M.I.A mousey grimey mama

just got back from grime night at shine. only went coz of M.I.A. but ive always wanted to do the Ciara feat.Missy 1.2 Step. then that song played after i asked Jill if she knew how and she totally did! yes oo.

simes couldnt make it coz of work and the mouse. our new friend gross. its in the stove and its not coming out puke puke. i think its coz i made kare-kare. jeez!
we were convinced our hole patch up jobs worked:

i cant find the pic of the BATHROOM caulk we used but we really thought it was outta here.

ill try and post a pic of the pest control person in action.

black people loot and white people find? huh?


this article i found thru the blogger 'how-to-link" tutorial.
i know how to post links now!

the mouse that came in last night might be gone. i couldnt make anything coz we need to organize first. recover from the mouse disaster. we turned the place upside down. but simon fixed it and now the place is spotless.

its raining today and im lazy.

im excited for the sidewalk sale and i hope it doesn't rain. im also intrested in the fairs isabel called me today with.
did anybody know there is a horse riding club in vancouver? the southland country fair is looking for crafters. too bad that lady hasnt emailed me yet with the rest of the info.

theres also a craft fair in north van, in the parkgate community center on sept.10 id like to join.

i need to consign.


o my god im so grossed out i saw mouse come into the apartment earlier and i havent been calm since.
i cant even walk on the floor really. i dont know how im going to sleep. i keep thinking its going to crawl on me when im sleeping. gross.
aaaa! good thing kristines at janices' house tonight.

but i was able to sit down on the computer (with my legs on the chair)and resize all the pics i took of the bags i made while i was in langley with simon. i made 9 bags! woohoo.
also today i spent almost the last of my money on magnetic snaps, grommets and zippers and tela (cloth) whew. so pretty. i wanted to sew but im not that down with the mouse in here.
our front door is open so hopefully it will just go out sometime.


oh yeah...sidewalk sale on the corner of Main and Broadway on Sept. 1st people! its dadabase, anti-social and maybe another store? local designers will be setting up for the day, including me- so dont forget and come on down.... everything ive made that hasnt sold and am still making is going to be there...cheap. !

fuse& naufus ramirez-figueroa

today were going to langley to water and clean and stuff. im bringing my sewing machine again and will post pics on sunday or whenever we get back.
also f.y.i. im joining the A2Z Consignment fair happening at coal harbour community center on sept.18.

last night was naufus' performance at the Vancouver Art Galley...
had a great night. simon and i met sandra at the art gallery steps and eventually there was a few of us sitting on the steps. naufus came and ryan and his friend.

then sailor and a friend came uo on this awsome white bike he made with two seats! even the chain was white.

when we got inside- we were on the guest list! we milled around looking at rodins sculptures and reading/laughing about theodore sascatche wan. so funny. he changed his name to that...
anyway finally 9:30 came and it was naufus' time to go on. the previous lady and her 2 volunteers were a bit boring.
naufufu was great. then andrew came and hes so funny. i noticed some of people laughing and i got so annoyed/ mad. if you cant just watch the performance in the tone it is presented in, get it, or even be POLITE enough to hold in your little giggles get the eff out of the art gallery, go to a comedy show or the PNE. makes me so mad! all andrew and i wanted was for naufus to rub his ass on thier faces. but were his friends so of course we dont want anyone to be inapropriate at the VAG!. he is known for that kind of thing. people should be prepared.

(after the vag we went to venus' photo show at the jewel of india) also rocco / charito did an awsome espangol drag queen performance. we tried to take pics but it was too dark.. charito at one point smashed a glass in aguish? despair? resentment? i didnt understand the lyrics but that was some powerful emotion.
today i didnt sew anything. kristine is settled into the studio. a freak coincidence we were sunning in the park and sandra walked right up to us. so she hung out, simon came for a bit, then kristine's cab came for her haircut and we went back to my place and made a big pot of kare-kare. also cooked up some special bagoong. i ate 3 bowls! baboy!
its weird coz the more simon eats kare-kare the more he gets into the bagoong! when did a whitey ever like bagoong??!
im trying to put my art portfolio together and i realize how lame i am and dont make any art anymore. this whole summer was consumed by bag making.
also today i did more searching and found more fairs to join:
sept. 11 is the aldergrove fall fair (?) simon says theres lots of trashy peeps with no money
sept. 17 and 18 is the murrayville fall fair
oct.17 is the UBC back to school sale and it goes on for few days. i have a meeting with the organizer on monday to show her my samples.
a whole bunch in november that im having trouble deciding.
nov. 18 &19 in burnaby, a craft fair
nov.26/dec.3 xmas craft fair
trout lakes got some which i likes coz its close to my house...
reily park i likes too. their holiday craft fair on nov. 19
also tomorrow i think i will call back that tammy lady about the a2z consignment fair. isabel doen't want to split it with me coz our stuff wont fit on one table.... but i hope to make more than 50$ coz thats a lot and how much the tables are.... i guess its also coz i dont have that many for september... its on the 17th.

