I deactivated my facebook. You know whats strange is how retaining this media and information you put online in your short term memory, then forgetting its up online, then losing access to that short term memory recall, then realizing the effects this information has being available to people who interact with you in current time. Its confusing. If I still had the lifestyle I had, I would have stuck to writing letters and sending presents and pictures and music c.d's, use the phone to talk to people, that kind of stuff is like a fantasy now. Who has the time? Everyone has the time. Have you watched someone stare at their device without doing anything but flicking through its endless pages of apps and icons, only to turn it off, then switch it back on? When I caught myself doing this *one simple trick* my brain went shiny in only one day!
Thing is my business pages are gone. Oh well. I still got you, blog. 

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