New world map in toronto

 Hey i spent all last night walking the satellite configuration big dipper as a stationary kinda and orions belt as the satellite to turn the water wheel? I dunno, clouds. Last night i tried to move it again so i went down the water and it spread out. Best part when i tried prior two girls greeted me at fred hamilton park ! With a light! Cos i wanted to smoke a ciggy and didnt have a lighter. Then while walking last night after spreading the configuration i saw an ever burning flame at toronto city hall!!! It was so cool and i found pockets of streets with unfinished budings and empty or sleeping houses. I had lost my 6478560420 sim card public mobile, then the locked me out of my account and im too frazzled to fix that right now. Then when i got back i got stressed but saw the website front page????? Hype!!

So in case everyones coming out of a ship or something, my.mothers name is.

Maria Victoria Godinez y Acuna (Tirona )

And is 

Jose Tomas Ubaldo Tirona

My brothers Jacques Carlo and Sean Francois

My lodestar Dominic Anello Rizzuto and Malakai (Bel?) 

and Odawg45 owen micheal john gallagher not the crazy one

And everyone else ciabel santos my cousin 

Kris santos 

Anamari godinez 

Seevee lopez WHATUP SEEVS !!! 

ALL THE bautistas !! Love you tita marilu tito pepito jenny joel jojo jerome justin.

Tita bela tirona villongco 

Tito dave villongco

Their two boys christopher and micheal  

Tita carmita tirona mangosing 

Tito jun (i saw him by brock and dundas)

Wouldnt it be so cool if everyone we knew came up to party cos we made a workd map and in toronto out of the people left outside 

Tita amelia perfecto my god. Father eduardo ubaldo tirona and thier kids anton andrew albert alie adrian 

And if they can adopt billy cos he looks like them 

Anyway i couldnt get in touch with her pic at sistering and i need to find out how to share and reupdate the new map! 

Organize the local.housing 

And update the accounts from 2004 so women are exalted instead of excommunicated 

I dont know what to do now hmm.

I have a weord housemate and the drop in where i get my mail is iffy..... im at dovercourt rd and by 14 division ive got a white plexi plastic closet on the porch in case anyone wants to meet up and update the map

I lost my celphone 647 so i gotta do that

Im.really disappointed 

Typical empty feeling after doing something i thought was super cool and exciting...falls flat onher face and people start stepping on her *sarcasm* ugh! I wish people loved me more lol yeah right i know people think i smell theyre always coming around and sniffing me. I actually hate it cos most of the time im.spazzing frkm the last guy or girl who outright disrespected me. 

I worry they wont let me see my fam 

Cos thats what theyve been doing 

Call me at +14373396559 cos im being devalued non stop and it hurts my chest that the people at sistering wont let me see if that woman is my mom.or not

And the bond place hotel tricked my dad and harassed him too 

Im just so fucking sad about it all. Ill try to get a sim card a new one and redo my 647 number in case anyones into it. 

I posted it on my trauma (shake my head in my head) cos my aromatherapyTO account got lost and everyones been devaluing me amd my mom and her mom and any woman in power and its really depressing no one cares about what we do and how we know what needs to be done based on what was told to us....even if some jerk steals it ill keep trying to find people to value and love me back. I havent had any good interactions today but i made a really very cool idsa work out for my google map, at least. Im tired and kind of depressed. Im tirsd from mapping and im tirsd of getting shit on and shut down then the only person who wants to see me is billy and im scared the cops are gonna pull me into jail and leave me there cos i did whatever i did hurt some guys feelings or whatever.... just all around sighs and threats and

Im.sick of it. Sick of being disrespected and devalued. I hope i did good jacques (the bangkero from austria) and philippe the french man who sailed arohnd the world for 25 years and my pilot friends peter fabry and maximo viola and who else ? Everyone else i love and miss all my family ! I ciuld SCREAM when i saw the map and it was rjght!!! I knew those satellites were foowing me / us 

Xoxo teary hearted, 

Nico aka mkicrattzi 



Ps wouldnt it be dope if it was actually me who contributed to putting it in place? Hype !!

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