Faux Fur Hooded Coat - reconstruction from long vintage coat

i have a new project
its ugh
cos faux fur bits everywhere.... omg

im reconstructing this long coat into a shorter one with a large hood.

so far ive figured out the scraps to make the hood. now i just have to find a suitable lining that i have enough of, theres a very soft cottony furry white fabric i got for doll making but white and cream...? i dont know.
and then i have to finish the bottom, the sleeves i want to but a jersey wrist band inside, and close the buttonholes and figure out a closure for it, maybe just hook and eye or magnetic snaps but i dont think those made it through all the tragic 2016 plundering

anyway heres the coat i cut the bottom off
started taking out the collar
then i measured the edge of the neckline and pieced the scraps together to form a hood shape
sorry its upside down. this was the first configuration but it was too narrow
 so this ones better
 this is what the first configuration looked like
so hopefully the hood will turn out once i find a suitable lining

its pretty cold these days, winters delay wasnt for nothing

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