Lemon Poppy Seed rice crispie treats

The melt and pour soap was not enough!

I made this right after..... mmmm added some powdered milk to the butter and marshmallows, then added the poppy seeds, and its super yummy!

i didnt make these marshmallows, they are store bought
the last recipe i made somehow failed after it was already good. put it in the fridge to set but it collapsed and all the rice absorbed the water and it turned into this soft not crispie thing i threw out. very sad as i made a huge thing of it. as it goes. this ones perfect though!!! i already tried a slice while waiting for the rice to cook for lunch.

made green bean and ground pork with mushroom and green onion, added hoisin sauce sesame oil pepper soy sauce and arrowroot powder (too much arrowroot powder actually) (im going to try to use it for lotion making practice) and the left over is lunch. mmm. so good to have food already made.
and now im starving and im trying to not eat my little rice crispie cake.

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