social medias a weird thing
the other day i read something about how its designed for people to compare each other against one another as opposed to truly connecting people. its changed and does anyone else notice this?
these days i post things online to no one in particular. ravings of a lunatic, the subway comedian, soap box and megaphone. i forgot how to sell things and that meant i forgot how to project this idealized image to the public which guided me towards a self i planned based on commissions. is that weird? am i a weirdo? probably huh. anyway i wanted to make some stuff cos im tired of posting old stuff that hasnt sold, probably no one will ever buy it by now. sheesh. but i dont want to have to sell the things i want to make. like altering an old dress into a skirt, or finishing small details on old projects i found while organizing my sewing supplies.
also my blog layout is so old. i dont remember how i coded the whole thing but i do remember doing that and learning the basics. ugh what a nightmare. i dont really like any of the templates i found and i havent retired this blog so i guess im going to need to update it.

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