The House of the Femaursoulea

ah, my life, what a cluster, duck.

so meanwhile i have written a few poems and have done my best to manage my life
as well as i can with the brain i have. hmm not sure if done properly.


so i have been working on a project and i still havent really started.
i have made a diagram for a pattern because i wanted to redraw this interesting shape i saw in a geode shop along queen street.

so here is the diagram i drew on felt of all materials, honestly i was so excited to have figured out the pattern shape by looking at the pictures 

and managed to make my original drawing on felt. ugh. so then i drew it again, and didnt want to cut that one up either? lol so i drew it again and thats when i cut. or i drew it three times and cut the second one. either way i made a sewn toy out of this interesting math puzzle.

to make it again is what i am now after! the race to reactivate my etsy shop is on! drawing it in various shapes is a mystery. to capture the shape you need to have it askew but then it looks awkward and unbalanced, its a tricky shape to draw, its like drawing movement when you look for the perfect angle to start your drawing from.

here are some pictures, of the shape in the geode shop, of the diagram, the felt shape, the drawings, and the name. i couldnt find the shape initially, but found it a few days later called disdyakis tetrahydron but i called my shape poem discovery "femaursoulea “ the house of the human soul, the feminine incarnation of the male within, also it is a double helix type shape, it is the shape of houses, the shape of the hidden insides that form our structure composed of flesh and bone, round and straight. i discovered that this shape creates the perfect circle out of a straight line, that it has 24 facets but to make the shape there is a hidden shape inside made up of 6 facets, that makes it look like a donut, or a tube. its really amazing, i never really understood maths but while making this shape i was excited, and reminded of all the shapes and math, sewing with pattern making, hula hooping, swinging, all of my life i was able to understand and be mystified, terrified, shamed, and enlivened by recreating this shape in fabric! maybe it is the fabric of time! or that could be the name of one of the editions of my new pieces that i am working on.
in the next two weeks, i have given myself a deadline, lets hope i stick to it, because i havent yet gotten a clean enough place to work on my aromatherapy products, cept the lipbalms which i might make into hand balms or beard balms or whatever not mouth p
roducts cos i got scared. lol. too ocd.
nothing happened to me but moisturized lips with the lipbalms i made, but who knows. people complain about anything.

 im in the library now and forgot the pictures are on my phone.
here is a link to my terribly insane twitter account where i have posted a few pictures except the diagram for some reason i got all sci-fi horror story freaked out and scared and took the picture down. lol. i went a little mad the past few weeks were the most intense nothingness i had ever experienced.

also i went mad cos i realized i didnt include my mothers maiden name (Godinez) in my name when i moved to canada? its a wonder she hasnt flown over and strangled me herself. its caused me, unknowingly, a deep mental strain that i had not noticed or realized until all my i.d.s got lost and expired at the same time. what a nightmare.

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