You Interrupted My Mowing

18+ only please

You interrupted my mowing and I was being as careful as I could possibly be under the circumstances!!!!

I am unable to discern if you are worthy of my forgiveness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How pray tell am I to regain composure after such a hunk of manly hotness runs me over, interrupts my mowing and leaves me for dead?

I honestly have never felt so exhilarated and scared and frustrated and annoyed at such a disturbance!!!!!!!!!!!

Manly man, with your dark looks and smouldering eyes, your manly smell, I call out to you.
I bet your dick is thick. And long, like my throat.
You see manly man who interrupted my mowing, since the day the earth conspired against us by chance meet at such a time (1:45p.m.) my whole life has been rearranged.
I am positive yours has been rearranged as well I am just uncertain if it has been arranged with meeting me again in mind.
Please manly man with a potentially thick dick that matches my throat, would you like to disturb my mowing once again? Would you care to dine on my freshly cut grass? Manly man of my dreams, would you like to sit with me in the summer sunlight and soak up the atmosphere of a northern summer? Do you think manly man, that our time together was not for aught? That we are potentially soul mates and possibly constant bed mates? Do you have a nicer bed than I manly man? I think you might because mine is really quite awful. I would like to lay in your better than mine bed manly man. And smell deep whiffs of your manly smell. Perhaps manly man we may frolic in the steam baths where I may potentially smell more of your parts in private? Manly man, oh manly man, please call me our numbers are so similar. There is only one number different and I believe you are the one ahead of me. I checked. When I miscalled my phone when I used yours because my phone was missing...from the accident... the mowing accident.
Manly man of my fantasies, my dreams, all of my life I have been telling life about you and only that day did we meet. It might have been earlier but that was the time you met me. I believe.
Please manly man, I know you are probably straight and that makes me a bit jealous of your lovers but if by chance you would need a thick throat I am here for you.
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