Reopened shop and blogging once again 2016

Hey guys
Haven't been on here in ages.

But I here I am again, I even reopened my IYL etsy shop and have a few pieces listed.

Currently I am studying to be a certified Aromatherapist and plan on making skin care products like soap and lotions to add to my Its Your Life shop items.

I'm not sure how many blog posts I'll be writing. I remember trying to post one a day. That was a long time ago.

Here is my shop link, have a look through! I have clearance items for $15 each and a couple of my classic charm and locket necklaces listed.

might just list the pieces like these pictures and indicate which item the listing is for. thats the only way ill want to cut down on the price and make it a true clearance item.. i havent started studying today im just so interested in looking into picking up my old online business :p

these are so cute
should i make individual listing pics again?
seems like so much work and it wont be clearance anymore and also wont have time to make stuff at the same time. anyway there are a lot of pieces and i am happy to have had the foresight to load up on supplies and kept this stash of pieces before packing all this stuff away.

 this vintage brass heart locket with the vintage lithograph screen print images varnished on.
loved making these and they are so beautiful 100% upcycled refinished vintage supplies mixed in with new charms.
 these two are very pretty and charming. the large grey rose necklace features a small cameo set into a filigree setting which is then set onto the main filigree holding the rose. it has a tiny perfect bead charm dangling from below. the second necklace is jam packed with lovely charms and chain. there is a vintage butterfly shaped brass locket and a large mirror charm (which is new) it also features a short section of Czech glass bead chain in a lustrous champagne pink color. a large open clock charm adds to the feathery and decaying effect of the dangling chains and creates a charming and quaint image of time passed, akin to a preserved dried rose keepsake on the vanity.

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