laundry soap

turns out ive accidentally made so much laundry soap (that hasnt been grated yet with borax and washing soda added)

for some weird reason the one large chunk of failed pear turned pink? and the mini fig soaps i made last night where i forgot to measure the oil, when i touched them today, a film of oil turned yellow where my finger touched? is it because right after cutting them they were put into their cute paper boxes right away to stack them up and look at them, giving them no air to dry off? maybe. they are all drying off in their little open boxes now, a small audience of clam shells on the shelf.

first of all, how can you forget to measure the damn oil. there are only two things to measure. three. lye, water, oil.

it was oil i had poured out and didnt measure and it looked like 520 grams of oil but i guess it was about 470. this is my guess. will the soap last or will it turn into a chalky white piece of lye like the other failed soaps that get turned into laundry soap. i dont know. i do know i can threaten the soaps now if they misbehave, and say things like "if you're not nice, i'll turn you into laundry soap"

i want to buy more fragrances for the soaps. because im starting to like mixing the fragrances and understand how such a tiny amount of a specialty blend from a brand name company turns my essential oil blend into a lasting perfume. the fragrance molecules are cool. specially the brand name ones that dont cause cancer and three eyed fish and stuff like inhibit growth of certain delicate ecosystems that rely on a trace amount of certain plant matter and processes to thrive. like a human. like the endocrine system, endocannabinoid system, our hormonal balance, our chemical balance that our mind produces.

so its tough figuring it out and making the laundry soaps cos its such a moral dilemma even though before i started making my own stuff i would always use the cheap brand or the best smelling brand, which for sure is using the cheapest fragrance chemicals too, the three eyed fish ones. so i have to be ok with my homemade three eyed fish laundry soap and just be like, ok, try to do better next time and read the sds and believe it and study all the oils and absolutes first.

edit: here are the fig soap for sale as laundry soaps

 the tiny laundry bars pictured above they are $5 for one (thats all i weighed out these shipping prices for)
there are 8 mini bars. and one bag of almost 100 grams soap flake + partial whole mini bar (in case anyone wants to buy it)
find your rate here:

 (for one bar the package is about 45 grams maximum weight, the mini soaps are made to be 35 grams each)
its 15 dollars shipping within canada (flat rate) (might get away sending it letter mail but ask me and ill refund you if it works its $2.50)
lowest rates abroad:
its 8 dollars to the U.S.A. (california)
its 9 dollars to England & Australia (international)
you can purchase these from me directly by sending the details of your order with payment to my paypal: and/or writing me with your payment to my email nicoletirona at yahoo or the one in my profile.

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