I really loved owen though that's why it's so hurtful for him to turn on me and join the girls and men at sistering and start making fun of me with them. They all treated me so fucking badly what the hell did I ever do to them? Give them cigs? Weed? I have always had less money than anyone I met on benefits cos the Gov thinks I'm a prostitute and that I make huge amounts of money what a crock of  shit so I'm stigmatized and shamed and ganged up on by men so that's me ineligible to use the women's centre. Go fucking figure then my so called love who I actually really liked and loved so much just used me and shit on me daily after he decided filthy homeless women who literally steal and hurt people were better company than I was and decided to help them take advantage of me despite being the stigmatized and least helped one because people think I'm rich or lying. I wish I could kill myself I would have done it soooooo very long ago I wouldn't have even come 

to canada and I would have spared myself so many decades of further abuse.

shit so because I'm stigmati

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