omg i am so annoyed right now.. it feels fabricated though
maybe its because someone used my face towel to clean the sink?
very nice. kind. clean. wonderful. typifies the experience.
when one said ok use anything you want dont worry
and the other is like ask before anything despite things being over a year expired, grimy, all the trappings of a forgotten condiment, you know the look, a bit mossy, fuzzy, sticky
and you clean the whole thing over and over again because thats how much it needs to be cleaned before you can move in, you know? they dont know. i dont know. i dont understand. using my face towel really? i put reminders up for myself/everyone to clean the damn the areas and not give a shit if its literally someone elses shit. and the first thing they do, though bravo, commendable behaviour, #learning, but really, using my face towel, i just installed a towel ring above the sink side part and the first thing they do is use my hand towel to wipe the sink down. Um, ok, better not try to move in too quickly before they are fully trained. Might I ad the towel, with its mild wiping of grime and cleanser was gently tousled onto itself in the ring. So as not to dry it out too quickly.
swear to god this is the devils work. TABERNAC

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