i have sewn the shape again!

its ...ok.

needs more attentiveness and work!

i posted a video of the shape on my twitter.... i honestly dont even know why i am still using social media like a child. my faith in internet privacy and communication security has been shattered.

i cannot bring myself to be as blind as i was, putting my trust and faith in people and institutions that do not give an absolute damn about me.

its pretty tragic. real life isnt that fun with zero trust.

going back to my roots, writing letters, calling people on the phone, visiting friends "because you were in the neighbourhood and thought to stop by" sad part is those days are long gone.

i dont even have a dictionary at home, i use the computer and phone for everything. i just dont have any tactile "factual" information on hand anymore. no reference books, no science books, nothing really but fiction. an education is an expensive thing.

im not sure if its my lost faith in our institutions or if its because i stopped using the internet obsessively, either way i lost my connection to how the modern world turns. i logged off and logged out and tuned out. now i cant get back to that level of belief anymore. its taking too long to get back to where i was, that point of pure trust in the freedom of expression and belief in the people around us.

disenchanted is the word i was looking for.

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