Skin Brightening Lotion

I think I used expired cetyl alcohol nf, im not sure, it wasnt stored properly and has been sitting around for ages.
other than the waxing effect of the cetyl alcohol this lotion i think feels ok-good. i chickened out using a water phase thickener like arrowroot or guar gum so ill try that with just regular oil.
so anyway this skin brightening lotions ph might be 6. i have no ph meter and used a test strip on some of the lotion in distilled water and it tested 6 but i dont think thats accurate at all (
so i almost want to add the b3 because it says not to add it to acidic formulas to prevent nicotinic acid formation through oxidation upon contact with water. not sure but i guess it turns into niacin and too much of that internally i know makes your skin flush. but because i dont know the ph.... (is my arm burning? i dont know, its tripping me out)

anyway this lotion is nonionic but im not really sure what that does in terms of skin care properties (need more research)

it has
aloe vera
nutritious oils: mct, hemp, pumpkin seed
precious oils: meadowfoam, rosehip, baobab
2% fruit acid (alpha hydroxy acid) (so its not very strong because I dont have a ph meter)
helichrysum extract
(and i might add the vitamin b3)

im trying it out on one suntanned arm. at night. and on my face, there are three sun spots on my cheek i want to fade.
no essential oil blend to scent it yet, i cannot decide.

here are the pics!

measuring out the ingredients

here is a video of the emulsification!!

mixing mixing ... had bubbles because i was pressing too strong while holding the camera :(

after cooling a bit, it thickened well, i was actually kind of hoping for a more watery lotion but i didnt use a water phase thickener and instead used cetyl alcohol

maybe ill take better pics tomorrow or just for the next trial where i will try a starch as a thickener so the lotion is more water
p.s. i learned all this lotion speak from : 

p.p.s. im scenting this blend with my anti-aging calming essential oil blend -it smells great but now got a bad batch of galbanum oil from a different supplier so it doesnt smell as good as the original calming blend :( still good though.

july 12th 10:30 pm
i dont know if i should add the aromatherapy blend to this lotion. i think its going to go bad or something. i forgot it in my rush to leave for the day and left it in my room with plastic wrap over it and it was stuffy and hot in my room. it seems fine but it probably isnt. so im just going to use it up as is and try again. i actually really freaking love this lotion. its got a great "squishy" texture, it only does the waxing effect when you have a huge glop on your arm, otherwise it disappears quick and aborbs well, has a dry feeling, but there is a slight drag that takes a while to absorb (maybe 10 mins) and i swear it reduced my brow furrow, and smoothed the texture of my skin after the 5th ot 6th application. i usually put it on after a shower or when i wash my face and i just rub it in for a while cos i space out while im doing it thinking about how awesome it is i made a lotion that i wouldnt be able to afford if it was in a store. and that ill always be able to do this and only get better at it.
the other one unfortunately i transferred to a dirty container because i know i didnt sanitize or wash it properly and it was also in my room all day and the container smells bad. like a slight smell of something that doesnt smell botanical or fresh at all so its in the sink looking forlorn. im really bummed about my lack of facilities and containers, but i am really stoked on the skin brightening lotion formula and kind of want to make it again without cetyl alcohol, but i dont know what to replace it with. starches. maybe. honestly my skin is so damn smooth now i am so impressed with the stuff really. i just hope i can make money off my ideas somehow because im so broke on welfare and it makes me anxious that i cant do what i want to do because of lack of money and lack of people around me who understand me when i speak. most people think im really dumb. its really disappointing to me and insulting but what can you do.

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