mini key chain purse

i made this
the other one fell off. the fake leather finish was the first to go then eventually the plastic coating or whatever wore down at the edges, then the top stitching started coming apart and then it just fell off. took a good few years though yay. so i made this, its even better. i have one more key chain snap closure i will make a nice for the etsy shop.
ive been not wanting to go outside from lack of proper gear. its been up to -13 and i dont really have good warm shoes or a hooded coat. im trying to figure out how to remake the longish white faux fur button up coat i got for 25 bucks one year into a shorter zipper opening hooded coat but i havent done anything cept cut the bottom off to the right length.
meanwhile isnt this pouch nice its such a better proprtion from the last one.
i used the last scrap of the japanse tsumugi woven fabric i got off kumi to make the pocket.

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