ones were more important coz i had filled out the part where you put in all your adressess while in canada (gasp!). that task alone took me 4 months to figure out. i have moved. . a lot!
but then we found it. on the coffee table in the living room!
my nbi clearance from manila is here already- i was blown away at how slow we are/ how fast they are.
today is the day we are mailing one more document. well, if i ever get off the computer long enough. just kidding. also i have to stick with my program and make a pattern for the wooden handles.

the navy owls tote was bought yesterday (!!) , then today someone in singapore purchased a lot of trim (!!) . i love it when i get those emails from etsy telling me somebody has bought something from my shop.

Davin's custom chess board case with pouch

the main pouch is reversable and padded with a layer of felt

simon took extra pics! cool . i made a zip pouch with both owl fabrics..its got a divider in the middle of the lining so you can have the two colors separated. davin wanted the brown squirrels on the outside. . so i was crushed when i had to seam rip it 3 times! too small too big too ewan! eh, but now its perfect! and its with him...we had dinner at desserts for simons b-day with his whole family coz davin works there- hes the only worker! so i finally was able to give it too him. . and liz xmas gifts too!