Saturday, August 23, 2014


i'm sorry i cant be as vapid as you'd like
show me on me where the world has hurt you
and i will show you how to handle it with no fear

there was this guy walking towards me with this excessively large and yellow tweety bird doll
and i turned my head and pretended not to notice him
then this girl came walking past with a big i <3 almost="" and="" away.="" br="" but="" didn="" give="" i="" it="" l.a.="" me="" saw="" she="" swooned="" t="" tee="" think="" to="" want="">but when i saw the flat bed carrying the old benz i thought of john e. and wondered if i told you that story.

i met a guy on swim and i learned about myself.

Friday, August 08, 2014

x rated poems -

18+ only. actually make that 25+ just to be sure.

You Interrupted My Mowing

18+ only please

i was buying fish in kensington market

18+ only please

True Love


light me a cigarette
put two in your mouth
give me one and
do what you will
with the other.


Monday, June 30, 2014

no one liked this poem but so many people liked the other one that i wasnt even seriously writing.



Friday, June 27, 2014

I wrote some poems

this ones called
"we were playing cards"

A game of hearts has never won as big of a jackpot as this, my love!

But tell me lover, upon this table here, wherefore art thou commence?

In plain English, where are your comments.

God told me he knows not the answer to your questions and I have yet to ask mine.

I have yet to ask mine, my love. Shall I ask about us? Shall I ask today, from God, about you and my love for one another? How it extends to everyone we come into contact with? And about our fears my love, shall I leave anything out?

I shall not!

As a child beloved, I knew not the meaning of fear of God. But as I extend that name to you today I know now that the fear to be outcast from your court would have me in the throes of eternal suffrage. Surely God has no mercy but since I am refering to you as my God my love, you must be able to extend your mercy and have me back in your garden once again where we are equal companions in this blossoming ride to heaven.

Yes, yes I know you tire of my biblical verses and my thoughts of God and all this are but mere illusionary dreams of guidance and not based on any sound knowledge other than the knowledge I possess in my heart.

My childish set of rules cast aside, I know now my love that an eternal summer of bliss with you awaits once we meet again on this earth.

When you tell me to be gone and tell me I am not loved my heart beats deaden and I slowly wither. It is only through the constant insistence of the mechanics of my anatomy and my lack of energy that lessens the blow to a mere dull ache at the lack of your precence and constant companionship. Such a paradox can surely only mean death to the inept and uncertain my love.

As I told you once and many times since, I have made up my mind and you are the one I chose and continually find to be the right choice and depsite the difference in our opinions we never fight. You know this and so do I. Let us not ever get to that point where we men and women take camps and bare arms against one another. Your guns will always be bigger my love but my pussy will always be sweeter.

Unlike these postulations and accusations, big egos and misplaced faux offended gestures, our love knows how to behave accordingly. As it dances among the tall grasses, the sound our love makes is something akin to the sounds of baboons in a jungle canopy, or say, honking geese flying in unison towards a sunset of mystical proportion.

Portion me this my love, a bone? I have yet to chew a soup I have yet to taste while the bite that awaits is much lauded by its bark.

I leave, and bid you a peck on the cheek, both and a little kiss on your lips to last a lifetime

Friday, June 20, 2014

New Story


bills, rest of rent

if a love can be anything as it is undefinable in its position what does a love using sustained thought plus effort over time create.
if you interchange the word love with human because love is a human understanding it would be earlier to answer.
if love was for humans we would be gods
but we're still acting like awkward teenagers who don't know how to fit in.
if we were gods our love would create the space for humans to love.

it didn't seem to work the last time.
we need a new story.

"little bit - drake remix" -re: earth

Thursday, June 12, 2014

health industry

underground hospitals

or what

looking for what plays on

turn down for what

turn down for what

what the eff


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Classic IYL Filigree Locket Necklace with Vintage Cream Flower

ah i used to make this a lot
one of my most fave designs and most popular
so classic
when i would find the vintage lockets and oxidize them so cool
but now i cant find them as much and use these new ones
but i still have a few actual dead stock flowers.. saving them now
but this one has a vintage flower still.

its on etsy for 30CAD plus 2 bucks shipping in canada or 3 bucks if in the u.s.
i wanna redo my site and this blog. .... so im just gonna post on etsy sometimes for now