switching from a human reality to being made into a corporate bot

im having such a hard time with google and privacy and passwords
fuck its ruining my life
honestly the time spent on coming up with passwords and avoiding feeling trolled online is the biggest scam on the planet.
no one uses their time properly because we are all glued to a fuckin corporation that profits off our disassociation with our physical reality.
facebook is creeping me out.
someone else is using my email account on another facebook and i cannot confirm or recover it via that email. facebook is refusing me access to business page asking me for tax information. what the actual fuck. blogger was switched over to google and now accessing my freaking dashboard is a constant hell on earth.
i dont know how to function as a safe person anymore. the amount of scammers online outnumbers the real people trying to connect with other real people.
i cant connect with anyone online without doing a double take.
when my computer got hacked years ago and my email was being used to send out spam is when all of my stalker creepy problems happened. also saying no and refusing to accept some mens advances cause me a lot of problem with their malicious forms of ego revenge.
i want the world to be safe and nice and real and true. its not reality. is thinking this way the fantasy that never happens?
yes it may well be. being lazy on keeping up to date with the privacy updates and need to make sure your account is really yours is why i am at a loss for safety.
why is all of this privacy double checking and two step confirming and whateverelse always on the user. is it because its free to use? but it isnt. the amount of data mined off people is disgusting. its on us to allow these companies to profit off our lives?
why is life like this?
because we are using the internet?
instead of ballpems and pages of notebooks? because we dont read books we read captcha and logins?
my life....
what i really need to do is figure out a way to rid myself of my internet addiction!
its the main cause of my distress.
i tried to rid myself of it by not getting internet at home but all it did was make me freak out about every single thing i do online.
i used to live my business online. everyone switched from emailing each other to using social media and all that did was revoke our privacy.
its not easier communicating on social media, its harder. youre not having a conversation with your friends and family, your having a conversation with corporations and banks and cops and governments. its DISGUSTING. honestly. i need to find real people and i havent in a long while. i think all the humans died or something and have been transformed into bots for these entities.

for example here is facebook refusing me access to my own business page. they are requesting official identity documents from the government? lmao wtf
CREEPY and PHISHING and just appalling. obviously facebook is 100% bogus and only here to do a disservice to people. forcing people to give up their lives and then refusing them access to their own hard work. fucking disgusting.

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