hey actually i do have a resizing coat fail to re: deux !!

it was this So Nice vintage thick wool made in Canada mens (?) coat, bought years ago, two tone grey, shoulder pads and kind of wide sleeves.

So I took the pads off and took the shoulders in and did it as best as I could to my understanding.... anyway it looks neat but its so fail
the arm is tooo large and still short looking maybe it was the original style too but, ugh.
 What I really want to do is take it up from the top and re do the collar to make it shorter, maybe change the buttons but there are so many.

Also I wanted to make the sleeves leather but getting a leather coat for fabric hmmm... will that even look good, you know?
Ive already seen it so many times would it be lame if I did it. I have to figure the resizing the sleeve part anyway.

to be continued...

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