i wish i didnt have to go back to school and was just better at doing these fairs but i want to get an art degree and heck i need to go back coz im not even making any art right now!

kristines laptop bag!

here it is! i got a pair of earrings my other cousin made so those are what im wearing in the photo.... the laptop bag was super hard. i didnt have a pattern and ended up ripping it 3-4 times to do the stitches over... but it fits perfect and i think kristine likes it!

kristines coming!

my cousin from toronto is coming to visit vancouver. yipee shes coming tomorrow and i made her a laptop bag. she gave me the dimentions and i made it the colors she wanted- olive and fushia. the olive is this cool fabric, kinda like suede and has these tiny black shiny dots on it. the fushia is just lining material. had a really hard time making it and still its not finished! i had no clue for a pattern or procedure and just went for it. the zippers crooked:

ill post pics when kristine gets here...and a pic of the finished bag. i just hate taking photos at night.


just got back from capoiera, what a workout and its so fun!

the lady that asked for a custom order called and is on her way. weee!
heres what i made her this morning:

its reversable- umm. she asked for one strap instead of two and it looks great! except it kept opening so i added two buttons and a satin cord.

20 bux woohoo!

latin sizzle fest was a bust!

man am i super bummed. i got scammed with a fake 50$ bill! it sucks coz it was nearing the end of the day, its was super dusty and i didnt make that much profit... then this lady (im being nice- what i mean to call her is crackho')came all jittery and 'bought' two purses. one was really hard to make!! with cut out handles. and a clutch. the first clutch i made. it had a super cute jewel button. she gave me a fifty u.s. bill and i didnt even look at it, like a fool i gave her 20$ change. i hate her but i figure shes getting her bad karma already being a prostitue/junkie everyday of her rotten dirty pathetic existance. geez!! its all my fault. i should've not been so trusting and looked at the money. she even had a nice little talk about how much she liked the idea of buying something knowing it didnt come off a conveyor belt. (shakes head). what she meant was she liked the idea of stealing from someone who works hard and doesnt earn much.
right after she left i checked coz something was so wrong with how i felt. we tried looking for her but she must've booked it. . it'll never happen again!

but on to better things like pictures.
heres isabel and her nifty tent- our set up

and heres what my stuff looks like now
the pouch table:

the purse and doll table:

and heres some of the hanging bags. the black one is the other bag i made yesterday. i was surprized by the positive response coz i thought i couldve made it slower, hence nicer.

a lady named tammy invited me to consign stuff for a downtown kids and mommy fair. and i have a custom order from another lady. i guess things arent as bad as i thought.
i think im sick of festivals tho. maybe i should try to be a better chooser when it comes to the fairs i participate in.
i already learned no flea markets- esp on the east side. and im sick of festivals coz they are too hot and this one was soo dusty. and people arent really in a shopping mode. but i guess most sales are women who 'come back'. i love those. i especially love the woman(surya) who came back and bought 4 things!

here it is

this is the little duck i made in langley last weekend from a pattern i photoshopped from ebay. i also saw it on the 'crafting japanese' blog i found on craftster- love that site! when im bored and looking to make something, ill log on and look around the forums for a while. it doesnt even matter if i find something i want to make on there, i just get inspired and go ahead and make something.

Today i tought i was going to sell/vend with isabel, so i get to trout lake and shes not there! its tomorrow. oops!
meanwhile i made a 2 extra bags and a stuffed car. i want to make more cars with picture-insertable windows- haha!
heres one of the bags..its night time now so ill just post pics of tomorrows set up and stuff.