so i lost my mind but its getting back into shape

i came up with this weird totally sci fi theory
it goes like this
so the magnetic polar shifts have something to do with the earths shape being oval as opposed to round. the dates coincide with the internet and i was thinking about how the internet made the telephone, radio, and print media go down, meanwhile it also caused a delay in time zones, im not sure where this idea came from but there you go, how the ionosphere is reducing alongside the polar shift, how time was lagging, did anyone else notice that, that everyone was off a few minutes, i tried to sync my clocks and they synched a few times and i figured they will always synch sometimes and come away from synching, so i was thinking the earths orbit around the sun and how time is measured by the suns rotation, or rather our rotation around the sun and how we measure that via the suns movement but i thought we were measuring the solar atmosphere and tilt, for time zones, and so the internet cables underground, the massive surges of electricity underground, using satellites in space, the reduction of radio waves above ground, how there was a massive block in east west communications in 2008, the recession, also surprisingly the polar shifts around the same time, and then i read the polar shifts are happening quicker now because they stopped speeding up for 150 years,
when i read that the last polar shift was 1860, i somehow thought of my math puzzle crafts project the femaursoulea and the pattern making, how you can get a 60 degree angle by folding a circle paper into half then into three, which make up two of the four points which are then doubled in alternating order. and playing with my paper model i came up with some drawings and this fun fan fiction of the lost scripture, the missing link, an apocalyptic future (very bleak). The shape and drawings made me realize you can make a perfect circle with this single line, its the chicken or egg but ball or stick, circle or line. which came first?
the pole shift coinciding with the collapse of the economy signals some kind of earth shape change and i was thinking how the last time the poles shifted the equator was top and the poles were equator (did i get that right) and i was looking at the globe and thought hey most of the water is on the bottom half of the world and what if when the poles shift, new antipodes occur and a manila toronto antipode becomes a center which causes the sunken cities of the pacific to rise and even out with the other side of the world which is all land mass and the world goes round again. its a really slow process according to that modern survival blog and nasa, hundreds of years, like by the time all those underwater cities are unearthed naturally, well i think we totally are speeding it up, this is the polar ice caps melting but some other area gets frozen snapping back the water.
its such an insane story
and there are so many details left out
but isnt it something to think about
how we must adhere to our roots in order to properly maintain the future
recycling for example, the loss of educated peoples using various languages is in decline, maths, sciences, and reproductive education worldwide, in areas that i imagined are to be affected, are in decline, its a terrifying reality thinking that there will be a worldwide catastrophe but according to our history, our media dreams are telling me that there must have been some kind of wormhole loop or some kind of time travel that happened, now wouldnt that be cool, what if the underground internet, the underground banks of seeds and data, are what time capsules are and thats what reactivates the planet at a very future age, and the time hole caused the internet to reveal itself into the future! homagawd
sometimes we think we are playing games, seeing ghosts, but what if what we are doing is going through interdimentional alternate realities and how sometimes we have problems with technology and sleep cycles waking up groggy, not remembering what we were doing, is like dejavu because in an alternate reality with no time the future is exactly like the past and present, what if sometimes were playing a game but its actually real in the future? what if all the people playing war games now are playing real war games in the future, killing millions of people? what if sci fi games now are real in the future, and film and movies are how the future educates the blind masses. did anyone notice how the internet is totally false now, it is difficult to discern the truth, social media has removed real life connections and increased bullying causing massive strain on brainwaves of educated people across the globe, in effect the internet is making us dumber the longer we stay on it, we lose our sense of time and groundedness to our reality of being an animal living on planet earth for all time.
its a very long and difficult thing to map out. meanwhile has anyone noticed the super mario like pipes across leslieville and the downtown east side? i think there is one on spadina, anyway i thought they were magic portals around the city that if you get the timing right you pass one and come out another end of the neighbourhood! but i heard they are air vents for the drainage to the lake, to keep the water moving when they get flooded.
i prefer the magic portal east side mario style. my friend asked me if the super mario tubes were east side mario but i looked it up and couldnt find anything online.
ok this is my story do not pass it on without my consent lol
piece something together yourself and i would love to hear about the details

here are some links that i found to touch on the subject (the shape in round form) (the shape in cube/square form)
remember how i couldnt find the shape, i found it but lost it again, but also i wanted to call it femaursoulea lol the house of the human soul
omg! im looking for articles to read so i can turn off my data tethering, and found this

so these are articles to read ey? ! to be completely honest i havent read all the links to full. there are some super technical links there for study, and a book with a forward by einstein. so yeah. my story is based on a fantasy based reality, its a fan fiction based on my identity crisis and menstrual cycle change and loss of sleep cycles, finding out how this happened to me, how this became some kind of obsession that i am recovering from.

im going to go chill now, and post the pics in the next post.

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