Small Quilted Items!!: Sweet & Simple Patchwork Gifts: 25 Charming Projects to Make Using Classic Quilt Motifs

Go figure the book is from 2012 !

Here it is from Amazon but I borrowed mine from the Palmerston library which I found from my area had the most sewing and fiber craft books! I think its all the Italian women in the neighbourhood!

I first tried the hexagon pattern. I dont know why. Then I realized I did not add seam allowance so everything was small. Then I didnt finish it. I will though, its adorbs.

Then I tried this project but I gave up after two blocks (lol) because I was doing it by and and Im impatient... then it got stolen ! I was annoyed so then I made this one in storage.
 ugh look at the back its so messy i didnt actually follow the placement of the corners and just whatevered it.
 this one with bunnies was the one that got stolen. booooo i dont know if i have anymore of that bunny fabric, its a chinese print, thin cotton. so cute

 so i just remade it with the same polka dot houndstooth... its less cute actually! damn!

The book is a super great starter book if you like the japanese aesthetic, im not sure what makes it so, the authours are japanese and the design of the book itself reminds me of aranzi aronzo books, i love this style of diy sewing book.

support your local library, and mind!

there are super cute projects, the house ones! actually the house block i can show which is part of my latest project but i will just wait until its done (add zipper) to post cos i kind of want to make a tutorial for it so ill need to make it twice.

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