well i almost died at the meal program again, the same one i got anaphylactic shock from earlier this summer. its a sally ann one on dovercourt. they were always sprinkling the food with crushed raw seeds or nuts.
this last one i caught it cos i ate slowly
but there were signs i was in a trap at the repair cafe
and then afterwards someone i was talking to gave me their meal before i headed to the meal program
i should have taken that sign
but i was feeling trapped during the repairs
because almost all the pieces i had to fix were alterations and i couldnt understand why each one was like that
but then i heard patrices name and felt his disrespectful conniving malicious lying energy
i was prepped the day or two before by a viewing for an art space
but before that the fake check thing

its too complicated to write out in order right now
but there were signs i didnt understand or act on properly at the time

and now im in total allergy mode, itching everywhere

the first time i got allergy, previously i had been emailing people on kijiji for a room share
there was this one man replying (i was looking for women) and he was insisting i wasnt allergic to cats
to the point where he was literally getting angry with me in letter form
telling me that i had an immune disorder and no one is allergic to cats
oh fuckin hell even on email the men are pushy and gross
and not long after i got the allergy at that meal program and i swore i was talking to patrice in the emails and that his energy or even straight up him tried to kill me.

ugh. ill try to write it out but its too long and im dying right now.

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